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Me, Winsten and the Slug

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This is my walking buddy, Winsten. He is really getting used to this idea of us going out every morning and walking. He scouts the trails ahead, then runs back to get me and show his latest "find!".

It all began when Darcey and Shirley brought up the idea of walking a mile each day for September as a SP challenge. I timidly joined the challenge, never believing for a moment that I could keep up with them.

But Day One, and I put on the pedometer and shoes, and bravely faced the great out doors. Determindedly, Winsten and I headed up the driveway to the road, and we began what was to become a new obsession.

As I walked, I began to remember the days (years ago) when I went out and ran every day. I hated it at first, and could barely get my feet unglued from the road for each step. I continued, and after a bit could actually lift those feet up quite easily.

I began then to tell myself "I will jog to the next light pole". Then I would walk to the next one after that, alternating with jogging and walking. It didn't take long before I was jogging farther than I was walking, and finally I was jogging all the way, really enjoying it.

As I jogged, I would solve any disturbances in my life, make good decisions about life in general, and I felt FREE. I really loved doing those runs every day.

And then came Winter. The Spoil Sport. Winter brought along her friend, Excuses. Excuses comes up with all these wonderful reasons as to why I should stay in the house.

"It's raining. You'll get a cold if you run in this!"
"It's too cold. Do you want to get sick?"
"With all that WET out there, you could slip and fall".
"It's too foggy. Cars may not see you". (I was running on side walks)

By the time Spring rolled around, the jogging was a distant (waaaaaay distant) memory.

Too much to do.
Planting had to be done, but the beds had to be cleared first!
Any excuse would do.

Years passed, and once in a while, I would think about walking. I would be too tired to do any of it TODAY, but maybe tomorrow..............

Yeah, right. More years passed. Excuse was always with me. We moved into the mountains, and Excuse said
"It might be dangerous to jog in these woods".
"There are Cougar in these woods".
"The road is too steep to run".
"You'll be late for work".
"It's too late to run tonight."
"It's time to make dinner."

yadda, yadda, yadda. And I believed every word of it!

Again, years passed, I moved, and walked a big hill at least twice a day down to the horses and back for feeding. I gardened. I went to WW, and lost weight. I was feeling fit and energized.

Then my horse crab-jumped into my right knee. Blew that knee all to hell.

I started taking the golf cart up and down the hill for the feedings. I had an excuse to not do my gardening. I lost my incentive to keep up with the WW program, and I found the pounds I had misplaced.

Time to move again, this time to Washington. While busy with the unpacking and new gardening, my weight began to go lower, and I felt very good.

Then Winter came. Yep. With her Buddy, Excuses.

"it's too cold"
"It's snowing"
"The road is probably slippery"
"The driveway is too steep"

The clothes got tighter, the scale read higher, and the couch was ever so comfy. And I had another reason to sit all day...........Ally Cat Quilts by Krackers!

Now that is a wonderful thing I do, and I love those kids. But I was using them and the quilts as an excuse for not taking care of myself and get any exercise in.

Along comes Bossy Daughter and says I have to join Spark People. She harrangues me until I do. THEN she starts reading my blogs every day, checking to see if I am actually doing it.

You have to know Bossy Daughter to understand that when she tells you to do something, you don't wait around until you feel like it. The woman can be a total Harpie until the deed is done!!! You can read my earlier blogs for more information on her.

Needless to say, I am active on SP, and doing my workouts. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing all this..........DUH!

Winsten and I are on Day 8 of our September Challenge. We have now logged in 14.5 miles on the trail.

Today I decided to make sure I had my camera, because I got the idea I wanted to take a photo of my feet actually moving.

What do you MEAN?? You've never wanted to take a photo of your feet actually MOVING? C'mon. Get honest. Hasn't EVERYONE always wanted a photo of their feet moving???


So I thought, I'll get a photo, and maybe Winsten and I will only do a one miler today. I can post the photo on my web page and then we will just finish this one mile and go home.

I am just about totally decided to do just that, when Winsten turns around and says "C'mon already" in his doggie kind of way. Ok Ok, Now I have a Bossy DOG as well as Bossy Daughter!

Ok. Just up to the mailbox and then home. It won't hurt if I just make it a short walk, right?!

I get about 50 feet up the road, and then Nature gives me the message.

Down at my feet is a SLUG. A fat, lazy slug. A fat Blimp shaped slug. Blimp shaped like I was when I started SP. The tubby blimp shape I was in when I couldn't get my jeans on any more..........before I gave up inches and tonnage from working out with SP and now-can- get- my jeans- on- all -the -way --AND zipped up -without- laying -on -the- bed -new- me.

Ok. Winsten!! We will do 2 AND A HALF miles today! ONWARD at a faster clip!!

I can feel Bossy Daughter giving me a High Five!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! I think I'm the bossy mom. I kept after Darcey until she joined SP. lol When she first joined I thought, oh my, she's gonna read my blogs. But I found it to be all right b/c she knows all about me anyway. Good, bad and being ill.

    Dogs make such good walking partners. They are good listeners too.

    I like your pictures. Sometimes with my weight going back and forth, taking a picture of them is the only way I see them. lol
    You are doing awesome!!...Karen
    3202 days ago
    Dogs are great walking motivators and buddies.
    3202 days ago
    You are right, I am giving you a high five ~ emoticon Way to go! You can do this, I KNOW you can DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! How do I know this? Because you raised me to believe that I could too! emoticon
    3203 days ago
    Good for you! Love the photos with the story!
    3203 days ago
    Great job. I hope that you are doing this for more reasons than just bossy daughter? She's given you the push towards the right direction, but you're own feet are taking you the rest of the way! Sometimes, that push is all we need!

    You've made great strides to get where you're at. Again, great job! Keep up the good work! And man do I have to catch up on some miles!
    3203 days ago
  • KIERA09
    haha. It think I need a photo of my feet moving too! Maybe on my run tomorrow!
    3203 days ago
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