September goals and new rules

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My September goals :
!. to lose 5 pounds
by the 20th (my daughters baby shower that will give me a 25 pound loss)
2. to drink 8 glasses of water everyday
3. to exercise or walk at least 3 times per week.
4. to only eat foods that I know the exact calories of.
5. to balance my plate.

How I will reach my goals:
1. to weigh and measure my food, and make good choices
2. to pour out my water for the day and make sure the pitcher is empty by 6:00pm
3. to get my fat butt out the door and stop making excuses
4. to prepare my own meals and take them with me when i go out and order only foods that i know the counts of before I eat them.
5. to figure out the right portions of protein, fat, carbs. that should be on my plate at each meal. and have 2-3 snacks

I saw something like this on someone's biog and thought what a great idea.
I don't usually set goals for my self and just play out the days as they come.
i think it will be nice to have actual goals and a plan on how to get them done.
I will blog at the end of the month and tell you how it went. emoticon
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