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PCOS, Gluten Intolerant? The saga continues.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I was told two years ago that I was on the cusp of having PCOS. I had the hirsuitism, the fat around my belly, the hair loss on my head, the tough/masculine like skin, the depression, the inability to lose weight. I exercised like crazy, had a low fat diet, and drank diet soda. I did the things that they say you should.

Then, with the PCO diagnosis I was told to try a low carb diet. I did that with some success. I lost 80 pounds. Then, because I was having constipation and needed some energy to run, I added back in some oatmeal first as cheerios then as steel cut oatmeal.

In March I had been on a high protein diet which produced no weight loss and gave me a mild kidney stone, which degraded into a kidney infection/bladder infection which required antibiotics. That put on 5 pounds of fat on my body. I've been fighting it ever since.

I have been fighting this feeling of pressure in my bowels since I started my testosterone blocker two years ago and I thought that I could just treat that and the constipation with yoga, fiber and magnesium. In the beginning (two years ago) that worked. The t-blocker (just otc saw palmetto) does help with my PCO hair on my head, on my face, and the skin tone being more feminine. I am now soft like a girl not hard like a dude. I don't like being mistaken for a guy in the bathroom. Its very uncomfortable. Well for several weeks now I have not been able to take my vitamins properly and that includes no testosterone blocker and I"m still having this feeling, just goes to show that coincidence is not causality.

In spring of this year myself and my brother caught a nasty flu-like bug. We were very sick for weeks. Probiotics did not help. The psyllium did not help. I did not achieve normalcy again. My steel cut oat meal produced as much pain as anything else. The advice nurse told me not to eat any fats for a few days. I have followed her advice even though I normally like to have a high/healthy fats diet. That seems to work the best for my blood sugar, insulin resistance, and ability to have energy.

So for the past 3-4 weeks I have had this pressure in the bowel. If I don't eat food, I am ok. I have been on the fluids, kefire, and the occasional probiotic bar. I don't know why I could tolerate those foods.

The donnatal that my doctor gave me did not help. I did not fall asleep. I did have very painful cramping. He thought I had IBS. I think he is full of BS. He told me to have metamucil. That just irritated my bowel. My poor small intestine does not deserve this treatment.

So, based on what the girl at the grocery store said about how the intestine felt the way I described my pain and based on what the gluten intolerance websites say about how non-conclusive blood test results (negative iga and equivocal igg) can be what they call a "weak positive" I am now trying a gluten free diet. Also, I just read that 85% of PCOS folk have gluten intolerance (not necessarily a true celiac.) I just was blown away by that. None of my doctors mentioned that, not even once. So, I have a precious small chance of not being gluten intolerant, a 15% chance.

As a youngster I had precocious puberty at 3 years of age which began with hair and breast budds. I also was prone to having UTI problems. I had infections. I had antibiotics.

As a teen, I put on a tremendous amount of weight in spite of being very active and eating a low fat diet. At the age of 15 I developed interstitial cystitis with bleeding in the lining of my bladder and endometriosis. I also had very bad acne all over my body. I also had skin infections under my breasts that would break the skin and bleed. Ouchie! The doctors told me it was in my head and that they would do a scan without anesthesia. Luckily, at the age of 19 ( I was 188 pounds on the day of surgery) I found a gyn who was a surgeon. She believed me. She took me in for an endoscopic exploratory procedure and scheduled the bladder investigation at that time. They found both endometriosis and bleeding in the lining of my bladder. That crap hurt btw. I did not sleep properly and I had hard periods and headaches. In my head? I don't think so. At that time they put me on birth control to help with the endometriosis. yeah! that helped a lot. But, it probably opened the door for the insulin resistance. A nurse told me that I probably had cysts on my ovaries, I did not really understand what that meant at the time.

Birth control is known to induce insulin resistance. I put on 10 pounds overnight. But, with less pain, I was able to function. I still had very bad trouble with blood sugar. I fainted. I had seizures. I had a terrible time with being very tired. I still had bladder pain. At the age of 21, my Aunt suggested the billberry because she tried it for her bladder and had success. I tried it. I said this is bogus. None of this stuff works. I was so wrong. Within 3 days my pain was less. Within two weeks it was gone. Billberry is a very interesting fruit, it helps repair the pancreas and helps with a variety of blood vessel problems including vision and bladder issues.

Two days before I finished college I shattered my right foot by stubbing it on the couch. I also had the flu. My weight was 258. Flat on my back, I was unable to eat anything. The injury made it impossible to move. I was not allowed to walk. I had 20 oz. of soda per day and one little debbie snack cake. That was all I could manage to eat. Everything else I felt like vomiting. I came down to 225. I did my internship in FL which was a very active job with 15 miles of walking per day (thats the average down there.) I was 210 when I came home. I was also very ill, I had caught a deadly flu virus from Asia which came with some guests at the park. I worked directly with the public. It was inevitable. My roommate saved my life by taking me to the doctor. My weight crept up at home because I was not as active.

I moved to LA. I became certified in script supervising and worked babysitting a premie whose mother had breast cancer. My weight hovered around 210. I was in a size 16/18. I'm 5'2". I was also looking for love on the internet at the time and felt really badly about myself. After a string of the wrong kind of attention, I decided the internet was not the place to look. (do not send me naked pictures of yourself, just don't, k?)

I went into the film industry. I worked on several films, both paid and unpaid. I worked very hard hours. I got very sick. I put on weight even though I was not eating hardly anything and worked 20 hour days 6 days a week. I came home and had jury duty. That was also when the doctor told me I had insulin resistance. I put on 35 pounds in one month. I was up to 256 and despondent about the prospect that I might be 300 pounds within a few months. I discovered that I just can't eat anything with dough conditioners in it. Boo hiss. I went back to work on films. I lost a few pounds. I broke my foot again in November. I was again, off my feet for four months. I decided that if I was ever going back to work on films it would be in a fun capacity, because why die doing something you don't like? So, I decided to go back to the camera department. Forget the note taking. bOring.

but wait theres more. . . .

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    I don't have any answers for you myself, but we have a phenomenal nutritionist in our area named Karen Hurd. She also does phone counseling. Here is her website: Be sure to read her article "The Poison Rug". It will help you understand why she is so adament about healing with nutrition. The doctors had told her that her daughter and all of her family would die... but she found answers through nutrition. She also wrote a book, "And They Said It Couldn't Happen." (I think that is the name.)

    All the best to you. I hope this helps!
    3181 days ago
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