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Sunday, September 06, 2009

I was lying by not changing the ticker to show that I'd gained back 9 pounds, but today was the day I had to be truthful, not just to myself, but to my Spark family. This gain is a major setback for me, but I will just have to pick myself up and get back on the fitness bandwagon and lose this excess weight. Right now, it's been really hard to focus on doing any favorite is walking, and the weather's finally turning nice (read that "cool") enough to get out there, but because of this bad leg, which may or may not be a torn ligament, with the possibility of having a bone fragment causing some nerve damage, I'm just not excited about taking long walks (heck, let's be honest here, even short walks hurt!). I'm still waiting to get an MRI scheduled, I don't start physical therapy until late October (2 days before Halloween, which is my birthday), I've had X-rays, and my doctor says I've got the most interesting leg she's ever dealt with. It's tough, too, to be emotionally drained from stress at work (we're being stretched too thin, store's not hiring new people even though we've lost quite a few folks in the past month or two, putting in untrained people, who don't even speak English(!) in a position where customer service is paramount, who don't know how to run a register, open the counter, or closing procedures, change batteries, take out links, handle layaways and special orders...but we're supposed to deliver good customer service...How, I ask you, is that possible given these circumstances?), plus wondering how I'm going to make ends meet with BF not working a "real" job...he does web design from home, but that's not steady income in my book, and I admit to feeling stressed, having to carry the ball more than I'm able to right now, with this close to minimum wage job I'm at, that's part-time, and where I feel under-appreciated by management. I know the customers love me, they tell me they'll only buy from the jewelry counter if I'm there, and that I embody the principles as set down by the founder of the company (being courteous, providing service over and beyond my job description, doing the requested task quickly and efficiently, and smile the whole time I'm doing it); people appreciate being treated with respect, and if I can make them laugh at the same time, all the better.
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    Well I have to say how impressed I am that you decided to 'fess up. That is a tough, tough thing to do. But you obviously have the hutzpah to do it. Which means you are facing your situation, and that is a big key in long term success. You've got setback right now, real ones and you have to take those into consideration. This is life, not a short sprint to a trophy.

    Unless you're able to persevere in tough times, and sometimes give yourself a break from focusing on a thing for awhile (ie: strenuous exercise while injured) then you're not going to make it. It's the doing what you can when you can attitude, not making excuses and yet honoring yourself for doing as much as you reasonably can do, that will make you a winner inside, and healthy inside, which will be reflected outside in time. Really.

    You're carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders, don't be too harsh if you're not nailing this one area of your life perfectly right this rarely allows you the luxury to have only one focus, one goal on which to focus free of all other distractions. The trick is to learn to keep coming back to it and chipping away when you are able, being honest about your abilities in a given moment that will give you long term success.
    3372 days ago
    Ouch - lots of stuff going on in your life - emoticon Your doctor says you have an "interesting leg"? Is that like "May you live in interesting times" (Chinese curse)

    I admit I've "forgotten" to write my weight gains on the sites where the group tracks weight ... only for a week until I either "remember" or can show a loss. Yeah, I'm sneaky that way.

    Wishing you the best on this journey.
    3450 days ago
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