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Quilt Class and the Pedometer

Friday, September 04, 2009

Yesterday I did a quilt class with Marsha McCloskey. That is not where the story really starts, though.

I am Education Chairperson for our quilt club, so I get to choose our visiting teachers, communicate with them, negotiate contracts, find their lodgings, feed them, entertain them if necessary, and set up and take down the class rooms. It is a very fun job, but also a bit challenging at times. Yesterday was one of those times.

I have a committee of three other people who usually are available to help me during the classes. Yesterday was not one of those times. One was heartbroken over having to put her doggie, Scarlett, down the day before. Another was loaded down with out of town guests. The third had to work. That left me.

First, I had to go get all the supplies from our regular meeting place and haul them to the church where the class was meeting.

I loaded irons, ironing boards and coffee pots. I hauled baskets of kitchen supplies and power cords. I packed fruit for the teacher's and my lunches, and stopped at Quizno's and bought her a ham and cheese sandwich. I did NOT get a sandwich for me.....Woo Hoo!

I manage to get everything in the back seat and trunk of my car in one load! I have a 92 Cadillac De Ville, which comes with a trunk about the size of a small pickup. LOVE that car!!

Swinging in to Home Depot, I make the mad dash for the paint section where I find the rolls of blue tape, of which there was none in our supply closet and I need them to tape down the cords so no one trips over them. There is a special sale going, so I grab one of the 1 1/2 inch packages of six rolls, and run to the check out counter.

Wouldn't you know it?! There is a lady in front of me in the only line open. She has one of those flat carts that is loaded to the gills. I try to catch her eye so I can let her know I only have one item and need to set up a quilt class, which I am sure would take precedence over whatever project SHE has going, but she is GOOD! She KNOWS I only have one item, but she avoids eye contact until after the checker has started her truckload of stuff. Then she turns to me and says "Guess you must be in a hurry, because I saw you running up here". I dare not open my mouth! And I even avoid doing the deep sighs.

I get to the church, start unloading the car, beginning with the kitchen supplies and coffee pot. Coffee is now on, cups are out and so is the creamer, sugar and sugar substitutes.

I dash into the big room, and see that I need to set up all the tables for the teacher (3), and for 20 students. The tables are those long kind that are heavier than heck and almost impossible to handle alone. I sweat my way through getting them up and then sprint for the chairs. Four chairs per table, two quilters per table.

Ooops! Nearly forgot about setting up tables for the lunches! Break four nails in getting those puppies up. Slam the chairs around them, too.

Back to the car, to hoist the irons and ironing boards in. These have to be done with one iron and one board at a time, totalling four of each. Got them set up North, South, East and West walls.

Back to the kitchen I jog, and set up the snack bar, tea supplies, cups. stirrers, and smack the fruit on plates. Then take the plastic wrap off the cookies. Eat one cookie.

Leaping out to the car, I grab my own sewing machine and fabric. This takes two trips, too. I fling all this on the table closest to the teacher's so I will be handy for her at any moment's notice.

Blasting my way back to the beginning of the room, I drag the huge box of cords to the middle and get ready to begin taping them down for the quilters.

I turn around and look, and here comes the quilters and their thousand questions and needs! YIKES! It has begun!!

Now I am bolting from one end of the huge room to the other, shooting off in all directions like a bezerk ping pong ball. I have at least six different people all calling to me at the same time, and I am keeping up as much as I can when in walks Marsha McCloskey, the teacher!

Great! I am out of breath, sweating, holding two rolls of blue tape in one hand while hanging on to some cords with the other, and this is how the poor thing is greeted!

I can see the questions in her eyes, and know she is a bit startled at me, and then she lets me know she would like some help in getting herself set up. Ok.

I put rolls of tape on the front tables, and shout to the group "TAPE YOUR OWN CORDS DOWN, AND I WILL CHECK THEM LATER. YES, COFFEE IS MADE. THE THREE TABLES UP FRONT HERE ARE FOR MARSHA, SO DO NOT USE THEM!". I'm not kidding about the shouting thing.

After more stretching, bolting, running, jogging, crawling on all fours and even managing to slow down to a walk at times, everything is finally all set up, and the class begins. I grab a cookie.

I make it to my chair and realize I don't have any of my own stuff set up and ready to go, and there it all sits in one big pile. SHEESH! The class doesn't wait for me, so I am setting myself up as quietly as I can, knowing that my activity is a bit distrubing to Marsha, to whom I cast apologetic looks at. Ok. NOW I am ready!

I look at my pedometer, and see that I have logged over three miles since leaving the house today! I take the pedometer off, put it in my bag and go on withthe rest of the class. It is now just 9 o'clock.

The class is about Blended Quilts. This is much more difficult than it looks, because I am used to the old rule of light, medium and dark. This time I am going to attempt BLENDING the fabrics. I am an in-your-face-with-color kind of gal, and here are all those muted, soft colors to deal with.

The class lasts for six hours. I get one Ohio Star block done in between helping others and the teacher. I grab a cookie.

Now it is time to take down everything I set up for the class and get it back to the club building and put away.

The quilters are great in helping me do most of the stuff. Vicki cleans the kitchen for me, and hauls out the kitchen supplies to my car. Loretta does most of the sweeping. I wipe down tables, empty trash, and put away tables and chairs. I grab a cookie.

With my car loaded, I head to the club building, unload it all, and then head home. I am tired, exhausted and satisfied that this was definitely a productive day. I grab a cookie.

Then DH comes strolling in to the kitchen and says "What's for dinner?". I must have looked rather dangerous, because he says "Never mind. I will put together something", which saves his life.

I am in bed by 8:45. I'll clean the kitchen tomorrow. The cookies are gone.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Why wouldn't those three miles count. They are walked miles, weren't they?
    Nice quilt.
    Your group needs a permanent location. Or perhaps not if that's how you get some cardio every week.

    3153 days ago
    When you're that busy moving, definately, the 3 miles count! Beautiful quilt!
    3154 days ago
    (chuckles) First: I love the pic of the quilt, very pretty. Second: Don't you just hate it when the person in front of you won't let you ahead with one little measly item? Third: I definitely think counting your three miles on the challenge is fair. That's just my opinion.
    3154 days ago
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