Second Objective: Getting Your Doctors on the Same Page

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jez ... preparation takes a long time and a lot of work. At least once I get started on a plan, I'll be too mad at myself to quit because of all the preparation it took. LoL

The people I really have to get on the same page are my doctors. I think that's a good idea for all of us, especially if obese, before starting a diet or weight-loss plan. Gosh, some of the docs I've had in the past must have gotten their degrees from Mickey Mouse University! Boy, can I tell ya some stories. :P But now I have the BEST doctor office. Since I moved to a rural area outside of Phoenix, the medical care here is soooo much better then what I could find before. That Phoenix Magazine with the "Top Doctors in the Valley" is so FOS (pardon my language). I've snagged several of those from other doctor offices in the past, and never did I find a good doctor through that magazine. You're better off moving into the far southeast valley and going to where I go now.

You know what the doctors at this office actually do here?? They LISTEN !!! Ya, they do. Really. And they talk to you like not only are you a real person, but they are too ... so you get this mutual interaction between doctor-patient, which I thought I would have to move to Canada or France to get. And the referrals they give you are spot-on! They seem to know the difference between the book-smart only doctors and the doctors who have book smarts AND common sense (and probably a pulse to bat at as well).

LoL .... anyway, my PCP is sending out labs to find if I have some autoimmune disorder, as being 38 yrs old, I'm way too young to have the vascular problems I'm having. He thinks that my accident last year could have brought on something autoimmune, and in turn, kicked in pre-maturely my genetic disposition towards heart disease. I guess that would make sense, with the symptoms I've been having, including that I've been very sick in the last year ... more times then I've been sick in the previous 10 combined. It is scary, but I am hopeful, and an iron will to live.

So between September and October, I'll have several new and on-going doctor/specialist appointments to attend. I need everyone on the same page and able to advocate for me because I have no clue what my Dietitian will have in mind after she gets all the reports in, and she is going to play a key role in my weight loss plan. I'll be blogging in this objective regularly with updates through October. Thanks for reading.
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    I'll be interested in what the dietician suggests ... you know how I feel. (And I'm from Canada and was gonna say the same thing HippiChik re: doctors. They DO have the option to go outside the system, too, though.) I'm happy for you that you feel heard and they're working on figuring out your issues. Keep us posted.
    4351 days ago
    I agree! Everyone on the same page is crucial. BTW, I live in Canada and as much as I appreciate the free health care we all get (and deserve to get) it is difficult to actually find a doctor here. There is a real shortage of doctors in my region. A lot of MD's may get trained in Canada and then move to the U.S. for work. Some perfectly amazing MD's immigrate to Canada and they're driving taxi cabs because they can't get licensed in Canada! What the HELL??!! It's super frustrating no matter where you go, I suppose. Each country has issues with it's medical care because nothing is ever perfect.
    4351 days ago
    It is totally ideal to get all the doctors on the same page but so difficult. I am a nurse and work in the medical field so I know first hand how important it is Caroline. I wish you luck as you move toward all of your goals! emoticon
    4351 days ago
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