feeling like I've failed today...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ugh - today I feel absolutely disgusting. I had Arby's for lunch and then ate some chicken wings for dinner - although, I did peel the skin off of them and ate the lot of carrots and celery first so I was only hungry for 4 chicken wings by the time they came around.

I did, however, pass on the cupcakes that were available - and I only had 1 diet coke and subbed the rest for water. Proud moment...I guess.

I know I am still under my calories for the day - but I feel YUCKY from eating the garbage I put into my body today. :o|


Not to mention it has been raining all day so I couldn't get ANY hooping in...

Tomorrow I'm going to burn at LEAST 500 calories and keep the calories REALLY low.

Agh...I really have to get this going...MUST BE SKINNY before we go to the beach next year. . .
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    That icky, why did I eat that, feeling is actually good. Your learning what makes you feel good and what does not. It's that feeling that will trigger your brain to not even crave it after awhile. I think you did great with your portion control. Don't go into this idea of losing weight as a quick get it done project. Every day is a learning experience. Even if you eat 4000 calories in a day (been there, done that) LOG IT. I have learned sooo much about myself in just the short few months I have been on peer trainer. I've been reading other people's blogs and stories and finding bits and pieces of myself that I realize I still need to change. I lost 50 lbs and thought I had won that battle. But those choices of Arby's and chicken wings are ALWAYS going to be in your life. You did great. You stayed within your calorie range for the day. As you move on you will crave more satisfying foods that really fill you up and don't leave you hungry an hour later. Whole wheat bread was my first move and now I can't even stand the taste of white bread.

    I have had major issues with binges in the past. What you said about cutting your calories low to make up for yesterday was my thinking as well. But what it led to was a constant cycle of binging and starving. Starving and craving everything so I binged. Then I was disgusted and ran and worked out and starved myself to make up for the difference. I lost 50 lbs this way and once I hit my goal I could not sustain my work outs to make up for my food mistakes and gained back 15 lbs.

    Just wipe the slate clean today. You stayed within your calories range yesterday so you should give yourself a break. If you feel like starving yourself then channel that will power to at least eat 1200 healthy calories for the day. I ate around 3000 calories last Sunday at a going away party. My immediate reaction was to cut my calories low for a couple days. It took me a few days to get real with myself and realize I have to break this cycle and eat a balanced diet. For the first time EVER I'm actually wondering if I didn't eat enough this week. I went from 146 on the scales last Monday to seeing 140.5 this morning. I have never been good for an entire week. I really think if I'm working out I need to eat 1500 calories for the day and if I don't work out I can cut my calories to 1200. I've been at this seriously since June of 08 and I still have doubts and struggles.

    I guess with all this rambling I just wanted to say you did a good job yesterday. Get rid of the word failure because this journey is all about living and learning and making better choices then we did yesterday or last week or even last year.

    BTW, I think your beautiful emoticon
    3162 days ago
    Be happy of the positive changes and just try to remember them for any other day you might have like today. Maybe you'll make even a few more positive choices. I have a hard time with eating too and have discovered it just gets easier with time. I consistent think of food. I love to eat and cook! My family grew up with eating when socially: happy and sad times. What a great combo! But I have had fun learning how to eat & cook my favorite flavors and food in a healthier and tastier matter. After time, you start "training" your taste buds.

    I hope you get to hoop today! I didn't get much hooping in yesterday, so I hope I can get more in today. Just think, by next summer you can be doing some awesome hooping on the beach in a 2 piece and be feeling confident with your hooping skills and your body! emoticon
    3162 days ago
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