Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I know I haven't been around lately posting any blog's, but that's because I've slacked off a lot. I need some support big time. I seem to have steered off in the wrong direction and haven't been able to do anything for myself for about 3-4 week's. My life has been so consumed in the family that I haven't had no me time, I've been stressing out. There's back to school, football practice, all the extra meal's for the family, and the stress of chasing after other people's kid's to take them to practice, housing cleaning, bill's, and the laundry. And yet I still can't catch up with any of it.
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  • no profile photo CD5553271
    I hate that overwhelmed feeling and it gets to all of us at some point! Try taking 10 minutes either in the evening or first thing in the morning to look at everyone's schedules and determine what must be done the next day and one or two things that you would like to get done. Maybe bills get paid on Friday, cleaning the kitchen on Thursday, laundry on Wednesday and Saturday. Definitely as others have said, enlist the help of the family. You aren't a maid. Everyone should contribute to the home in a productive way. Good luck. Things will settle down soon.
    4240 days ago
    I think everyone said what I could say! I like the idea of getting everyone to pitch in on the housecleaning! It can be a family fitness event! Ask that all children meet at one place for rides to practices and if they are not there when you say, leave them behind. Children and teens need to learn consequences! Remember too, "No" is a complete sentance.... You need not explain, just say no when asked to do and do and then do some more! Hang in there!
    4271 days ago
    Very important. Dont forget to breathe. Seriously. What causes the most stress is allowing yourself to be overcome by the happens each day instead of taking stock in your accomplishments. While you dont say it specifically, you are decrying the importance of your family as requiring your sacrifice. This is a slippery slope. If you allow the idea that you have somehow given all of yourself with no return, that is what will come to happen. I'm sure seeing your family succeed and be happy has to be 95% of what you desire first and foremost. The rest just comes along when you are more comfortable in having your other successes realized. Perhaps you're missing some feedback or are allowing too much to eclipse the balance you need? Take stock and take care.

    4273 days ago
    Hello lady Hold your head up and take a deep breath and just blow it out do this a few times and then say okay what can I tweak away from this busy life right now!! Maybe get everyone to pitch in with the cleaning before/after school and then while you clean do some kinds extra more like wiping off the counter try and do some squats or calf raises or even take the extra steps of walking sisde to side instead of standing still!! we all go through this so dont bet yourself up and to be honest im at this point now the only reason why Im getting in a little work out is I have to walk my daughter to school and pick her up other then that Im not doing much!!
    4273 days ago
    Skip the house cleaning 3x a week...Will it make a difference in the long run? On the day you die, will anyone shake their head and murmur sadly "Such a nice woman, too bad she was such a bad housekeeper" I'm guessing not. What will make a difference in the long run is your health and your self-esteem. You'll have the energy to accomplish what you need to if you take that 30 minutes a day for yourself.
    4273 days ago
    I hope you get around to setting limits on your time. There's only one you. You are precious, rare, and unique and you deserve to be pampered sometime. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4274 days ago
  • MONTY68
    I feel that most of us who have gone through the ups and downs of weight feel like you do. It's very difficult to set time for your self when all the family is looking to you for whatever. You are fortunate to be part of sparkpeople where you can get good support. It took me to the age of 67 before I finally decided that I needed to take time for me. I lost 84 pounds before I found Spark people. I found that I need to take what ever time I need to do the things I need to do to stay healthy. Several have suggested that to do some short time periods to do for you. Perhaps and in my case it helped when I called a "family Meeting" and asked for support and help. It worked for me. I think in the Spark articles there are some articles on family help. Hang in there and keep focused on your goals. You can do it.
    4274 days ago
    You have to make you a priority. 10 minutes a time 3 x a day is good. Do a couple of SP video workouts.

    I always think something is better than nothing.
    4274 days ago
    I am here if you need a buddy :) I was overwhelmed like you about a Month ago.....I completely fell off the fitness wagon for about 6 weeks....it felt horrible! I ate crappy, didn't exercise and really just didn't care. I decided small steps to get back into the swing of things is better than NO steps and just stopping. All it takes is that ONE step and you can get back on track! 2 weeks ago I went to a convention for my Company and since being back, I write down literally every hour what I need to get done the next day. 7am, wake up. Breakfast and read my bible until my daughter wakes up. 8am, serve her breakfast. And on it goes until I go to bed at 11pm. Every hour has something slotted and I even had to put in when I will vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen, work my home business, spend time with my daughter. You get the drift :) I cannot explain to you in words how much more I get accomplished during the day now! If you want to talk, I am here, just private message me. I am a WAHM and things don't happen during the day unless I make sure they happen. That's a tough job no matter how strong we are emoticon

    Just remember: You are human!!
    4274 days ago
    I guess we all face similar situation to a certain extent! I have lost and gained the same pounds several times over! I used to walk when my kids were doing their sports. Try to find a few minutes here and there and they do add up. It is OK to slack off as long as you eventually get back on track. I wish you good luck!
    4274 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4356121
    Don't feel bad, my birthday was at the beginning of the month and the month has turned into one big celebration for me. I haven't seriously worked out in 3 weeks and my eating has been off the chain. However, we just have to jump back in the saddle and get going again. I also have been bogged down with family and back to school, but we must find time for ourselves. So break your work up into small intervals, 10 mins here, 10 mins there, as long as you get it in. Good luck with getting back on track!!! You can do it!
    4274 days ago
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