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Cut back — way back — on extra sugar

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My first thought was just to post this and not say anything, actually I debated about posting it at all. Although I am in a funk lately and shoving that aside, I am starting to feel like a broken record with the stuff that I am posting. It's basically all the same, do this, don't do that. Eat this, don't eat that, oh wait you CAN eat this, well we aren't sure lemme get back to you.

But then I realized if I stopped posting it would give all of you out there who just bristle every time I open my mouth nothing to do, and since I am a caring person I want to do my part. So your prayers are not answered again this week cause I am not shutting up :D

Now to those of you who actually care. Although its started to seem a bit redundant with the info I realized as I do many times that its better to post something than not post it. Sometimes with me it takes me looking at something 1000x before it actually sinks into my thick skull *chuckles*

I am still not convinced that sugar is all that bad for you. Now before you jump on my back with a club keep your pie hole shut and let me finish my thought ;)

I am not convinced that sugar is bad for us, IN MODERATION, just like anything else. I still believe that real sugar is FAR better for me than the fake stuff. I have been over indulging just a tad in the mountain dew and some other sugary treats that I could probably do without. I have not gained any weight, I have actually been maintaining which yes the whole purpose here IS to lose weight and not stay where I am. However if I adjusted my eating habits and got off my duff and did a little more exercise instead of sitting here crying about what I am not doing that might actually change. I still say I feel much better drinking the real stuff than the "diet" stuff. My blood sugar has been "normal" I still take my medication like I am suppose to and despite drinking a mountain dew or 2 a day, every morning when I wake up and take my blood sugar its within the acceptable range.

So I really don't care what anyone else says, FOR ME staying away from the artificial sweeteners has been a good thing, if you like it that's all fine for you I am not saying you should switch too, I am saying for me it works. I do need to reign some stuff in as I am getting just a tad bit comfortable with ingesting the ole sugar. And who knows maybe it will kill me *shrugs* were all gonna die one day anyways I am tired of living in fear of what other people tell me is bad for me and whats harmful cause either A. 10 years from now they are gonna say they were mistaken OR B. Some OTHER scientist is going to come along and say its false.

Man just live your freaking life how it works best for you. If you can eat chocolate cake everyday and lose weight and stay healthy and all your blood work is fine and your healthy doing it..ROCK ON! if that works for you then do it. however if your gaining weight, your cholesterol is all messed up, you don't feel well...then probably that's not gonna work for you *chuckles*

I'm not a Dr...never claimed to be, however through my personal experience a lot of the time I seem to know just as much about ME as the Dr does. I am not saying DON'T listen to your Dr...but honestly how many times have they been wrong? or better yet they keep trying thing after thing after thing, like playing pin the tail on the donkey to figure out whats wrong?

Who knows you better than you? NOBODY. You know what if I am having a heart attack I am probably gonna listen to the heart Dr, if I have an infection in my leg (which I do) I am probably gonna do what the Dr tells me to do. When the Dr tells me to just eat right and exercise and stop being lazy...well I am gonna listen to the Dr a little bit however the rest of it is up to me to figure out because they sure as heck aren't being very helpful.

FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!! If it works, and its healthy, and your happy who gives a rats behind what anyone else thinks. Thats just me though, I am mouthy and have a problem with authority, anyone who wants to live there life by what other people say, fine by me its your life :) Its your choice. The rest of you who have a brain in your head for the love of Saint Pete don't just take everything thats shoveled into you, use your brain, do your own research, find what works for you. The same thing that works for 1 million people might just not work for you, you know might take the Dr a while to figure it out *chuckles*

Anyways do what you are gonna do, you can choose to live your life or you can choose to let someone else tell you how to live it...doesn't effect me either way so do what makes you happy, just like my big mouth ranting off here doesn't effect your life in anyway so if you don't like it don't read it. And if it makes you mad maybe you should do some self reflection to find out why ;)
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    Nothing wrong with MOST things in moderation. I wouldn't recommend rat poison, poison ivy or boogers ( wont kill you its just gross) even in moderation. Have a great day.
    3193 days ago
  • BERGIE8771
    A regular portion size of cake or soda (or whatever floats your boat) is fine I think, otherwise why be alive?

    In fact, I think the problem IS, if you can't or won't stop. Then you end up overeating, bingeing and getting disgusted with yourself. As you stated, MODERATION is the key, being in control, not allowing the food to control you. If you can't control then it is a red light item and really needs to be avoided.

    I've found Dr David Kessler's book, "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite," has been a lifesaver for me. It helps me to get control of my need to eat/overeat sugary, fatty foods. YEAY!

    3193 days ago
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