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Monday, August 24, 2009

There's a great old restored theater here in town. They have a working pipe organ, and show old movies on the big screen. It's decorated like a Japanese village. They put real butter on the popcorn. Friday night's feature was the Charleton Heston version of Planet Of The Apes! As a nerd, I would take great delight in seeing this movie on the big screen. (And what about Linda Harrison as Nova! Woo woo!) But, as a dad, I wasn't sure that age 6 is appropriate for that movie. I showed my girl the trailer on YouTube, but she wasn't having it.

So we went to see Ponyo.

As a nerd, it was a pretty amazing fantasy film. It's the story of a mermaid with magical powers who upsets the balance of the world. Japanese films are allowed to be bizarre without bothering to explain it, which is okay with me. It's full of tiny details that your ordinary animated film doesn't bother with. For instance, before the boy rushes into the sea to retrieve a bottle, he stops and shakes his sandals off. All of the Miyazaki films are cool like that. My kid loves to see the other kids in the movie. They're realistic. They do things that kids do. They go on adventures that kids would like to have. So, as a dad, I I was happy with the movie choice.

Side note. I put the arm rest up, so I could get a snuggle with my kid. She put it down. Apparently, she was not on a date.

- - -

I also comitted to the carnival. I got my girl the wristband, and she rode the rides all afternoon. Without me, though. Dad doesn't do spinning rides. We avoided candy, soda, elephant ears and caramel apples. My kid is brave, man. She does the tallest fastest rides all on her own. And she's 48" now, so she can ride any 'big kid' ride she wants. Eventually she made some friends, and rode with some other kids.

I wore my tangerine SP shirt, but met no Sparkers.

And I found a dime and a quarter. So my found-money-tally is $0.94!

- - -

On Sunday, I fixed the dryer! And I did laundry ALL DAY on Sunday. Piles of it. I found clothes I forgot I had. And I'm still not done, but our closets are full of clean clothes. I'm so happy, I can't even stress how much.

- - -

In bizarro news, I had a dream that Rosie Grier was the CFO at my work. And he told me not to stress about my job because my boss was an a-hole. I told Rosie that works for me. And then, as I was about to ask him about Robert Kennedy, he went into his office.

- - -

Then, on Sunday night we went fishing. I'd been promising fishing all summer, so we went out before sunset and caught nothing at a local catch-and-release pond. Only one nibble. And even that might have been a rock-snag. But we had more fun times together. So I'm reporting a happy weekend.

Dance party at my house again tonight! Pajamas only! Park on the lawn if the street is full. I'll have sweetened and unsweetened tea, fresh melon and peaches, and strips of those candy dots on paper. See you there!

Wait! Cancel the party. It's bike-ride night. I'm not missing out again. Later Speeps. Love ya.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved that you had such a great weekend with your daughter, arm rest down or not... I'm sure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and there are tons of great qualities in your independent little girl.

    Maybe you should consider a "Bike in your Pajama Ride/Party." This way, you can enjoy the love of the ride, reap the physical benefits of the ride and commiserate with friends while all in your pajamas.

    3615 days ago
    Woo hoo for crazy independent kids... and for girls who know how to keep the arm rest down LOL GREAT blog!
    3615 days ago
    You should write professionally.
    I about choked on the arm rest part with your daughter, LOL

    Hang ten dude
    3615 days ago
    You so rock.
    You give such good blog.
    Your daughter is ONE blessed little girl.
    3615 days ago
    Sounds like a great weekend! I have a favorite childhood memory from going to see Lady & the Tramp with my dad, just the two of us. Hopefully, this will be one of those cherished memories for your daughter.
    3615 days ago
    so glad you and the daughter had a great time at the movies. i knew my husband was a nerd. he has watched all the planet of the apes movies at least twelve times. i wish my kids would watch cartoons with me but alas they are growing up to fast. your daughter is independent, but believe me it is so important that you are there. you are her leader and safe place to land. isn't it funny how we have bizzaro dreams.i remember rosie grier. glad you got your drier fixed.
    3616 days ago
    I like your dream OK, but mine was better last night. Brad Pitt handed me two big bunches of balloons and encouraged me to jump off this cliff into -- (no, not a canyon: you know how dreams make perfect sense until you actually wake up) -- his living room.

    (I think Brad made an appearance because my husband and son went to see Inglorious Ba$tards and told me Pitt was great in it. You'd think I could have done more with him in a dream than take balloons from him, since I had him there all to myself. I'm getting old.)
    3616 days ago
    Darn and I was going to bring Emma and Jenn by in our new yo gaba gaba Pajamas.

    A dad and his daughter at the movies is the best kind of date! Love it, even if she didn't think it was a date lol. You are doing great AL, you are such an inspiration, with everything you do!
    3616 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    I want to come to your parties! I'm a sucker for candy dots on paper.

    3616 days ago
    I love Plane of the Apes. It's so creepy. LOL, even your little girl won't snuggle with you. Don't worry, you'll find the nerdy female version of you someday. Darn, i was looking forward to the pajama party and tea. Oh well. You're daughter is very brave. I can't go on those rides by myself.
    3616 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/24/2009 12:50:31 PM
    sounds like an awesome filled weekend. your daughter sounds like my kind of girl...independent. way to go riding those rides by herself!
    3616 days ago
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