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Part II; I’ve Downgraded! AGAIN!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Okay guys, I know you remember I recently blogged about downgrading to an XL from a 2X. That was big news I was so excited and I thank many of you for joining in my celebration. This leads me to part two of the downgraded segment. I decided it was time to invest in some new slack, especially the ones for church. My mom had been telling me I needed to get some new ones because the few in my collection was absolutely too big. Well, that alone is cause for celebration, someone telling you to buy new clothes because they are too big.

First you must know prior to this experience I WAS wearing a 20W short, yes big and short. So this past Saturday, I decided to visit Hamarick’s to buy a new pair of slacks. I searched the women’s department to see what was on the racks. I ran across a pair I liked and found an 18W short; as I pondered I said well, I’ll get that pair and take this 16W with me just in case; ;yeah right!

As I approached the fitting room I was very excited, but then I had to make a decision, I had two pair of slacks two different sizes, which one to try on first. Okay, I came to my senses; if the 16W didn’t fit I would be disappointed so I tried the 18W. OMG, they fit, I mean easy, no problem, I have downgraded to an 18W, and boy weight loss is awesome. This time last year, that would have been a joke. So as I rejoiced for just a moment by myself as I made the trip alone, I stood there trying to decide if I should go for the 16W. Can you believe it; I had to talk myself into trying on the slacks. I said to myself; “self you are in here all by yourself, no one will know.” How crazy is that?

So here goes, I was bold enough to try the 16W, I had my eyes shut tight, my heart rate increased (you would have thought I had just finished 20 minutes of cardio) boy this is weird, all of this drama to try on some pants. I’m moving on now; the 16W fit, I mean nicely I had to talk myself out of the pants so I could get dress. Are you rejoicing with me now, I am overwhelmed. As I exited the dressing room, I gave the attendant the 18W and remarked, these are too big; boy what a feeling. So not only did I purchase that pair of 16W I bought two additional pair so they would not be lonely in my closet. I have downgraded to a 16W short. Can’t stop now, I gotta keep moving!

Thank you for taking the time to share and celebrate with me.

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