All starting to add up...

Monday, August 24, 2009

or should I say subtract??

OK, been at this at just over a month and as of this morning I'm down 5 pounds! I'm very happy about that - just surpassed my lowest weight from doing Herbal Magic by .5 pounds so I definately had to look a few times to make sure I was reading the number right! Now it feels like I've been at this a lot longer- which of course the whole "weight loss process" it's been years but I mean on SP - just one month??? Definately something to this. And maybe 5 pounds a month is kinda slow but when I think about the fact that I gained back 1/2 of my Herbal Magic weight in not time at all & have been battling the same 7 - 8 pounds for 2 years.... 5 pounds in a month is all of a sudden looking pretty good!

And the fitness numbers....got those down - still a little confused by the calories burned vs. calories eaten though. I get the "warning" that I have passed my goals & should look at my calories eaten - but I though that was the whole point - create a deficit??? I'm certainly not hungry by any means & when I look back I have had my fair share of days where I've gone over my calories, by the same token I've gone under too...

So, the nutrition planner is where my math is still a little wonky! I really like the fact that it calculates nutrients & not just calories as I can easily see that is where I still need a LOT of work!!! Over quite regularily in fat grams - those would be the days I use "real" mayo instead of the reduced fat or mustard alone - so I should be able to get that under control better - SHOULD being the operative word!! But at least I can see that now... Protein, that can be a real hit & miss for me too - have to really work at having some kind of protein at every meal - no shortage of ideas here so it's just a matter of following through! My biggest shortages are calcium & fiber, really need to work on those - I may just have to add a calcium supplement... will see how this week goes as I did some grocery shopping with the "calcium concern" in mind. Overall it's starting to come together - still having my tortilla chips & salsa and the occasional treat, still having my wine & beer but when I do I take into consideration what activities I have planned - this is supposed to be LIVING not punishment (which is definately how I felt on Herbal Magic!!) - it's all about moderation & we certainly here/read about that on SP!

I do know I weigh myself too much (everyday) & I see those fluctuations and they can certainly set me off - yes, my relationship with the scale is volatile (who's isn't???) but I know if I don't step on it I get complacent - catch 22... And, when the scale finally shows me a number I would like to see, I record it!! That whole thought process should probably be worked on, but not yet...only so much I can take...

And the inches, definately some loss there judging by the way my clothes are fitting! Need to get them recorded so I can actually see my progress in black & white.

Yep, it's all starting to add up, maybe not as fast as I would like but then again rapid weight loss has never lasted for me either!! I'm most excited about my fitness, increasing that has been really motivating me & the fact that I can now start to look for some races & I'm starting another "program" to get me to the next level - that's a HUGE accomplishment for me!

I'm not trying anymore - I'm doing (PINKCOCONUT wrote a great blog on that) and that's what's going to finally make my math work for me!
And of course the biggest plus of them all... my new SPARK FRIENDS!!! Awwwwwww, isn't that sweet??? Everyone has something to add in the way of support/motivation and we all certainly take away something from each other too, that to me = SUCCESS!! (See, my math isn't totally off!)

Cheers everyone!
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  • KARVY09
    Congrats to you!!!

    Sometimes the SP calories burned ranges are off track (no way I burned 550 calories on my 35 minute bike ride today) which is why you're probably getting that "over your calories burned" message. Seems like what you're doing is working, so stick with it!
    4310 days ago
    Five pounds in a bit over a month is right on track if you ask me, Kath! We know slow & steady wins the race in the long run. Five pounds a month equates to 1.25lbs per week. Ideal rate of weight loss suggests you aim to lose between 1 - 1.5 pounds per week. So you are right on track.
    You are getting it girl, and you are VERY on track if you ask me. We are always learning...you'd be overwhelmed if it all came hurling at you in one swoop.
    Congratulations on reaching a milestone. FIVE POUNDS!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4310 days ago
    Gratz on the 5 lb. loss.

    Jyant emoticon
    4310 days ago
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