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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The month of mercy, forgiveness and atonement is upon us. Where I live, it can also be a very hard month to resist temptations of the nutritional kind. You see, traditionally it is also a month where family and friends get together to break their fast, and so then it is easy to go overboard in preparing too much food that is too sweet or too oily. There will also be special buffets where it is easy to overeat.

So by the Grace of Allah, I hope that I can be able to think 'Quality Over Quantity) at each and every iftar (breaking fast). I will try and remember to make healthy choices over unhealthy ones, and to limit my intake of sweets and cordials.

It will also be a challenge to get in our daily water intake and exercise, so I will first concentrate on water, as done by Sister TamatulAdil. She also has a great system of exercising just before iftar that I would love to emulate. But I do notice I am at my weakest at the end of the day, plus due to commuting, there is very limited time to rush home and prepare food for iftar. I am not too sure about fitting in exercise.. perhaps at night?

Anyway Happy Ramadan to all.. and may His Mercy & Forgiveness descend upon each and every one of us..
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    Ameen. Shukran. Your comment was so sweet. I try my best not to overdue it. On days that I feel week before iftar, I don't workout. This usually happens when I don't get enough water in. Insha Allah, you will be fine during iftar if you just stick to your guns. That goes for me too. Ramadhan Mubarak!!!
    3970 days ago
    Salams Sister, masha Allah you have a lot on your plate, may Allah make it easier for you, amiin. We used to have elaborate meals prepared as well, but since we are trying to eat healthier and yet keep to a budget, meals have become simpler. I too believe microwaves are not good for food, so I keep needing to reheat meals as well. Have you tried freezer cooking? Basically you prepare food in large batches, only for some recipes you only half cook them, then freeze them. So when you take it out you need to finish the cooking process, and this way the food doesn't become overcooked. I find myself really tired towards the end of Ramadan as well, so yes walhamdulillah it is only 30 days as Allah knows best what we can endure. May Allah give you and your family much barakah this Ramadan, masha Allah with having guests for iftar. I am afraid I am the one doing the driving, so can't read the Quran, but what could be done is have a recording of the recitation play in the background and try to follow along.
    3978 days ago
    assaalamu alai kum.like you my problem is exercise and lack of time to prepare the ifteh meal but for other reasons than commuting.the problem with the exercise is that we live in a flat and one of the neighbours complain as it is of the noises my kids make,in the day without him starting to complain that i am making to much noise in the night as well.re preparing the meal for iftah the problem is that i have three small children that go to bed around 7 and must be feed and dressed etc.last night wasn´t so bad as my husband broke his fast in the moschee,it ment i broke the fast alone but at least i didn´t have to try to do elaborate meals at exactely the given time.which was good as the baby woke up 7.30,with being ill he had gone to sleep earlier than usual.also i could eat healthier.i had vegtable soup,salad and a brik.normally i must make cheeze which takes a lot longer to prepare,brik,salad and some cooked meal form like couscous etc,and it must be usually freshly made everyday as my husband things microwaves are bad for you and warmed up food in the pan or oven are either too cooked for him or too dry.so freshly made is easier in the long run than to hear the complaints if you know what i mean.as our children are small and go to bed early we tend to invite more people to us to break the fast than that we go to them.then it means making a dessert on top.so is ramadam by us though i really love ramadam and all ir reprisents and not just the social aspect.i am glad it is only 30 days long alhammdulah because i find it also a lot of stress.so on this note as we have guests tonight and i must get the house a bit more presentable.enjoy your ramadam and in less you are driving yourself,commuting is an ideal opertunity to get the reading of the quran in alhammdullah.
    3978 days ago
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