Where is my motivation??

Thursday, August 20, 2009

After going back to school this summer and staying very busy I have loss my motivation. I have thought on many days in the last week...I'll start today and stay busy doing other things. But, today I log back into Sparkpeople and find that I'm not the only one that wonders why start over. I know I'm worth the effort but the thing that gets to me is others I have chatted with forever on here are reaching their goal weight, so what happened to me and where is that motivation I had before. I have no desire to start exercising and have somewhat loss my desire to run...especially when my weight was not changing. I ask myself where do you want to start and end up thinking does it really matter. I have attempted to eat healthy and exercise like a mad women for months and months and only loss 2-4 lbs. I also had blood work done and everything came back normal. Really who does P90X for 45 days straight and eats strict and only losses 2 lbs??? And since going back to school, I have not changed my eating habits but without exercise gained back 3 lbs. So here I go again changing or maybe this time deleting my tracker this really irritates me.

I believe what gets me the most is I have no one around me that really cares about their health and fitness. Those that do want a quick fix which doesn't happen so they fail weekly and sometimes daily. Then on the other hand I see others with a great metabolism ...and gosh darn it this bothers me to no end that is just honesty!! I know I am doing this for myself but I just need that extra kick to get the mind set.

Any ideas of how to get me motivated again especially since school is starting back on Aug 31??

I'm starting today and moving toward the goal!! No Excuses!!
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    First of all... emoticon ! I can understand how frustrating it is to work so hard and not lose more than that! I guess first of all, remember the benefits of all that hard work that aren't scale-related (better health, more energy, etc.). Do track inches! You may be losing inches even if not pounds. And like Heather said, make sure you are eating enough. If you like, check out the calorie cycling team; several have said that was the key for them really getting into a weight loss groove.

    Mostly, just hang in there. Vent if you need to. Keep changing it up. Eventually, something will work if you stay with it!


    P.S. People with killer metabolisms annoy me too! ;)
    3195 days ago
    Hang in there!! It's going to happen, I know it! It took me almost 5 months to lose the last 7 pound to get to my goal weight. It was so frustrating! Turns out, I needed to eat MORE. I don't know a lot about the P90X program, but from what I've heard, it's pretty hard core. Is it possible you're not eating enough to make up for the incredible amounts you are burning?

    Other than that, maybe don't focus on the scale as much. Have you measured at all?

    You're doing great! If nothing else, remind yourself that you are healthy, and that's the most important thing right??

    3195 days ago
    I have found the more I have planned, the better I am at fitting in my exercise. My original thought process (when I was lacking motivation) was to get in 15-20 mins of 'something' three days a week. That's manageable, right?!

    So, if I ran for 20 mins, I could get in about 1.75 miles. Then I was determined to get in two miles in 20 mins, as the energy increased, so did my activity.

    Lastly, I weigh in daily, but I don't stress about it. I ran my report (from storing info on SP) and found that I've lost 12 pounds in 12 months...about a pound a month. Not much if I looked daily, but overall, not bad, either!

    You'll find the energy, and as a SAHM, 15-20 mins on yourself isn't such a bad thing!

    3196 days ago
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