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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The old me just didn't care about ...well pretty much anything. I had a wife and a job and a few friends. After some hard work I had 2 boys, a wife, a job and a few good friends. I did not care about things or feelings or really anyone else. When people told me things or started telling me stories i would zone out completely and being that I didn't care ...I forgot about what they were talking about almost as quickly as they told me. It wasn't forgetfulness it was carelessness and thoughtlessness ...about whatever they think they were telling me.
The new me cares. I make an effort to listen and understand what people are saying to sympathize and empathize with friends, family and sometimes co-workers. I have 2 boys, several very close friends and reconnecting with my family, old friends, working with co-workers and an x-wife.
This doesn't mean I don't forget but I have multiple calendars to check before just agreeing to something.
Twice today I have been asked "don't you remember? we discussed this at least 2 weeks ago?" No, no I don't remember or maybe I do but only parts of it or vague details. I am not stupid but I don't commit myself when I am unsure of the details. When it comes to friends yeah I will do whatever to try and work it out if I havent made other plans or even then I will try to come up with other suggestions ...when it comes to my s2bx unless it is on the calendar (this incident was on the calendar but not clear as to what I was suppose to do) I more then likely have forgotten.
I am trying to do better but this kind of helping me remember by telling me don't you remember kinda pisses me off. How do you respond to questions like that ...Do I just let it go? I feel like if I do just let it go ....I get walked on because dont you remember??
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    LOL! I have known you a good many years now... and we are both scatter brained as hell..... and you know it! Forgetting is just part of being human, We cant always pay 100% attention to each and every thing that is said to us or comes our way, we forget sometimes and big whoop, anyone who gets mad need to reflect back on themselves for a time that they have forgotten something. Come on man, I know we have had this talk before..... DONT YOU REMEMBER??? :)

    3503 days ago
  • HEIDI227
    Well, it might be something biochemical. You don't sound depressed, although that can cause mental fuzzyness and memory loss.

    Now me, I have been diagnosed with Adult ADD (not the hyperactive kind.. the dreamy, spaced out kind). Since I've been on medication, I'm sharp as a tack. Made a HUGE difference. I used to not be able to concentrate on anything.

    Why not discuss the symptoms with your doc and see what he thinks?

    3503 days ago
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