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Jillian Michaels, you broke my heart :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

I was strolling through the mall Saturday and walked passed the GNC, in the window was a big display of Jillian Michael's products that caught my eye. Being a HUGE fan of her I stopped to see what the display was. There were two items, an appetite suppressant (well she calls it a calorie reducer, but a pill can't magically zap calories to zero so call it what it is an appetite suppressant) and fat burner, both pills to be taken on a daily basis to to lose weight on the packages it said "Jillian Michaels QUICKSTART Rapid Weight Loss Program". **Now I'm not dissing anyone who takes or believes in these items, this is just my personal opinion, so please don't take offense**.

Now I am used to seeing all these "get skinny fast" gimmicks and usually I just laugh at them. like the cookie diet LOL nothing more than a high fiber low calorie diet, cracks me up every time! At this point in the game, I've come to understand that being healthy isn't a quick easy fix or a daily pill you take but just making good choices. Finally grasping this logic and implementing it in my life was what finally made weight loss work for me. Certainly though, what has worked for me isn't the only way, its just what was best for me. We all have our own journey. But seeing this from Jillian honestly made my heart sink a little. Jillian has been an HUGE inspiration and motivator in my own personal journey. Her ideas, her values, her attitude everything she stands for represents how I feel about getting healthy, and has helped me so much!! I watch her videos on you tube, I have her work out videos, I just LOVE her. I can't help but feel a little betrayed that she's 'stooped' to this level, it goes against everything she's ever said!

I'm not saying I've tried her pills or that they don't work, hey they just might. I'm not saying either that the existence of her products have un-done what she's done for my life she's still an important role model for me and for millions. But when you as a celebrity and as someone who millions of people look up to attach your name to a gimmick, well that contradicts your image. Kind of like if a PETA member did a commercial promoting juicy steaks from Outback Steakhouse. Heck, I believed back in 1999 that metabolife was the best thing since sliced bread, but turns our ephedra is bad for you and though it "worked" here I am 10 years later working my booty off to lose 85lbs! People are vulnerable especially people who want to lose weight, I've been there. It really shocked me that someone who has been such an ambassador of a healthy lifestyle and fitness would attach themselves to a "get skinny fast" ploy. So many people love her and follow her advice, so I'm sure these products will probably sell a lot of them, even though if its not "her" product, she's still allowed someone the rights to her likeness to push these products and make money off of them.

Sure, pills can work, but are we going to take pills forever to maintain the weight loss. If it were that easy, and a pill could answer all of our problems would anyone be over weight? Once you stop taking the appetite suppressants then what? Your old appetite will be back, you'll have learned nothing about eating right and the weight will come back on. What happens when you stop taking the fat burner? It hasn't taught you anything about the importance of fitness. Truth is, we don't know enough about these products to really know the long term effects, and there are a lot of people out there willing to try them because they are desperate for a quick fast solution. At the end of the day though, I suppose Jillian is a business woman, and making money these days just seems to be good business, even if it has its price.

Jillian, I can't help but feel betrayed that it's come to this. You've always said there is no quick and easy solution, that to get results you have to work hard! As you always say "results don't come for free", but in this case I guess they come for $89.95 for a 30 day supply.

**Now please don't get me wrong, I still love Jillinan - I'm not hating on her. SHe's done amazing things and helped millions of people and will continue to do so. This was just a disappointing thing for me to see, so I thought I'd blog about it.**
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    I went to my family Dr. yesterday for pain in my hip....due to over exertion. He asked me what happened and I told him I initially injured it by running a few years ago...SI joint sprain. Well now I tend to re-injure it every time I try to up my exercise....even though I'm in good shape. He said....everyone needs 2000 calories just to go about their daily lives. If you eat less, then you will lose weight. But most people don't have that kind of willpower and you would have to workout like they do on Biggest Loser to lose weight. He then prescribed an appetite suppressant and a I for one am glad! I'm post-menopausal and weight just does NOT come off as easily as it did when I was younger. I am watching calories and eating I have some help.
    3076 days ago
    I was shocked to see her commercial on TV the other day. I'm not a fan of hers but I could have sworn she was against this type of thing!! Her line or an endorsement, either way, I'm pretty sure she's contradicting herself and making big money!
    3109 days ago
    wow, just read this. Well written. I have worshipped the ground Jillian walks on, and was shocked and disappointed also
    3125 days ago
    It is sad. I am a personal trainer and pushing pills is NOT the way as we all know to lose weight. It takes a clean diet, hard work and dedication to changing your lifestyle and habits. No pill in the WORLD can do this.
    3134 days ago
    It is sad. I am a personal trainer and pushing pills is NOT the way as we all know to lose weight. It takes a clean diet, hard work and dedication to changing your lifestyle and habits. No pill in the WORLD can do this.
    3134 days ago
    It is sad. I am a personal trainer and pushing pills is NOT the way as we all know to lose weight. It takes a clean diet, hard work and dedication to changing your lifestyle and habits. No pill in the WORLD can do this.
    3134 days ago
    It is sad. I am a personal trainer and pushing pills is NOT the way as we all know to lose weight. It takes a clean diet, hard work and dedication to changing your lifestyle and habits. No pill in the WORLD can do this.
    3134 days ago
    I find it sad that she has decided to push pills also. If all the magic pills out there worked so well, then we wouldn't have an obesity problem in the US in the first place.

    I've tried just about every pill out there before I actually lost my weight...young and dumb! Until I paid attention to what I was eating and how hard I worked, nothing was happening.

    I'm sorry you feel let down. I do, however, appreciate you blogging about it and sharing it with the rest of us.
    3136 days ago
  • JILL-A
    I am a subscriber to Jillians Website and this is what she had to say about her supplements....Just thought I would post it here so you would know her side.... &#
    10;here it is: Hi guys, Apparently there has been some commotion on my Facebook page about the weight loss line I am launching. I love a scandal. :) I wanted to come here and clarify for ya. First off, this isn't an endorsement deal. It's MY line. It was my idea and I created the products with the top bariatrics doctors in the world. And I do mean the world. These are some of the same doctors I have been working with for years to help me with Biggest Loser and my books Ñ especially Master Your Metabolism. I have ALWAYS been an advocate of supplementation. Not as a total solution, but as a means to accelerate weight loss, and enhance your performance in every aspect of your life be it metabolic, immunity, antiaging and so on. For reference, you can take a look at Making the Cut (pp. 251-262), where I talked about which supplements work and which don't. In my latest book, Master Your Metabolism, I talked about natural ingredients that can boost metabolic function, like caffeine, vitamin C, and zinc. For years I have advocated the use of caffeine and white willow bark to increase performance in the gym and speed metabolism. I have recommended fiber blends to help curb appetite. I have referred people to different multivitamins, fat burners, protein powders, bars, drinks, etc. The problem for me was that every line out there has stuff in it I don't like. There are artificial colorings in the gel caps, or artificial sweeteners in the protein powders. There is soy in all the protein bars. Often the ingredients in the supplements aren't combined properly so they are not effective and so on. There is NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, harmful in these products. They are all natural. Have a look at the ingredients: Calorie Control: Yerba Mate leaf, Coffee (bean) Extract (Coffea arabica) - standardized to 70% natural caffeine ,Guarana (seed) Extract (Paullinia Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) ** Fat Burner: White Willow (bark) Powder (Salix alba), Grapefruit (fruit) Extract, Bitter Orange (fruit) Extract , Blood Orange (fruit) Extract, Sweet Orange (fruit) Extract, Coleus forskohlii (leaf) Extract, Forskohlin , Tribulus terrestris (root) Extract - standardized to 20% steroidal saponins ) - caffeine Cocoa (seed) Extract All Natural stuff, no drugs, no chemicals. They even have the perfect amount of caffeine. No more than 200 mg so you won't release stress hormone. Frankly...they are awesome. With all that said, you still MUST eat right and work out. This stuff is just meant to make to support your body while training and accelerate your results. Ok, thatÕs all for now. Have a killer weekend! Xo
    j Publi
    shed: Friday, July 31, 2009
    3136 days ago

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  • JILL-A
    .....sorry it posted 2 times...did not want to leave both really long i deleted this one
    3136 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/18/2009 7:57:36 PM
    I don't know what to think about Jillian's supplements...I've read here on sparkpeople they contain lots of stimulants...but i don't know that for sure. i won't be buying them...

    what i do know is that you are absolutely right about this: "At this point in the game, I've come to understand that being healthy isn't a quick easy fix or a daily pill you take but just making good choices. Finally grasping this logic and implementing it in my life was what finally made weight loss work for me." I love this. Good nutrition is one thing--getting all our vitamins and minerals, but beyond that, it's mostly mental, i think. Thanks for a great and thoughtful blog!
    3138 days ago
    I'm not sure I want to blast her yet for this one. Jillian has made comments on her radio show periodically about how some of her books and videos were marketed, and I think she sometimes gets pushed into marketing her products a certain way, because it boosts sales.

    One I remember was about one of her DVDs (I think either NMTZ or BFBM?), and basically her publisher had suggested the DVD title because they thought it'd sell better. Jillian didn't really think the title quite reflected what the DVD was *actually* doing, but she ultimately had to go along with it.

    I think the thing to do here is look at the products themselves, what ingredients are in them, etc. She's *always* been a vocal supporter of safe supplements with ingredients found in nature, and Jillian is definitely about maximum effectiveness... so do they line up with those philosophies?

    Yes, some people who don't know any better will buy into the stupid marketing, but at least the supplements that she believes in are OUT THERE, where people who *do* know better can reap the benefits.
    3160 days ago
    Eww that IS really sad. I love Jillian too - she seems like she has such a no-nonsense attitude that it's especially disappointing to see her backing up such complete nonsense! Oh well, she's got to pay the bills I guess. I just hope more people start realizing that pills are just gimmicks.
    3161 days ago
  • GIGI1222
    I also believe that they are her own formula. She has been using supplements with all of her weight loss contestants for years with the BL. She talks about them all the time on her pod casts. I think they are all natural products. Here is the link to her podcasts, you can listen to them. There may even be one with her when she is ready to launch them. I know she has talked about them many times. I guess nothing anymore these days surprise me when it comes to people making money.
    /SUNDAY.xml ( this is the link to her podcast)
    3161 days ago
    I agree with this -- but I don't think she 'endorses' these products, I think she was responsible for the actual formulation. They are her own creation based on her knowledge and experience. At least that is my understanding. Not that it makes it any better.
    3162 days ago
    Anything for a buck, eh? How sad.
    3162 days ago
    This sure let me down. I bought Master Your Metabolism, and thought it was just OK. I gave it to a colleague who is borderline diabetic and really needs to start taking care of herself. In her book, Jillian espouses organic eating and working out harder than "just parking further or taking the stairs".

    If there was a magic pill, Oprah would have a patent on it.

    3162 days ago
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    3162 days ago
    I have to say that when I got Jillian's email promoting these GNC products, I was absolutely shocked. In her books she has said she tried pills when she was younger and they messed her up and then she had to work harder to reverse all the damage she did. So I don't get why she is now using her name to sell these supplements. And I've been a huge fan of hers as well. But this made no sense to me!
    3162 days ago
    This is so uncool of Jillian. I've been a big fan of hers from the get go, but this, she loses points for. ACtually, she's lost points with me before in the past. I guess she is human like the rest of us, and though a very talented trainer, it does come down to the money. If she puts her name on ANYTHING regarding weight loss, it SELLS! Think what's next, Jillian's Six-Pack Ab Machine or something. I'd be suckered into buying it if she claimed it really worked.
    3162 days ago
    I completely agree with you and I was actually thinking the other day about looking for a natural appetite suppresant. I figured, if it's "natural" what've I got to lose. You're absolutely right and I'm going to drop that thinking altogether. The best appetite suppresant I know of is to focus on health. Thanks for the reminder.

    3162 days ago
    jillian does promote hard work usually as the only solution for weight loss, but if you look at the biggest loser, that's not a realistic way for people to lose weight, either. so i can say that i'm not really surprised by her endorsement for a quick but ultimately ineffectual solution. i love the 30ds, too, and it's the kind of thing i know does work. but yeah, i'm kinda disappointed, too.
    3162 days ago
    I love the 30ds, BUT I really don't find much inspiration from T.V. personallities,(sorry to say but that is what J.M. has become) the success stories on spark are what make me feel like I CAN loose this weight, I CAN learn how to live a healthly life, I have never once considered taking a pill, I know because of people like you and BOTZZZ I can do this, it is possible! Spark Friends have no idea just how valuable they are.
    3162 days ago
    Will they be "Pushing" these on Biggest Loser next? I am really tired of these folks getting false hopes up for a magic solution to what we all know takes initiative, dedication and hard work to accomplish...not a fast fix that will only be temporary at best. I agree it is a sell out of a good name. It could do more damage than good to her if they find the same side effects that came out of the Ephedra mess!
    Thank you for the blog.
    3166 days ago
    I'm disappointed too. But not really surprised - she has a weight-loss web-site that I almost joined and would have been paying a monthly fee for the same thing I get here. It's all about the Benjamins. emoticon
    3166 days ago
    It is always and will forever be about the money and greed. Sad, really!

    Funny you mentioned PETA, check out NOTABOUTTHEFACE's blog on "Infuriated". I have included a link.

    3166 days ago
    I have Literally Worked Very Hard to get this weight off without any diet pills, lotions or potions.

    I"m also a Big fan Of Jillian's just Surprised to know about this information.

    Then Again it's a $MONEY $Maker

    3166 days ago
    Wow, this is sad to read. I haven't been by my local GNC lately so I haven't seen this. I can't believe she would attach her name to something like this - that she has said in the past she is so clearly against.
    3167 days ago
  • CHERYL1105
    Yeah, I agree, too. It is really disheartening to see things like that, especially since I know how hard I am working to see results. It takes time, effort, determination, and consistency... not an appetite suppressant and a fat burner pill. I also was really dissappointed in her that she put her name on such a crappy fitness game for Wii. Not sure who is making her business decisions lately but I don't think they are doing her justice.
    3167 days ago
    Wow, that is disappointing. I completely agree with what pinkcoconut had to say.
    3167 days ago
    Ugh, no not her too! I hate when something like this happens, I was always so inspired by her "healthy" perspective! I hope she reconsiders and gets back to basics once again!!
    3167 days ago
    How disappointing! It's her voice I hear in my head when I'm pushing myself! Arggghhh what a sell out. I still love you Jillian, but I never thought you'd go down this road!
    3167 days ago
  • CHALLENGE130!!
    WOW!! I am shocked. Of all fitness people, Jillian was one that I never thought would jump on the "magic pill" wagon. The drug company are simply paying her to have her picture on it..I'm sure she has nothing to do with it. But I didn't think she was all about the money! She seems to genuinely WANT to help people. Great blog!! I totally agree!
    3167 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Wow I am shocked! I've never jumped on the Jillian band wagon. When I buy fitness products (books, dvds, etc), I try to go for lesser known authors and such to give them a shot. Anyway, I've read enough about Jillian to know that she says you have to work hard. I would never have thought she would promote any sort of weight loss supplement! Hopefully it is just a vitamin pack or something to assist in weight loss "along with diet and exercise" but still. It was not marketed that way! Thanks for the blog.
    3167 days ago
    I thought Jillian Michaels said to stay away from those kinds of quick fixes.
    3168 days ago
  • SALINA78

    3168 days ago
    i completley agree!!! REAL weightloss that STAYS OFF does not come off quick! It may come off with the help of a pill at first, but ultimately its about life changes....i cant help but be a little sad also after reading this....maybe we should write her a letter telling her she should know better! haha
    3168 days ago
    hear, hear!! i agree!
    3168 days ago
    I agree with you. It is very disappointing. She was a HUGE inspiration to me(especially during Biggest Loser). But these days, it is all about the money. Sad but true. The old Jillian would have never done this but now the new famous one would. Sad :(
    3168 days ago
    Yup, it's a sad place when we see things like this. To me, it just proves that the biggest role models are not people we see on TV or sell DVDs, it's people like those we meet on SP. We see how they did it, what it took, take pages from their book and neither are they pressured by corporations to sell this crap or have an image to maintain.
    3168 days ago
    Preach it SC! Well said. It all comes down to the big buck- cha ching!
    3168 days ago
  • MAJOOD85
    Yea... I am a huge fan also... But this is just for the money... and I am disappointed that she would do this for more money... instead of really wanting to help her fans/users.
    3168 days ago
    It seems to me that its all about the money anymore. I think that as big of supporter of a healthy lifestyle change she is, promoting this will not do her any good, well maybe for those like you said that are looking for the "magic pill". I never thought she would attach anything like this to her name. Definitly sad. I agree.
    3168 days ago
  • RBMOM1999
    Well said!
    3168 days ago
    Probably true, I'm not saying i hate her now or I'm in a tissy, just disappointed she's allowed people to use her likeness to prey on the vulnerability of people who want a get skinny fast solution. For people who idolize her it sends the wrong signal, to me. Again, my personal opinion :) I mean no offense to anyone.
    3168 days ago
    Relax..she signed with a syndicate and THEY push that crap using her name! Just like Scientology promotes John Travolta!
    3168 days ago
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