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Reunion conversations that haven't happened yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello all! Happy another day!

Weekend update: Heat, pool, popsicles. Breakfast place, comic book store, pizza shop. Cool basement, broken dryer, room air conditioner. Good times with my little girl.

- - -

On Friday eve, I ordered myself a plane ticket to go to my Reunion. This is going to be a reunion of a bunch of cool people I worked with in my teens and twenties. It's organized by former employees just for fun. I'm way excited.

I dream about getting rehired at my old workplace. Everything is new, and I get lost. There are still some old faces there. I have this dream about every two weeks. Maybe going to the Reunion will get whatever it is outof my system. It's like a constant nagging from my subconscious, and I'm not really sure what it wants.

So, I'm headed down to sunny Orlando, FL in just a couple of weeks. Woo hoo! It will be a short weekend, but a nice present to myself.

Maybe this is how some of the conversations will go:

Former Male Co-Worker: Wow, Al. You look really fat.
Me: But I just lost like 42 lbs!
Former Male Co-Worker: Maybe so, but when I knew you, you were still about 50lbs lighter!
Me: Harsh, dude. At least I still have all of my hair.

Me: Hello, Ms. X. I remember back in the day when we worked together, we didn't really get along. I'm not sure why. Because now, when I think back, I have good memories about you. I don't know if you feel the same way. But I'd feel better if we could be friends leaving here this weekend.
Ms. X: Who are you?

Former Female Co-Worker: Albert, I always admired you from afar. And actually, I used to flirt with you, but I don't think you were even paying attention! You were always cracking jokes and trying to be funny, but I recognized that shy person hiding within. And now, here we are, twenty years later, grown adults, with only this weekend to catch up. A few mere hours to contemplate what might have been. Maybe we should go up to my room and talk about it in private.
Me: Take a number, sister.

- - -

I tried to eat a peach from the backyard peach tree. The ants have almost killed it. I don't think it will last another year. The birds have eaten most of the peaches that DO exist this year.

They're normally the most delicious things you've ever eaten. But I don't think I'm getting any this year.

Some of the fallen peaches have sprouted, and there's a nice two-year old tree that I was going to let grow. But the bugs killed that one this year, too! I need to plant some garlic around it or something.

- -

Q: If one has a 'meeting arranged in advance' with a girl, is that a date?

- - -

Maybe a bike ride tonight! It sure is hazy and ominous looking outside, though.

Have a great one, SPeeps!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUZY6281
    LOVED your conversations! And I'm betting you hear more of the third conversation than the first. You crack me up.

    Oh- and it IS a date.

    3711 days ago
    al another cute and funny blog.i think people will be amazed at your progress and make sure you tell them about us at are trying to better your life and are succeeding at making your body younger no wonder you keep dreaming about when you were younger.about the date yes or no met her and be yourself maybe if it wasn't supposed to be it will. oh and mister you do have a mouth you can ask her on a date after the date not date.or not. i have pity on the dryer i haven't have mine working for four weeks no its not broken just our finances.and the peaches the chipmunks have eaten our tomatoes and cat uses our tomatoes as a toy. no fruits and vegetables for either of us. emoticon keep riding drink water.
    3717 days ago
    Sounds like a great summer weekend with your daughter! (except for the broken dryer) Time to savor the remaining days of summer indeed!

    I'm SO glad you got your ticket to the reunion, and I SO enjoyed the "woulda coulda maybe" conversations. Read these at work on my iphone and couldn't comment cause I suck at texting and I'm DENIED internet access @ work, but reading this blog during lunch gave me Monday smiles. emoticon
    3717 days ago
    Loved the conversation... and looking forward to reports of your reunion away from home.

    As for the date thingy... I haven't a clue anymore in this day and age. I'm completely lost there. Wonder if there is a way to tell?

    Glad you had a good weekend with your daughter and as for the comic book store - I always flocked to only one book every time I ventured there. The Tick stole my heart long ago. Haven't been in a comic book store in ages, so I wonder what the fellow is up to or has he totally gone in to retirement from saving the the world.

    Sparks your way.
    3717 days ago
  • SPARROW147
    You will have a great time. I'm glad you decided to go. I think you would have regretted it if you didn't go.
    3718 days ago
    yea, have to agree, maybe, maybe not.

    How about a definite dunno. :)

    Shoot, I've been on dates I wasn't sure was a date :)

    Good luck either way!
    3718 days ago
    i love, love the conversation that didn't happen number 3. hilarity. i know you will have a good time and regardless of what people say, positive or negative, KNOW that you have done a GREAT job on the weightloss and let that personality shine on through.

    i think your question is a tricky one cause there is no other background information to go by. just based on your question i would have to say no it's not. i think it is also based on how you asked the question? did you pose it as a friend would like hey, we should go for a bike ride sometime and then you scheduled the meeting time or what? it's crazy this dating thing but before getting hopes up or making the situation awkward, you should probably make it clear that (a) you two are just friends or (b) you want to get to know this person as more than just a friend to see if it could lead to something more than platonic. that's my 3 cents. take what you will if any.
    3718 days ago
    Sadly, "No" on the date question. Sometimes you have to have at least three of these "meetings" before you know if it's a date or not.

    On the other hand, what is a date for one could be argued by the other right up until your fifth anniversary.

    Love your musing about the reunion. I can't wait to hear about it.
    3718 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/17/2009 12:39:34 PM
    You never fail to make one smile! I love the conversations, are they possible conversations or just something to made the rest of us smile?

    As far as your question is concerned, it all depends on what it is you are doing, to know if it is a date. Where are you meeting? How did the meeting get scheduled?

    3718 days ago
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