My Face Apparently Tells Lies

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I caught of a glimpse of myself in a mirror I was passing and was so surprised I was scowling. Now don't get me wrong, I certainly look in the mirror on purpose plenty. Call me vain, but I like my face quite a bit, so its not like I'm unfamiliar with the different expressions that can cross my mug.

I wasn't happy, or sad or mad or any particular emotion, just...neutral as I was leaving the bathroom at work. Did a double take, no I definitely looked grumpy. What's up with that? It's not the first time my neutral face has been brought to my attention. Once while minding my own business, walking down the street, a man passing in the opposite direction looked at me and just said quite bossily, "Smile!" I was totally caught unawares and didn't have a witty comeback available in the moment ( I HATE when that happens!) I can tell you I surely had my pissed face on afterwards, because A. I was minding MY business, perfect stranger man should give that a try himself! and B. I didn't have a good retort handy when I needed it.

Now when I'm genuinely happy or angry, I know my face emotes the correct expression. Just ask my son when I see him first thing after school or my SO when something asinine comes flying out of his mouth. I get a happy exclamation of "Mama!" and a running-jump hug. There's nothing better than a full-speed hug from my kiddo. The SO says "Ow, you're burning me with your eyes" at which point I always crack up and I get his happy face in reply. I try the sardonic-one-eyebrow-raise, but I think I just look like I have a muscle spasm. Which is fairly unfortunate as I attempt it at least twice a week.

So I really wonder why my blank face translates to grump? Does it mean I'm subconsciously unhappy and when my mind is unoccupied I express it without meaning to? I doubt it. I'm a fairly contented person. Maybe its an automatic defense mechanism to keep people at bay when I'm in a relaxed state, so they don't come along and mess with me? More likely.

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    WOW!!! This is totally me!! SCARY!! I have been told most of my life that I always have a pissed off look on my face, and that after someone becomes my friend they tell me they were afraid to approach me because they thought I looked like a major Biotch!! I couldn't understand why for the longest time. When I finally realized that I did have a scowl on my face whether happy or sad, I was mean looking. I still catch myself now doing that and I have to automatically smile. It is, I feel, a subconsious thing, something to like you say keep people at bay. I wish I could shut it off. I will work on that. I hope you are able to turn it off too. If you do, let me know how ASAP!!! Visa Versa!! TTYL

    3947 days ago
    Maybe you don't look grumpy...but because you lack a smile..people trnslate it that way. I mean'd look like you were on something if you walked around all day with a goofy grin! Who does that??? LOL
    3947 days ago
    I take a progressive webcam pic every day. I'm always surprised when the camera view pops on screen to see a scowl in neutral.

    Have a good weekend, grump.
    3947 days ago
    Ach, just cheer up, love! emoticon

    Actually, I have been accused of this quite a lot.... I empathise! Maybe we should just embrace our grumpy faces and stuff everyone else.
    Bah Humbug.

    3948 days ago
    Maybe you have one of those mouths that relaxes into a frown instead of a smile. I know I do, because people tell me to smile all the time, when I feel perfectly content.
    3948 days ago
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    A few years ago, I (almost) could have written this blog. I think I saw how I was a negative influence on many others around me. I also had people who told me to smile etc. I am now making a conscience effort to be positive and to try to see the bright side of situations I find myself in. (it is not always easy) I have chosen a few upbeat friends and co-workers who have helped me. (they are not aware of their role). Spark People has definitely been very influential in my transformation. I wish you all the best.!
    3948 days ago
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