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Don't Tell Me THAT!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good day out there, dear Sparkies! Another beautiful day in Paradise, right?

Well, okay. Maybe not Paradise, but close to it. I love where I live. You couldn't get me away from this area with a tow truck.

We get the Times magazine (until the subscription runs out, which we will NOT be renewing), and there is an article in it that claims exercise will not cause weight loss. Only food intake (or not) can bring on weight loss.

Now what IDIOT would believe that?? I'm telling you, it does not take a rocket scientist or even a study (which we taxpayers get stuck for) to know that when we exercise, we BURN CALORIES!

So what happens to our burned calories? Do they just jump back on once the workout is over?? I don't think so!!

I have been burning calories on my stationery bike, the rowing machine, dancing, marching, walking, aerobics, workouts with that nasty Heather and other videos of routines. I have used my big ball and my towels and my workout band.

I have done sit ups, stretches, lunges, squats, weights. I have done Yoga, Tai Chi (not too often with either of these methods of torture), and have gone on long hikes up and down mountains.

I have speed walked through Costco, and ignored the food freebies. I have twisted to Chubby Checker, Shouted with the Beatles, and the Locomotive with Little Eva.

I have gasped for breath, learned that women indeed do more than "glisten". I have sweated.

I am sure I am leaving some things out, but by now you get the jist.

So here this clown writes a full article saying that this will not help me lose weight, but that it WILL make me feel better. We need the author to get on Spark People.

Some weeks I don't lose weight, but I lose inches. Other weeks I lose weight and no inches. Either way, exercise has played a huge role in it.

I don't bounce all over like I used to before I started working out. There is still jiggling, but not bounce! My legs don't look quite as lumpy as before, and my calves are beginning to have delineation. Even my arm flaps are down a full inch, and they are stronger. I have little dents where my waist once was instead of rolls.

My clothes fit me better, and I can stand up and put my jeans on!! It has been years since I could do that. I don't even have to lie down on the bed to zip them up, either! And when I take them off at night, there isn't the wrinkled red line cutting into my skin either.

"This Spark Thing", as I call it, is working. I don't even have nightmares of Heather any more. Miss Smarmy hasn't smirked at me for a while, and Bossy Daughter sends me Spark Goodies instead of lectures. She does, however, sneak in a little cautionary tidbit about my nutrition, but not real loudly.

Last night I turned down a bowl of ice cream from my husband. While he ate his, I did deep side bends. He is a jerk. He does not play fair! He gorges himself on ice cream with chocolate sauce, oreos, BUTTER, chips and dips, waffles and syrup...........he can still get in to his Air Force uniform from 40 years ago. He is disgusting. He's got these long legs, slim torso, and says inane things like "anyone can maintain their weight by only eating when they are hungry". I have gotten quite good at telling him to "Just ZIP it!". And then he gets HIS smarmy smirk on his face. I'm telling you: Life is not always fun.

Today I did my workout. I am sure I lost some weight from it. I will keep on working out as well as eating the right stuff, despite that stupid magazine article. And I will watch the scale become friendlier, my clothes fitting better, and take the weight loss compliments I am starting to get with grace. And then I will put on MY smarmy face when looking in the mirror and say "SO THERE!!".
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Someone ought to send that Times author to a school for dummy's. I wonder if he really believes that or it just seemed like a good article. I hope he never gains weight that he has to try and lose JUST by eating....Sure don't work that way for me.......
    If you don't mind I'll just keep on dancing and glistening with you....
    emoticon emoticon
    3170 days ago
    If exercise doesn't help weight loss, how come when I don't get exercise in, I can't lose weight! LOL
    3170 days ago
    I'm thinking the magazine was having a DUH-DUH-DUHMB moment. Of exercise alone won't make you lose weight. Changing eating habits will greatly help. Exercise will help maintain the weight loss, and help increase the amount of weight loss. Combine both, and one can be an unstoppable weight loss machine.

    How dare he eat ice cream in front of you! That's just awful!

    Keep up the good work!
    3171 days ago
    When you originally told me about the article, I thought it had to be a misprint, like the 52" tv's from Best Buy for 9.99. And just because Daddy can eat like that , doesn't mean he needs to do it in front of you! Tell him to knock it off or you are going to lock up your computer and not give him the password.
    3171 days ago
    It is so true. You can't believe everything you read. Too bad the magazine doesn't have a facts checker then this garbage wouldn't get printed. It is hard to believe in this day and age that something like that could get printed. Unreal
    3171 days ago
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