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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I first want to thank everyone who commented on my previous blog. Everyone was so much help, gave great tips, and made me want to try harder. I stayed on track yesterday with food and exercise until the very end of the day. I had some friends over to play poker and had a couple of beers but I didn't over indulge so I was super proud of myself. I've come to realize I can't give up everything I like, and the more I try to the more I get frustrated and give up. As many people said I need to do moderation. I don't have the willpower like others where I can completely give up my chicken wings on Sundays with Lorena or having a few beers with poker. What I need to do is have my occasionally indulges and then just hit the gym extra. Everything has a consequence so if I want my wings I get to go to the gym. The more I pressure myself to be perfect, the higher chance I'll fail. I need to accept right now (at the beginning) I can't give those things up now. I know now is the best time to do it but when it's leading me to failure because of guilt and frustration then I'm going to try and do this my way.

I also decided after looking at other people's pages I need a definite source of motivation. I needed to find a picture of what I'm working toward. Now I'd love to look like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba but I don't have their itty bitty hips to begin with. I always had a boy till I hit late high school and into college. So now I have huge love handles (well it feels that way to me). And around my hips is where I tend to hold my weight. I still can fit into medium shirts and occasionally smalls, but when it comes to jeans my size leaps up. So instead of picking someone who is stick straight, I went for Beyonce as my motivation. She has shown that you can have have wider hips, but still be in great shape and look awesome. I want to lose the excess love handle weight and then tone up like she has. I put her picture on my spark page and am going to print it out and put it on my bulletin board to remind myself what I can, no what I WILL, look like!


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    Just take it one day at a time and you'll make it!
    3185 days ago
  • TAKEONME48137
    Congrats on the new motivation! I hope it works out for you. Just remember that even if you slip off for a bit, the important thing is how you recover. Are you just going to wallow in self pity? or are you going to say "alright, I screwed up, but next I'm going to do better"? Taking small steps is super important, so if you eat chips and salsa on an outing and then if you refuse them the next outing, give yourself kudos for small successes such as that. Eventually they'll lead to larger successes and overall awesomeness! =)
    3204 days ago
    That is a great motivation! Unfortunately, women were designed to clunk on all their weight at the hips and thighs. I started getting into medium shirts as well while being stuck in 16-18 pants :(. You can't deny things that give you pleasure in eating, that's for sure. You'd get off the diet in no time. I find I can usually work my way around a sinful meal by watching the calories I eat before the meal. Eating high protein, low calorie works good. Veggies and fruits are so low calorie you can fill up with them and have plenty of room for a good fat meal later :) The only thing I have to do is stay away from the buffets and I am good.
    I wish you continued success with your goal!
    3204 days ago
    im glad you're feeling more motivated. ive also made a similar decision... im no longer completely cutting all of my favorite things out. Going out for dinner or drinks a couple times a week is the HIGHLIGHT of my week, why would i want to completely change that? Everything is ok in moderation, and I am willing to see slower progress in order to have a little bit of my life back. im sick of tracking and obsessing so much.. Ive been lagging getting to the gym this week but hopefully i will find some more motivation soon!
    3204 days ago
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