#44: Joy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whatever you do on your journey to better health, take time not to think of the sorrow of tomorrow but the joy of today. May your hearts and minds be filled with thoughts of victory in your quest for weight loss and fitness.

* * *


"Today, whatever may annoy,
The word for me is Joy, just simple joy;
The joy of life;
The joy of children and wife;
The joy of bright, blue skies;
The joy of rain; the glad surprise;
Of twinkling stars that shine at night;
The joy of winged things upon their flight;
The joy of noonday, and the tried
True joyousness of eventide;
The joy of labor and of mirth;
The joy of air, and sea, and earth --
The countless joys that ever flow from Him
Whose vast beneficence doth dim
The lustrous light of day,
And lavish gifts divine upon our way.
Whate'er there be of Sorrow
I'll put off till Tomorrow,
And when Tomorrow comes, why then
'Twill be Today and Joy again!

by John Kendrick Bangs

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