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Weight loss LIARS.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is not a timely post, since all this stuff happened on TV quite a while ago. But it has been bugging me of late. I am so tired of all the weight loss liars out there. I am tired of feeling "set up" by their boasts of instant, mega-success. I'm irritated that no one - - not even some doctors and dietitians - - seems to want to admit the ugly truth about losing weight. It is very hard.

I'm imagining Kirstie Alley, who I've always really liked as an actress, riding the diet roller-coaster for her living now. She loses big, gains it back, and tells Oprah she's on the way back down again, but this time with some "secret system" of her own. What?!? Don'tcha think she'd have LEARNED something from her publicly humiliating experience? Instead, she wants to make a buck off the rest of us, especially those who sympathize with her because we've been there. She's a LIAR. Whether she's lying to herself too, I don't know.

And the newest "Jenny Craig" isn't any better. She looks lovely, but please, she did not do this the way the rest of us have to. And same for all the skinny-mini's who just birthed children, oh, HOURS ago and are already doing swimsuit shoots. I am a little jealous that they look so good, but I'm more ANGRY that they don't admit the ugly truth of what it takes to do it.

And I'm irritated with the dieticians on the morning TV shows who say things like, "just cut out soda and you'll lose 20 pounds in a year!" Because, my friends, I have cut out soda, and it's not like the pounds magically melted off. Perhaps I did not GAIN 20 pounds by doing this, but, if these experts are correct, I should have lost near on 80 pounds just over the past 6 months with all the healthy eating changes I've made. C'mon!! Why can't you just be honest and say quitting soda is a great first step? Why do you have to make empty promises?

The thing it most reminds me of is breastfeeding. (Wait, there really is a connection here.) While you're pregnant, all the books you read, all the friends you talk to, your doctors and nurses... well they all make it sound pretty natural and easy. Yeah, it might take a little time to get in sync with the baby, there might be "discomfort." No one tells you the truth about this very important function! It's really difficult! Not everyone does it successfully! It hurts sometimes! You will feel enormous guilt if you're not sure you're doing it right!

At least there's no multi-billion dollar industry behind the lies about breastfeeding. Just a bunch of well-meaning folks who know it is best for baby. (And yeah, I switched for formula after about 6 weeks with both my babies.)

I guess I don't expect the truth about being fit from Hollywood, or from Jenny Craig. (No offense to anyone out there who is using this tactic - just seems like a gimmick to me.) I expect our well-meaning doctors and dieticians to be a little more truthful though... they SHOULD be upbeat, I think it's great that many are cheerleaders for simple changes. But blithe directives and encouraging myths ultimately are NOT motivators... they do nothing but discourage someone who is in the trenches, waiting for the "magic moment" when that 20 pounds of non-soda plops off you.

Don't misinterpret my little rant. I'm sparking along just fine. I have learned so much from this site and the people on it - - those who are already amazing success stories, those who are well on their way. I am not about to fall for a diet, and I'm never going to be Jessica Alba or Heidi Klum (both great beauties, in my opinion). I'm just a little bit angry these days because I still see newbies posting here with crazy ideas about fasting or starving themselves.

I'm angry that this is going so darn slow too, to be perfectly honest. But I'm NOT giving up. Sparkers are smarter than most of the media would like us to be, and we just have to keep at it. Ultimately, the skinny spokespeople will come and go like they always have - - tales of glory, tales of relapse. If we just hang in there, doing things the right way, we can ignore the manufactured success stories and find our own brilliant, fit beauty.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MOM111555
    i agree i dont think they are totally lieing either. i think if you give up on something like those it wont work. and it is over a year it isent a set thing every month. the keyword it should say is potentially or could lose this or that. sometimes they just dont word it right to get your hopes up. you could always be a minority that it doesent work. it could just one person.
    janet and gina
    3694 days ago
    Like my dad says, You didn't put the weight on over night, your not gonna lose it over night. It takes time thats why I'm doing this one pound at a time!

    Most these people that preach about us losing weight and how to do it have never been fat! They don't have a clue as to what works for each person.
    3704 days ago
    Admit it our Country is lazy. We all wanted the quick fixes and the model bodys. Kirstie and others like her are not good role models for those of us that want to lose this weight with no props. She and Oprah, and people like them are scrutinized if they gain back, because they are in a fishbowl. I myself have chosen after years of wrong choices to simply eat properly.
    Eat less, and make better choices of food. I have followed the eating clean path, and I have never been happier and healthier.
    I did the Nutri system, Weight watchers, they didn't work for me Nutri system, because it wasn't a normal everyday plan, they used THEIR food. Weight watchers gives everything points. So eating 4 butterfingers was 20 points. That was my food plan. I did enjoy WW but I never got to goal. Get rid of the props, the quick loss gadgets, get off the couch, eat properly and exercise, and life changes.
    3707 days ago
    Amen, sister, amen!
    3707 days ago
    Loved everything you said. But I also agree with one of the other posters that the problem is that Americans keep buying this crap and as long as they do the lying will continue. The biggest problem is that everyone loves to believe that there is some "magic pill" that will make all the weight go away. Programs like Jeannie Craig and nutrasystem work great...until you quit buying their food and then (since you learned absolutely nothing about nutrition or fitness) it comes right back. I guess you are supposed to be on their diets until you die. When I have lost weight in the past and people asked me how I did it, I always said, "I burned more calories than I ate." And when I put that weight back on, I knew it was because I ate more than I burned off. In other words I became lazy and went back to my poor eating habits. Yes eating right is vital and cardio and strength training are very important...but it really all comes down to working off more calories than you eat and doing so consistently. It is the "consistently" that is so hard for people who expect instant results to understand.
    3719 days ago
    i agree with you about the gimmick weightloss thing, and no offense to anyone out there though but really? come on! do you really think a pill or shake is going to make you healthy? or even thin? I think like most things, there are gullible people out there and a thousand schemes to take their money. I was lucky, i had my dr tell me when I was really young that the only thing that works is diet and exercise. And it's true. It's pretty slow going, but putting it on probably took years, why would anyone think they should be rid of it so quickly? I think gastrib bypass is a really tough decision and I support anyone out there who makes that change, because just like those of us that do it the "traditional" way, their eating habits change like crazy too, even more so, because it's almost over night! I agree that the media is going to make it seem really easy to lose weight, and celebrities DO lose weight fast, they can work out 24/7 and pay THOUSANDS of dollars on a trainer that is dedicated only to them. I think it's time we ALL got real, it's work, and we should be glad to put in the effort for that work. You're getting your LIFE back, you need to work for it!
    3719 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Great blog! I totally agree! I especially love those "30 ways to drop 10 lbs" lists that tell you to cut out soda, add more fiber, add fish to your diet, drink more water, etc. and I'm left thinking "I do ALL 30 of those things. Why am I not skinny?!" Haha. As for the slowness of weight loss? I am still in disbelief that I've lost over 20 pounds in only 6 months! If you look at my weight loss chart, its following a 1lb a week weight loss track. Slow? Yes I guess so. To me, its crazy fast! Only because I've tried losing weight before and have never been this successful. If you look at it that way, you might start to amaze yourself! You are doing so wonderful. Keep it up and thanks for the great insights!
    3720 days ago
  • SHAY72
    great blog soooo true it;s all about the money this diets & false promises to rid the weight loss with a magic pill or drink it's all lies, it should be illegal to do that but as long as we americans buy into the lies it will continue to happen.
    3720 days ago

    Except for the part about breast-feeding: you obviously didn't have the advantage of a good nurse who made it work for you before you left hospital.

    3722 days ago
    I don't think they're lying: I think these fad diets really DO work. The issue is that they're not a long-term solution. Once you STOP doing them, they STOP working, and therein lies the problem.

    I'm probably considered to be in the "liar" category because I've lost 170 lbs through gastric bypass surgery. However, I chose this because it IS a long-term solution for me, and nothing else was.

    I think everyone has their own journey, but I don't think it's fair to call Kirstie Alley a liar. She struggles very publicly with her weight and has obviously tried many tactics to keep it off. But she's just like the rest of us: trying, tired, battered, and doing her best. I think she deserves support just like anyone else.
    3722 days ago
    Great blog! In addition to lying to those of us trying to lose weight with their empty promises, they lie to those who have never had the struggle and reinforce their thinking that we who struggle are just lazy or don't really want to lose. That infuriates me!

    I agree, this is taking longer than their boasts, but this is the correct way. With SP it is a lifestyle change, it is education, it is camaraderie, and we will be successful.

    ~Joy emoticon
    3722 days ago
    So true. Everyone is looking for the secret to quick weight loss. Healthy weight loss is slow and tedious.
    3722 days ago
    I agree with JAZZMINESUN, there is a multi-billion dollar industry behind breastfeeding, it is called formula. And mililons of dollars are spent convincing people formula is as good as breast milk, maybe one day, but it isn't even close just now.

    Besides that great article.
    3722 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    Weight loss is probably easier for celebrities. They seldom mention their personal chef and nanny who free up hours of their day, or the personal trainer who is at their home to make sure each exercise is done properly. Most regular folk would reach their goals--and maintain them--if they could afford the same help.
    3722 days ago
    So very true! Well, maybe except the breastfeeding thing. Nowhere have I ever heard it was easy, but it didn't stop me from trying, and I am still doing it. I had no difficulties and felt no pain. The only negative is the amount of time I spend pumping at work in the first year. I think that the reverse is true for the nursing scecnario; all the media put out by the formula companies making breastfeeding seem so difficult and formula so easy makes women convince themselves that it's hard even before they try, which actually makes it harder as stress suppresses production.
    3724 days ago
    Thanks for your post. I can agree with all of it, including the Breastfeeding part. When I had my first son, I felt like such a failure. Breastfeeding supposed to be natural and I can't do it? wtf? Anyway, I liked your comparison and appreciate your blog! You have a great mindset. Keep it up!
    3724 days ago
    So true great blog I agree with what you are saying about hollywood and the so called diets that will melt the pounds away Its all a money making scheme if it was so easy we all would be there already I get tired of listen to all the crazy stuff about weight loss
    3724 days ago
    I can relate to everything you just said. Well, maybe not the breastfeeding part, but you know what I mean. :)

    Good blog!
    3725 days ago
    Excellent Blog!!!! BRAVO emoticon
    3725 days ago
    Very well written blog.....I wish it would be published right next to every "diet" ad out would have saved me thousands of dollars over the years....but then again sometimes it's the "years" that teach us!!

    Have a great day!

    3725 days ago
    *stands up* Clapping vigorously! True life changes happen gradually. It takes a long time to create a healthy routine. It also takes a long time for the mind and emotions to catch up to the new person. If a person starts the journey on the right, slow and steady, path=half their battle is already won. No "catching up" to do when you've lost in "miracle time". We've been doing all the work the whole time. Excellent blog! Thanks for giving me some of my mojo back!
    3725 days ago
    Love your Blog! SO SO TRUE!!! Losing weight is hard, but once the weight is off, you get to look back at where you came from and KNOW just how hard you worked to do it!!!
    3725 days ago
    Awesome blog!! So very true!
    3725 days ago
    3725 days ago
    3828 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4288893
    I totally agree with you on this! It has been a LOT of hard work for me to lose this weight and someone on Nutrisystem or something said they lost 40 pounds in 2 months or something ungodly like that!!! WTH?? It's taken me 8 months to lose about 26 pounds. It's frustrating when you see things like that and they make it sound like it was just effortless. This girl said "It just happens".. Whatever!!! I have worked my butt off for this. I'm not giving up though. I'll get there. Just not as fast and I bet I keep it off too... I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.
    3834 days ago
    Rant or not, most of Sparkers agree with you. Hollywood is evil. Since we are born, little girls are thrown all sorts of mixed messages and develop warped body images. I mean really, Barbie is manufactured as a doll to play with and should never be considered a goal weight/measurements. I am irritated with all those stupid commercials where they hype that "I used to be this and now I'm..." that concepts. Really? In two weeks you lost 30 pounds? Just by taking a pill or eating a shake?

    I am proud of myself and my emoticon for getting healthy the natural way--eating right, and exercising.
    3834 days ago
    Well said. I agree and I do find it disheartening when I hear about extreme methods for weight loss here on sparkpeople. The whole point of site is to do things the right way. Now if we could find a way to take down this evil diet industry that's out to scam us. Thanks for speaking your mind on these issues.
    3835 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/28/2009 1:36:33 PM
    Thanks for the rant. Now, rather than doing that, I just have to say "she said it all."

    3836 days ago
  • VALPO1997
    Ah yes the magic in pill, diet, powder, etc etc.... I fell for that for years and wished that the yoga was actually exercise.

    We are wanting it to be easy because it was so easy to put on, but now it is actually work! gasp!!!! Life is hard and staying fit is hard work.

    You are doing great! Keep it up.
    3837 days ago
    I agree!!!!!
    3842 days ago
    Hi! I think everything you have stated are things we have all thought about, and been angry about at one time or another. Thanks for putting it all out there! In addition, something that REALLY bothers me is when a diet commercial comes on and the person says " I used to be a size 10 - now I'm a size 2!" LOLOLOLOL Size 10 is spectacular! If I were a size 10, I would be done dieting, I'd be maintaining! That's a healthy size for the average person. How discouraging - although, most of us know those commercials and products are a bunch of hooey!

    3842 days ago
  • JILL-A
    You are so right about this! And the correlation with Breast feeding is great! Never thought of it that way. I breast feed 2 out of 3 kids and the 1st one was on breast fed for a few days, the second was the worst with sore everything and engorgement that no one told me about but I trudge through it. the third one was easy from my previous experience. I now work at WIC and I am sure to tell those new moms, that are going to nurse, that the first few to may about 8 weeks are going to be hard, but if they can get past that they will be on there way. I think I am going to start telling people that when I talk to them about weight loss too that also! Those first weeks of getting started with weight loss are the hardest but once you are motivated and seeing the scale go down and feeling better.... it gets easier! NOT EASY but easier! (for me anyway)
    3842 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have both been spokespeople for Jenny Craig and Slimfast respectively, and they both said that it is easy to lose the weight when money is involved and you are being paid to do it. However, they both have said that once their contracts were up they put the weight right back on. Joy is currently doing weight watchers if that says anything about Jenny Craig.
    3842 days ago
    Thank you so much for this. Finally the voice of reason!
    3843 days ago
  • no profile photo POSTGIRL3
    Thank you, I am so glad to see that some one feels the same way i do. I ran across a post by Kristie Alley on twitter, i was really taken back by her commets. she is really a sad person, I used to think she was great to, but she is out for the money and has a mouth that would put a swearing sailor to shame.So believe in yourself not any one else. emoticon
    3843 days ago
    Amen! You said it! I think you have just spoken for the majority of us, and may I say, do did it very well!!! I have hit a serious platteau after only 3 weeks of being with spark, but I am still plugging away. I just have to remember it is a LONG HARD journey. Thanks! emoticon
    3843 days ago
    You are so right!
    Besides the television media, take a look at the magazine racks as we check out at the supermarket!!!!
    It certainly is difficult to stick with it, especially when the weight comes off slowly and our patience is stretched. Hang in there - we are all with you in this!
    God has built us amazingly complex bodies that work best when healthy, and He will help us get there!

    3843 days ago
    You said it!!! Truth could make it so easy for all of us. It's expecting the quick results that often gets us to quit before we've even started!
    3843 days ago
    Amen. I love imagining what it would be like without TMZ, People Magazine, Vogue, E-Entertainment, Billboards, etc.

    Oh, the media!!!!
    3843 days ago
    I totally agree with you!! And the soda thing is just annoying. I gave it up years ago, and I did lose some weight when I gave it up, but I was drinking a ton of it. I did not continue to lose just because I wasn't drinking it anymore. People need to be realistic. Thanks for putting into words what I feel all the time about the diet industry. They only care about making money.
    3843 days ago
    I think those of use who have used Spark People for awhile agree with you. Great points.

    The "lose 20 lbs. by giving up soda" thing has bothered me for some time. This only works if you drink large quantities of soda every day. I gave it up years ago, so it is not an option for me. And you are right, it may prevent gains but probably will not cause you to lose weight. I have been frustrated by my relative inability to lose weight for about a year, and I know that I have not been as true to my diet as I should be (to put it kindly). However, I also walk a great deal, and I have come to feel that I would have been gaining weight instead of maintaining were it not for the walking.

    I would never touch Jenny Craig. It is beside the point that I can't afford it. It is not a permanent lifestyle change but rather a temporary fix. Witness Kirstie Alley again.

    3843 days ago
    I totally understand what your feeling, it is my opinion that if you work hard at something, given time, the result will be much more gratifying then any quick weight loss program or diet. You will feel much better about yourself in the end, both physically and mentally. I too am annoyed with the pressure from media and hollywood to look "good". For most of us it is just not possible. Why? because we are real people with real lives, most of us don't have trainers, dieticians, hair and makeup etc. ( hey, most of those pictures are hairbrushed too), we have to fit our fitness and nutrition into our daily lives which can be difficult sometimes,but we try anyway,that deserves a lot of credit, even more so when we succeed. I recently had a rough time in the hospital and now i'm full of surgery scars and have a colostomy, one of the reasons i need to keep my weight at a constant number ( easier said then done), for too long i was down over what the colostomy meant to me in the way it looked on my body, now i realize that should be the last thing i worry about. I'm lucky to be alive, and the colostomy is one of the reasons i am, so i have to worry about my health and fitness and maintaining my quality of life, not what others may think of me. The Spark community has helped me get my priorities straight in a short time, and for that i'm grateful. Concentrate on yourself, be positive, and ignore anything that makes you do otherwise. whether you realize it or not, you have a team of millions who are in the same boat as you, who feel the same way as you and want you to succeed.Good luck to you luv, and God bless emoticon
    3843 days ago
    Love this post. I have been doing things the healthy way. i am frustrated it moving consistently, but I will never give up. I don't want a magic "diet" solution, I want a lifestyle cahnge I can live with. i have SP and it will work.
    3843 days ago
    I love this post this is what it takes to open our eyes to what should be truth emoticon
    3843 days ago
    So True!!! We need to get healthy, not diet. I agree with everything you said. Thanks for writing what alot of us are feeling.
    3844 days ago
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