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What's Your Vision?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday I had my eyes checked and like most people my age, the eyes are starting to get a little fuzzy. I squint, hold things at a distance and usually have to find somebody to thread needles for me. But that's OK. I'm thankful to be growing older.

That's one kind of vision. The one I'm more interested in is where do you see yourself 3 months, 6 months a year, 5 years, 10 years from now? Every morning I read "The Encouraging Word" which is a devotional from Dr. Don Wilton, pastor of First Baptist Church of Spartanburg. He's a dynamic speaker and a great motivator too. Today's devotional is "What"s Your Vision?" It really made me think. I've been trying to workout a way to use my journey to help others who may be in the same predicament. I want to show them how I overcame abuse, depression, stress and obesity and let them know they don't have to stay in their current lifestyle. That's my vision. What's yours? Here's what Dr. Wilton has to say about having visions:

What?s your vision?


When problems arise, our vision is often the first thing to hit the chopping block. That?s because we don?t see life the way it is, we see life the way we are. The Bible says: ?Where there is no vision the people perish? [live unharnessed and undirected]. When God gives you a vision for your life, you begin to see things as He sees them. Moses ?saw? the Promised Land when everybody around him saw only wilderness, wanted to give up and return to Egypt (See Heb 11:27). And He understood that he?d get there on God?s schedule, according to God?s plan, one step at a time. Many tasks seem overwhelming when you look only at their size. But when you break them down into small steps and visualize yourself taking the first step, you?re amazed at your progress. You can do something for a day you wouldn?t commit to doing for a month; ask any recovering addict!

One Christian leader says: ?Vision, like courage and discipline, is a trait that can be developed by anyone willing to work hard at making it part of their every day life.? The poet wrote: ?Two men looked through prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars.? What do you ?see? in your future? Do you think God?s just going to drop success into your lap? No, you must energize your vision through faith and give it momentum through hard work! The Scripture, ?We have the mind of Christ? (1Co 2:16), suggests that God thinks His thoughts through us. What an advantage! Jesus told His disciples, ?Launch out into the deep? (Lk 5:4); as God?s child, the world?s limitations don?t control your supply! So, what?s your vision?

Everyone has a vision. That's why we're all here at Spark-we have visions of ourselves healthier, slimmer, fit and happier. It's one thing to say "I want to do this" but are you ready to do what's necessary? Take your vision and start walking towards it! It may take months even years but it will happen, just don't give up!
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