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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So as of June 8 I was 222 lbs. I was at an astounding Body Fat Percentage (BFP) and I cringed at the idea that I was a 128 lb model-size wearing a 94 lb fat suit.

Well, I was back in the gym. I had 2 hour roller derby practice twice per week, I was at BodyFlow (yoga/Pilates class) 1-2 times per week for 1 hr each, plus BodyPump a weight-training/cardio class 1-2 times per week, and then I added Body Step for a high cardio burn. On my 3rd week of that, 6 weeks ago, I still weighed EXACTLY 222 lbs, I came down off a step after a jump over it, and landed with my ankle turned to the inside (rolled ankle) and I knew I had injured it immediately. My ankle bone (the protruding circular shape on the outside of your ankle) was the size of a large golfball within minutes.

The gym trainer was awesome and within 2 minutes I was up, wrapped and iced, but it didn't help. I hopped on one foot out of the gym about 30 minutes later. I noticed my muscles had gotten cold (I had fallen halfway through the 3rd cardio peak of the class) but I made it to a cab.

I arrived at the ER and as I hopped in through the doors, my left leg started to cramp. Dehydration, cold muscles, whateverr the cause, I knew I had better hop fast and get off it. On my last hop, I felt my left calf muscle tear and I screamed and fell into the chairs in the ER.

The ER said nothing was broken in my ankle and sent me home with crutches I couldn't use. the first week I stayed home with swollen ankle and calf up, iced, and wrapped. I got around the house with ginger, shuffling, steps and a walker to take the weight on my upper body because I couldn't hop on the calf to hop through crutches. I kinda half walked on both injured legs the whole time. I had no choice.

2 weeks in I was crutch free, but still swelling terribly and black and blue. The Calf bled under the skin until my left ankle was puffy from it, and my right sprained ankle was blue from just above the ankle to my toes.

6 weeks later the calf muscle seems healed (though it still bothers me doing calf raises a bit) and the ankle if left unwrapped, will swell and stiffen if used at all, even light walking just in the office. I am going back to exercising but OFF SKATE and LOW IMPACT on that ankle with it wrapped, but I have been seriously depressed over this. I was supposed to play in a roller derby bout (the first with my new team) in September, but if I can't get back to full strength, I'm sunk, *cry*

In diet news, not only was I still 222 lbs on July 6 when I was hurt, but I was still 222 lbs after 4 weeks with light activity and walking only, and no diet tracking.... nothing has changed.

Upon research, I am beginning to believe I have to :

A) respect my PCOS and try to restrict the carbs a bit to reduce the impact on my body
B) release my hard hold on calorie beliefs and go with the higher recommended amounts for my body instead of restricting. I read a very intelligent article that said if I am exercising an hour a day and not eating enough, it's just as bad as being on a starvation diet. My body will think it is starving with not enough food to fund the activity, and it will store up fat as fast as it can to protect itself. So, reduce body fat = reduce body weight with food.

So, off I go again. Will it work this time? Can I lose weight while eating food, or will going back to baby food, sugar free jello and salad be the only way I will get some of this extra fat off?
Or will a low carb plan work? How fast will I see results if I go forward with this plan?

I wish I could afford a nutritionist or a trainer.. I'm lost.

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    Great advice ( from Sparker:, MusicTurns MeOn). Wish someone would tell me that!! With my job, I have not enough time to be as active so I have to watch my caloric intake.

    OUCH!!! So sorry you had to go through all this!!! I had a similar accident at work once and it was very painful. Hope things are healed nicely for you now. Hope you are back with your friends in the Derby. That would be hard to train so much and then not be able to play. from, mcgee
    3188 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/25/2009 2:58:49 PM
    It can be really hard figuring out what works for you. My suggestion is this: If something sounds good, eat it (watch the portions, but eat it). Chances are your body either does need, or thinks it needs, whatever that food items has to offer. This should at least get you out of a starvation mode.
    3232 days ago
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