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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I definitely had another rough weekend. I strayed from the course YET AGAIN. I know on an intellectual level exactly the things I SHOULD be doing to have a better weekend. But then the weekend comes and I don't do those things. Like, knowingly. As in, I make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE not to do them. I'm not really sure what's behind that or what the problem is there.

And really, one of the biggest problems these days is the BEER. My husband and I are good belgium beer drinkers. Like, the stuff that's 10% alcohol. I know it's not realistic for me to think I'm going to immediately cut it out altogether, but I do need to do SOMETHING about how often I drink it--and how much of it I drink. I didn't expect this piece to be such a challenge.

And our really good friends are moving two miles down the road (which is super exciting since we know practically no one out here, and they will BY FAR be the closest). These are friends we do a lot of over-consuming with historically, so I'll admit I'm a little bit nervous. I'm going to have to set some really good intentions and boundaries for myself and REALLY work on sticking to them. I know intellectually that my goals are more important than any good time right now, that I'm happiest when I've stuck to those goals, and that I feel my best when I stick to my goals, when I eat well, and when I exercise consistently. I'm not sure why this spot I'm in presently has me making the choices I know won't make me as happy in the long run.

I don't mean to sound like I'm criticizing myself or whining here either. I'm seriously not in a "beat myself up" mindset. I'm more just looking over it and thinking about it and asking the questions I think come out of that. :-)

Anyway, I'm ready to get my head around that and give myself a good weekend!

Oh, and this air conditioning thing? It's on-going. The thing won't be repaired until Friday. It was, of course, the hottest day of the year here yesterday with the heat index at 100. I know for a lot of areas of the country, that's pretty much par for the course. It's not here. And where I live, we run consistently about five degrees cooler than the prediction because of the elevation and tree cover, which is lovely. We got a little window air conditioning unit to get us through, which is doing a decent job. But I've not been exercising that much because of the heat in the room of the house that I work out in (thermostat says it's 85 degrees up there) and because it's been REALLY humid outside. And knowing that when I come home it's going to be difficult to cool down has left me a really good excuse not to go out and do it. lol. Anyway, my goal today is just to do SOMETHING anyway, whether it's inside or outside. I will absolutely feel better if I do!

Alright, it's a fresh day and I intend to make it a good one. Time to leave that weekend mentality behind and have some good days here! :-)
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  • DEVOND7997
    I really enjoy reading your blogs because though you go through struggles you always have a positive outlook and a plan to keep going. I only hope that you use them for yourself as much as I do to keep you going. Getting out your fears and hopes for yourself on paper or out loud and then putting a positive twist to them is a really great way to stay on track!
    Good luck with your friends moving closer, I know that it is a blessing and a curse all at once. I know that it may be tough at first, but it will soon be the routine to make healthy choices with them. I myself am still waiting for that to happen, as my family and huge potlock get togethers with them seem to be a temptation I can't avoid right now, but each time I just try to stay add one more healthy choice every time I go with them and hopefully eventually it will be only healthy choices that I make. I hope that makes since.
    You are a strong person, and you always have positive advice for everyone that is extremely helpful, take it one day at a time, and remain positive. Remember that changes don't happen over night and even little steps lead to big results.
    3752 days ago
    I think that staying connected though Spark People will help you get through this phase. I know it's really helped me when I was struggling with food and exercise. The heat isn't helping you any right now. I was having the same problem. I finally realized that I could at least get out and walk.

    Hope your ac problems are over soon!!
    3752 days ago
    Hang in there. I hear ya about the heat and humidity. I just put my window a/c in this weekend because it was the first time I needed it upstairs. I have central a/c, but only one register for the upstairs...old home!

    What about the 64 cal beer. Has anyone tried that? I don't drink much, so can't help you much either.
    3753 days ago
    Sorry, I have no advice to give on the beer stuff since I don't drink! It seems to be different than any other thing so ... I got nothin. hahaha :D Hang in there, though! If you keep working on it and trying different things I'm sure you'll figure out what works for you.
    3753 days ago
    I wish you the best with that air-conditioner, as I'm down here in VA and know what a heat wave the East Coast is having right now... Your blog is great, and I love the background! Looks like I could reach out and touch the cloth :) Is there anything better than an ice-cold beer during the summer months? That Belgian beer must be fabulous, too; I would definitely go for some! Alcohol is tricky, though, when it comes to weight loss. It never fails to ratchet my appetite up to "notches unknown," as Emeril Lagasse would say. Limiting intake, too, is tricky, because 1) it's a beverage, and they all go down so easily, and 2) who doesn't have two beers, or perhaps more? No one's managed to extract the calories out of it, either... so see if you can't make an ironclad rule to have no more than two and to always budget it into your calorie allotment. Good luck! - Susan
    3754 days ago
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