Goal Weight ... How sweet it is!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So ... who reaches goal weight on vacation? Apparently I do. I ate well and I exercised every single day. Although, almost none of it was conventional working out (well, except for jogging/running) ... but it was massive calorie burners nonetheless. Dancing is an awesome calorie burner and I did loads of that in Germany and Old Style Weekend! Truth be told, I haven't stepped on the scale since mid July, because I really wasn't sure I wanted to see what that number said - high or low!

I know that right before K's birthday I weighed 167 ... but I didn't record it ... because it wasn't my weigh in day. Then I forgot to get on the scale on Wednesday and there have been very few days I've actually been around my scale in the past three weeks. It was pretty much go, go, go, go, go the entire two weeks our friends were in town. Then it was a little bit of fear to get on the scale mid week last week - so I just blew it off until yesterday.

So ... I closed my eyes when I stepped on the scale. It takes a couple of seconds for the number to register, I turned my head down towards the floor and opened my eyes ... 160.1. I screamed and K came running into the bathroom and looked down at that magical number. He threw his arms around my waist, picked me up off the scale and twirled me around the bathroom saying way to go babe! You did it! It was really surreal - since my husband just picked me up and twirled me around the bathroom without breaking his back or at least hurting himself! That's NEVER happened to me as an adult! Never. I must admit ... THAT WAS AWESOME!

I don't think there was any secret to making goal weight, on vacation of all things. I kept eating green and healthy and I filled my day with activities that burned calories. Eating well is the key to staying healthy and fit, along with exercise. If there's one bit of advice I have for any and all of you ... don't get yourself bogged down on the thought that if it's not in the gym you're not burning calories. If you sight see around a major city and don't walk a snails pace you're going to burn a lot of calories. If you go to a show and see a band playing ... DANCE! You'll have triple the amount of fun and you'll be burning calories. If you've got guests and can't work out in your normal way ... go take a run, jog or walk to get away from the chatter and to get in some exercise for yourself!

This journey doesn't have to be a prison sentence or feel like a punishment or feel like your are depriving yourself of the things you love the most! It can be fun and exciting and adventurous and joyful if you just look at this for what it is! It's a new, better way of life! We all have it in ourselves! We all have the drive and ambition! We just have to be doing it with our eyes, ears and hearts open. There are specific reasons down in the core of each of us that explain how/why we got were we all found ourselves - overweight. So listen carefully, feel intensely, train hard and eat smart. Your goal weight IS obtainable, your perfect body IS obtainable! I and thousands of Sparkers right here at your fingertips are living proof of that!

I guess I can say that from this amazing journey that I've learned how to eat. I've learned what normal portions look like. I've learned that I don't have to clean my plate, if I'm finished and there's still food left, that's ok! I've learned how to make healthy choices even when given too many unhealthy options. I've learned that I have to exercise in order to stay healthy. I've learned that people, however fond they are of you, will never tell you the truth when it comes to your weight to your face, so I have to be my own police when it comes to my weight. Lastly, I've learned, probably the most important lesson of all ... I lost this weight the right way with healthy food and exercise ... so it's not coming back ... because I know how to live now so it doesn't come back!

Thank you to ALL my Spark friends who have made this journey easy and pleasant and fun and exciting and way less painful than if it would have been without you. I do have to single out my Bombshells sisters, though! Andilu, Laura, Blaize, Becky Ann, Rae, TWiG, Liz and my two non Bombshell best Spark Buddies Marina and Candace. If it wasn't for you gals I am certain that I wouldn't have been as successful, motivated, dedicated, confident or committed! You all cheered for me when I was up, consoled me when I was down, prayed for me when I was hurting, motivated me when I thought I couldn't take another minute, forced me to see that being positive is ALWAYS the way to look at things and all of you were true friends throughout the entire process! This is just as much your victory as mine and I gladly share it with you because I know that you were all instrumental in keeping me on track and accountable for the last 7 1/2 months! I am eternally grateful and thankful for each and every one of you! You gals are SUPER friends!

And now that I've basked in the glory of meeting my original goal weight ... I have set a new goal weight ... 150, because I still have a few pounds of fat that either needs to be lost or toned. Making the Cut is going to help me achieve those last 10 pounds in whatever form they end up disappearing and I can't imagine having 3 more awesome gals to be doing it with than Andilu, Blaize and Liz! You ladies totally rock!

Remember ... enjoy the journey Sparkers! Be Positive! Be Strong! Be Confident! Be Committed!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats! You've worked amazingly hard to get there!
    4204 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3078821
    Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Cindy! Way to go!
    4205 days ago
    Well done Cindy! You are really an inspiration - thanks so much for that!

    Lexi. emoticon
    4205 days ago
    Wow. I can't believe how much I've missed in just a fe wweeks.
    Im sorry for being such a crappy SparkFriend, but I just want you to know that I am SOOOO proud of you!
    You did this. You persevered through so much, and I am so happy that you stuck with it and you got there!

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and many others :) You are so amazing!!

    4208 days ago
    I know I have said it a million times, but I am so freaking proud of you!!!!!
    4214 days ago
    Couldn't possibly applaud you enough. Way to go!!! What an inspiration you've been!
    4214 days ago
    Okay- I just can't get over your husband picking you up and twirling you around to celebrate that moment with you! Ya- I would say that would feel pretty damn amazing. :)
    Mine has yet to twirl me- but he can pick me up again (he hasn't been able to for about 10 years) there's something about it that just feels so great.
    Congrats on hitting your first goal weight!!!! I'm just so super happy for you!
    4215 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    You are so good at writing... I'm practically jumping up and down being excited for you!
    Congrats on meeting your goal!
    4215 days ago
    HOOOOORAAAY!!!! I'm so, so sooooo proud of you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Congrats on being picked up and spun around as well, what a great feeling!
    Candace emoticon
    4215 days ago
    4215 days ago
    Whoooo hoooo Cindy!!!! I'm so happy for you!! You've been an icnredible strength and motivator for us all. Your living proof of doing it the right way and enjoy all your glory in making it to your GW. I loved the excitement and having Klaus pick you up and swirl you around. What a great moment!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4215 days ago
    Congratulations on hitting your goal - and best of luck on the new one!

    4215 days ago
    Congrats on hitting that first goal - feels great doesn't it? I've been working at goal #2 for a couple of months and it does get more challenging but I just remember that feeling of victory from that first goal and know I can hit the second. Kudos to you!
    4215 days ago
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