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the jolly farmer....

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is it about our English weather that makes us want to talk about it so much?
A foreigners view of the quintessential English person seems to be drinking tea and talking about the weather....we don' we?

Well... for a start I don't drink tea, never have, can't even bring myself to try the stuff now, don't even like the smell.
I have a little teapot in case we have guests who want tea but it's not used very often as most seem to drink coffee now...I don't drink coffee either!
I'm well aware a lot of people love tea and drink it non-stop so can understand why we are thought of as a nation of tea-lovers and everyone has something they don't like, mine just happens to be tea.

So that's one theory down the drain...and the weather, that's no different.
We do talk about it....a lot!

I was suddenly made aware of this last Saturday when everybody I met said almost the same thing...'isn't it a beautiful day?'
Well it was a beautiful day, but then they almost all went on to say....'makes a change from all the rain we've been getting' or 'haven't we had some odd weather this year?'

And....I suddenly realised I do the same!
I talk about the weather to almost everyone I meet and sometimes it's me that starts the conversation!
Something like 'isn't this sunshine lovely?' or the equally as banal 'looks like rain' or 'cold isn't it?'

Oh! how wonderful the gift they gi' us to see ourselves as others see us.....LOL
It reminds me of a song we used to sing in school...

I know a jolly farmer so ruddy and trim
What 'ere may be the weather 'tis some use to him
Come sunshine or rain it is certain to please
What is bad for the hay is just right for the peas!

I guess I'm quintessential English after all...just with a bit of a slant!! LOL
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