Race for the Cure Double Success

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A year ago I was so excited to be healthy enough to walk in the race for the cure.

Fast forward a year and this year I was a team captain for my company for the race for the cure. Me! Everyone was asking me questions where to go, what to do. That was something my old self would never, ever have undertaken.

The coolest thing for this year though is my 80 year old mother decided in June she wanted to walk the 1 mile too. She asked me if I thought she could do it. She has PPH, high blood pressure, a benign tumor in her ear canal that has dramatically impacted her balance, she is on oxygen and she is very forgetful. I said sure but was very worried about her getting hurt if she tried. She asked her trainer at the gym and they told her to start walking a little bit and add some distance every week. She faithfully went for a walk every day, walking more every day preparing for the walk.

My dad decided he would walk with her (I was quite relieved at that) so the big day arrived yesterday. As I mentioned she is forgetful so while we are waiting around the pre-designated location for the team picture she did not show up. I called their house and her cell phone but didn’t get an answer. My MIL is tall so she stayed there watching for them; I went left and my friend went right. We could not find them. I was worried she wouldn’t find me and not be able to walk her mile.

The race started; runners are off first from the front of the line and the rest of us walkers take out. I am looking around for them and finally see them standing on the sidelines just watching everyone go by. She was so cute; she had on a headband with a rose and a pink sweater (yes it was chilly). She was smiling and holding my dad’s hand. They’ve been married 61 years now. I go over and get them and ask them how long they have been there and she said quite awhile. I was sorry she missed the group photo but glad she was there and okay. They joined in on the race but my mom walks slowly so my MIL and I would walk to the turn and wait on the side for them to catch up. We would see them coming down the street, they held hands the entire way and she had a big grin on her face.

Like an idiot I didn’t remember my phone has a camera or I could have taken their photo as they came across the finish line. I was very happy she was able to accomplish such a feat. A benefit from her walking is that her blood pressure has dropped quite a bit.

Yes, it is amazing that I was able to do this amazing race again; but this year I was more excited that my mom was able to walk that mile than me.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • STEFFI264
    that is amazing!
    I am so excited for you
    I have a whole family I would like to inspire
    but I guess I will just have to keep on trucking til it happens
    4354 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5468515
    What a great story! I'm so glad you wrote about your experiences!
    4364 days ago
    How precious, Marci - you are most blessed.
    4365 days ago
  • JOSSY23
    Oh my goodness Marcy, I shed a tear!
    Congrats to your mum for completing the race and good on you for supporting her and helping her complete it!
    Too many people would have said that she couldn't do it and left it at that, so I am truly happy to see that you and your father stood by her in this! As Char said your mom and you are awesome!
    4365 days ago
    You are amazing! and totally inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work.
    4368 days ago
    Very awesome, what a thrill! You have to be so proud of yourself and your mom.
    4369 days ago
  • FROGGIE13777
    Woo Hoo!!!! Yeah Marci, Mom, Dad & MIL I am so proud of all of you. That is an accomplishment for all but especially the details about your mom.

    But you know she did it the really sensible way!!!! start small, build up, have a goal , keep your focus, everything is easier with a supportive friend and the joy is about the journey!!!!

    That is just great.

    Glad we are friends and you mentioned it on the group chat!!! Thanks

    Have a great evening.

    4370 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1403645
    Your mom is cute! What an amazing experience for you both! Marcy, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! Way to go, Captain!!!
    4370 days ago
  • VICKI103
    Spectacular blog which sums up your super determination that transferred to your dear parents. You can be very proud of yourself and your folks for making the walk and sharing the walk with you. It is good that the walking has helped your Mom's blood pressure as well.
    4370 days ago
    Aw shucks, girl you did not tell my your Mom and Dad were going to be in your team as well. How awesome. I am so thrilled and what a memory for years to come. I am so proud of your Mom and I see where you get your spirit and determination from.

    YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4370 days ago
    Awesome :)
    4370 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4426896
    Like they say, it's never too late.
    I am jealous. I had been planning to do the run yesterday but I was unable to get the day off work. Next year I'll be there with you all.
    4371 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon What an inspiring story about both you and your parents walking in the race. I wish you could have remembered your phone had a camera, too. I thought only I did things like that. LOL
    4371 days ago
    What a wonderful memory to cherish!!! Congratulations on your race and your weight loss. You are very inspiring. emoticon
    4371 days ago
    Congratulations to you and your mother. You both are an inspiration to others on this journey. Thank you.
    4371 days ago
    all I can say is WOW, that is impressive, she will live a much longer and healthier life is she continues. She has put me to shame because it is difficult for me to walk one mile, she inspires me too, if she can do it then I can as well. Tell your mother I said thank you for being so determined and brave to do that walk

    4371 days ago
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