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Dear Mojo, I hope you are enjoying your holiday, but please come back soon!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

So it looks like the holiday has taken a delayed toll on my healthy habits. I guess the combination of being away from SP for 2 weeks (despite religiously logging it all in my little notebook), the slight worry of being over my daily calories, the laziness in pushing myself to exercise EVERY DAY (by pleading I was being way more active than usual and walking lots) and more importantly having to justify myself and my new lifestyle to several people has finally broken the camel's back: this week, I just can not get back on track.

It all started with the body ache from a fully packed suitcase and the accompanying cabin bag (which I could barely lift), then developped into a never-satisfied hunger and laziness with typing it all in. I had every plan to put the 2 weeks of food in, but that has yet to happen...I guess I am scared of what I may find out...
The exercise, I am slowly getting back into but it has been hard, and I skipped the abs on all but 2 days, after doing NONE whilst on holiday. So I guess I'll be back on week 1 of C25K (unless it rains of course ;-) )

I suppose it is good that I can see all that and that I want to kick myself in the backside to get back on the horse because I know both how good it feels AND how I will not get to goal if I eat over and exercise under.

I have no-one to blame but myself, yet I can't help but think about the people I faced in the past 2 weeks and their attitude to healthy eating:

-my fellow SP friend who can and whom I wish I could make see how much I believe she can (even if it is hard at times)... (honey, you CAN do it!!!!and at least you ARE trying, so I'll let you off xx)
- the one who does not believe that I need to lose a little over 6 stones (trust me, I wish I did not, but I do...and my BMI agrees fully)
- the one who believes her hubby feeds her tasty food (he does), has been bloated for years but sees no benefit in monitoring her food intake, relying instead on exercise to keep her trim physique (after a few days of eating poorly I was struggling too...honey you don't eat enough fibre me, I KNOW how hard it is to get 25g per day!)
- the 2 who swear they tried 'everything' to lose weight, which yielded one who has given up and one who eats milkshakes twice a day 'because it's the only way' (Miss number 1, your portions are way out of order, and vegetables would be welcome...Miss number 2, it is not sustainable, and I REALLY thought you were too bright to fall for that trap)

Because of all of that, I am ashamed to admit, I am angry...because I failed to change their view, and I love them all I want them to be healthy and understand that food does not have to rule your life (even if from time to time it still rules mine too...hey, it has ONLY been 2 months!).

So this week I feel lethargic (turns out my iron intake is stupidly low), and bloated, and full of water, and hungry, and tired, and really irritable...and it makes me wonder: how on Earth did I live that life for 9 years without realising the negative effects ?

So I wonder if other people have encountered some people they want to grab by the shoulders and shake them until they see the (SP) light? Or am I the only (slightly smug) one who feels the urge to convert each and everyone?
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    "Be the change you wish to see in others."

    Sometimes we have to find our own example and follow it. Whether others choose to follow - or not - is out of our control. Do what makes YOU happy, makes YOU feel good and don't let the other details bother you.

    I'd sure like my mojo to come around, too. It got scared when it saw my final exams looming and hasn't been back since. The stress has been rough and I really need to get back on track! ~ Trish
    4020 days ago
  • CESAU5679
    I'm going on a trip soon to see family and friends that I haven't seen in maybe 2 years now and I'm really stressing about the "talks" and "behaviours" that I'll have to encounter. I'll be taking my own food (and I can see how that's gonna be a problem) so that I don't have to worry about my calories but then what else will I have to do with these people? Most things (social get togethers) revolve around food, right? I miss my loved ones so much but is it really worth the effort? (and pain they cause)

    Give yourself the time you need to come to terms with things. SP is great at always being there when you need it.
    4020 days ago
    Great blog.

    I definitely had the same problem this past week coming home from vacation. I have been tracking everything for over 3 weeks then all of a sudden, with the whole family around taking up a lot of my time, I stopped. Completely!

    I binged out on a bunch of junk, too. But, that's ok. I did it and it's over. I ran yesterday, am going swimming tomorrow and did all my strength training today. I am tracking everything today. Period. I am making new goals, refreshing my page and everything here on SPARK. I took a break and now I want to come back full force!

    And about spreading the SPARK: When people ask, I tell them. It was really the right thing for me. There are lots of people I would love to see get fit and healthy, but I know I am only doing it for me and they will only do it for themselves. So, yeah, like others so gracefully said before me, plant the seed and continue to thrive. Lead by example, even if there are no followers. You never know when your influence may SPARK them into action!

    I mean, it could be years down the line (or never). I have a friend who came for a month in 1999 to visit me in France. Amy loved sheep and travelled the world working with them. She was so *strong*. Real muscles and running with my Husky in the woods. We've lost track of one another on a regular basis but she continues to inspire me all these years later. (She unfortunately does not run any longer due to knee injuries, I believe...but her SPARK burns in me!)

    Think of all the people who have inspired you...dig deep. You may be surprised!
    4020 days ago
    I think things are always easier while you're away flushed with your news and with people recognising your progress. Coming home it's back to the daily grind and it is just you again. You're having to fall back on your own resources and without the audience. It's going to be tough, but actually you're forgetting that you've been away, you may not have exercised as much as you'd wished BUT you squeezed some in and you still lost weright!!! Plus, I know from when I used to run regularly, starting again after a short break feels tough but is never ever as bad as the first time. Your body will remember and you've already proven you've got the resources and drive to do it ;-D

    I think you also maybe need to focus on yourself rather than being irritated with yourself and then worrying about other people and their eating habits. Said with a big smile!!

    IMHO and from many blogs I've read here on SP people, being human, people just `aren't ready until they're ready' !

    I don't know about you, but I know from experience that when you're not ready or, nearly [but just not quite ]ready, having other people eulogising about their weight loss programme - however well intentioned - can be hell on earth and just another reason to beat up on yourself. Plus, who wants to be guilt tripped. That style of motivation doesn't come from within and doesn't last . We all need to find our own way and what works for one doesn't always work for others because luckily we're all different.

    When they're ready they'll be asking for your help. Until then, as someone else said, lead by example by `showing rather than telling'. They'll really appreciate that.

    Meanwhile, `keep your chin up' as we Brits say. YOu're on track and doing fantastically well xxxx
    4020 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/10/2009 5:07:54 AM
    Now I find coming back from trips is really difficult and frustrating regardless of what success the trip was (and it's sometimes worse when it has been a success rather than downfall!). You'll be ok in no time.

    And as for other people - we cannot change them, just tell them a word or two... and it's up to them. It is interesting though what kind of excuses people will come up with... very interesting.
    4020 days ago
    I've tried to explain to those who ask or notice my weight loss/different approach to diet and more, but in the end most take the advice and continue on their way. I can only hope that I have planted a little seed and with time, when they continue to see the benefits I am blessed with in return, something in them will click.

    It's hard to find the trigger to get started. I myself struggled with the weight I had gained after my Mom's passing and although I was happy in other areas of my life I wasn't fully happy or living the life I wanted and knew I could be living. My daughter, my husband and the time we spend together was my trigger.

    Let your friends in on the changes you notice physically with how you feel and how you feel when you aren't able to keep up with your routine or you have the occasional fall off the wagon. Let them hear about the physical changes that happen as a result of taking control of your life and maybe in the end, little by little they will come to you and ask about that site you found or if you could take them under your wing and help them get started.

    We can never force... we can lead by example. We always want our friends to be healthy and happy... if we didn't then what kind of friends would we be? Keep sending good energy and thoughts there way.

    4020 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Good luck with C25K... I know you'll do great with it!

    I agree with the others. I know that you couldn't have convinced me a couple of years ago to try something like this. I just wasn't ready. Hopefully your friends will be ready in due course, but maybe they just never will be. My aunt buys reduced fat peanut butter (from 15 grams to 12 grams) that has MORE calories, SUGAR, and hydrogenated oils, and she refuses to buy natural peanut butter because of the extra 3 grams of GOOD fats.

    But cheers to your mojo! I know it's coming back!
    4020 days ago
    You can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Unless you were offering up milkshakes and what horse wouldn't partake. Everyone comes to that crossroad and will have to make their own choice once there. Motivation works best from the inside out. The outside in method wastes your time and tunes them out. You'd be better off praying for them during your next workout. I like what Gandhi said "Be the light you want to see in the world." When they see you all glam maybe they'll reconsider their choices...maybe they'll order fries with that shake. Either way, you'll still be glam and inspiring others. Good luck and way to go with the pinball wizards. emoticon
    4021 days ago
    I've talked to folks about it and 2 have joined, but really it all comes down to them. I will never be the one to preach to someone about their habits or lifestyle. I just keep up what I'm doing and let them see the results for themselves.

    I hope you get your mojo back, soon!! Bummer that it took a longer holiday than you did!
    4021 days ago
    I have told people about this website and how wonderful (and addictive) it is. But have not been able to convince anyone it it is worth getting to know.

    The best way that I have found to influence people is by doing what works for me and being very happy with it. Then people start to see that there is a different way to go that might work for them.

    Good luck and enjoy the process as much as the results. Everyone else will figure it out for themselves when they are ready to.
    4021 days ago
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