The batteries have died!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Around here i am considered the energizer bunny at least by my son and husband. I have been pretty much layed up for the past 4 days. Oh I still wake up and do my job as Day care lady and the usual mommy and wife duties because with out me who knows what will transpire. Back to being layed up I have endometriosis and I mean bad. I am going through perimenopause so the last few months have wrecked havoc on my body. I had a period on July 20 - 25 and ended up starting again this week on Aug 4. Between the cramping headaches bloating and throwing up I have been dealing with being so dizzy that a few times when I have stood up I have all most passed out. On top of all that my 23 month old has been confusing her day and night time sleep patterns so guess who has been up with her most nights till 1 am or so You guessed it me. Well this morning when I looked at the kitchen sink and saw all the dirty dishes that no one knows how to do I almost snapped. Its bad enough that I have all this crap to deal with and on top of that I have to deal with a lazy 14 year old and a lazy 47 year old. I have decided that the energizer bunny's batteries have died and I need a break.
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    **Julie throws her arms around you, and gives you a GIGANTIOUS hug**

    Oh Lou! I'm sooo sorry that you are going through this!!! It sounds like you've lived a nightmare, this past week...

    You know... I live this same situation, every day, so I won't even bother to say some of the things that I know in my heart, will NOT work! (In my world, it seems that talking goes in one ear, and out the other... and in reality, waiting for the work "to do itself," just never happens either...Am I right?!?! *LOL*)

    What does work, is this... Simply do whatever makes you feel better, and just enough to get YOU through this situation. Here are some suggestions for moments like these...

    1.Tell the 14 year old to do the dishes.
    (And remember to threaten the consequence of *one WEEK of dishes, if they don't comply*... I'm sure they will be more than happy to do them then, and ESPECIALLY after receiving this particular consequence a couple of times!) They may complain, but they WILL KNOW you mean business!

    Or, you could also give them a certain amount of money to do several chores around the house, and free yourself of having to do everything while you're not feeling well.

    2.Plan a nice warm shower, with calming music. This will help with the *STRESS*, and sooth any uncomfortable symptoms.

    3.Watch a great movie, or read a great book.

    4.Before you go to sleep, pray, pray, pray.

    5.Cry if you must. It does help!

    6.Vent to a friend... I'm always here for you, anytime!

    7.Call out for pizza...

    8.Try to get a little more sleep, even if it's only for a half hour. Your body could use the extra rest to heal.

    9.Sit down with a notebook and write... whatever you want... poetry, stories, or maybe even a reward system for your new healthy lifestyle, and all the things you do around the house! The possibilities are endless, and it will free your mind and spirit.

    10.Work on a craft, as you rest in bed.

    This is just a short list, but whatever you do, eat healthy, because you need the extra nutrients, and vitamins, right now. In the long run, this will make you feel much better, plus, it will help you reach your goals! Just doing a few of these things will help you get through this tough time!

    I'm thinking about you, girl!!!!
    Love, Julesy
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    I think you need to lie in bed for a longer period of time and you need to let your family know that you are taking a vacation, and that they can do the things that you used to do during that period of time, such as wash the dishes, etc.

    Hope you get well soon. When was the last time you saw the doctor?

    4184 days ago
    Woo Si! Its a saying in my circle of people that we say when someone who is upset, just take a moment and breath, so the negative energy that have taken you there can settle. Calmy tell (I said tell not ask) the lazy 14yo (in my house its a 6, 17, and 40, and you best believe, gender doesn't make a dang difference. I think we all have them, don't we ladies?) to do the dishes. Give the baby to the 47yo, and you go into your room, and take a moment for SECONDXAROUND. Actually, actions may need to be taken for you to exit the house, and find a "gurl friend" house to indulge the comfort of serenity, if she isn't available, a hotel is deserving for the evening. With all the other issues going on physically, working out isn't an option. You just need to take a moment out for SELF. As my mom always said, if you don't take care of you, who will? You deserve that break today. Tomorrow, find a BodyCombat class (that is what its called at my gym), and pretend your targets are the 14 and 47yo). The baby ain't ready to be in that category, but its coming soon. Its just human nature.
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  • SUSAN134
    Oh dear...yes, you need to stage a strike! Hopefully if you suggest to your hubby and son that you need help with the dishes, etc., they will do so. In my own personal experience, I've found that my family got so used to me doing everything that unless I asked for help, they just didn't think of it. Hard to understand when there were no more clean dishes or clothes left.

    Good luck to you!
    4184 days ago
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