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Thursday, August 06, 2009

I just got in from my outside run for the week. I didn't actually get out until after dark at about 8:45 so it was a short run, but it was definitely a high quality run. I ran 1.25 miles in 12 minutes. That's amazing!! First of all it's the longest distance I've run outside without stopping. Second, that's a 9 minute mile pace! Sure, I felt like yakking for the last couple blocks, but I pushed through it. Of course, it didn't help that I forgot to grab my bottle of water on my way out the door. It's somewhat amazing to much harder it is to run outside than it is on the treadmill. It makes sense, but damn does it make me feel like I haven't made much progress. Of course, the fact that I can run ONE AND A QUARTER MILES WITHOUT STOPPING is HUGE progress since before this I couldn't make it 1.25 blocks without wanting to keel over. But when you go from doing 3 - 4 miles a day on the treadmill, 1.25 miles seems like nothing plus it requires twice as much work. I'm very proud of myself though. I'm going to try to make it 1.5 miles on my next outside run.

I bought some new yoga/ running capris from Old Navy tonight. They're sweet moisture wicking pants, and they're super light. They're awesome except I bought a large, and they were actually sliding off when I first set off running! They're loose through the butt and thighs. How awesome is that!? (They do stay up okay though once I start sweating and they start sticking a little though so I won't bother exchanging them. My best friend works there so I can get them on discount from her.)

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    wow how you feel emoticon
    3269 days ago
    What an awesome time! That is a killer mile. I run on a treadmill and I am looking forward to/dreading my transition to outside. lol How exciting about the capris! I bought a large last week and I have been mostly wearing XL so I know the feeling!
    3269 days ago
    Awesome work! 1.25 miles without stopping! I am so impressed. I love running outside! It is harder but I really like it! Sounds like you do too.
    3269 days ago
  • JME1631
    AWESOME!!! Such a great feeling to be proud of yourself! You will be logging miles outdoors in no time. Keep up the great work! YOU CAN DO IT!
    3269 days ago
  • -STINA-
    Awesome!! I bet that feels great!! :)
    3270 days ago
    Yes running outside is a WHOLE different world. I was purely a treadmill runner until late June when I started running with that CARA group I told you about. I was doing a good 3 miles on the treadmill and we did 3 sets of a half mile our first time out. I thought... psh, too easy. I was DYING. I felt so incredibly discouraged and pathetic at first. It got easier though as I got used to it. A word of advice... our training leader told us if you put the treadmill at about a 1-1.5% incline it more closely mimics the difficulty of outdoor training conditions. So I've been doing a bit of an incline when I run on the treadmill now to push myself a little more so it's not as tough when I go for the outside run. The incline sucks at first because obviously its harder so you run less haha, but it's a better workout. PLUS my trainer recently told me the more the incline the better your booty is gonna look!
    Anyway excellent excellent job on the outdoor run tonight. Stick with it and you'll be doing a few miles outside in no time once your muscles get used to it!
    3270 days ago
    That's awesome progress. Keep up the great work! :)

    - Josie
    3270 days ago
    Congrats on the run! How awesome. Don't be so hard on yourself though comparing the treadmill work to the outside work; you're right, running outside is physically harder on your body, so it is a HUGE accomplishment. My cousin was running outside every day and had to stop b/c her knees were hurting her(and she is really really really skinny.) so just be careful not to be TOO hard on your body! That is seriously so great that you did 1.25 miles in 12 minutes. woooo! You should feel so proud of yourself girl! Keep up the awesome work!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3270 days ago
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