Temper Tantrum!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Boy did I ever have one last night!

It was one of those days. The night before last, we discovered the air conditioner was suddenly on the fritz. By the morning, it was pretty hot and humid in here! And then a whole string of things happened--none major--that went wrong. Our dog's skin condition, which we thought this mucho expensive food had finally cleared up, resurfaced, more talks about the inlaw stuff, husband has a late-night coughing fit, fitful sleep, terrible, terrible dreams. And then I spent the day painting and DRENCHED with sweat from the heat in the house--only to discover the paint won't fully dry, it's so humid! And the air conditioning? Not fixed. We're looking at Friday, at best. And before having done a single repair, our bill so far is $189 (that's just for having the guy come out and say "yep, there's a problem."). All of those relatively minor frustrations added up to me in one big heap of stress last night.

So I confess I didn't handle it well. I handled it with beer and pizza! I wish I'd been of a better state of mind and could have rationally realized that abusing my body wasn't going to make any of these frustrations go away or make any of these stressors any less... well, stressful. But I didn't. I wasn't in that state of mind. I was in a state of mind where the only rightful cure seemed to be beer and pizza. Whatever. I did it, it's over and done, and I'm over it. I'm moving on and back on track this morning, and that's what counts. I don't feel like it's likely I went SO terribly over my calorie range--not like those couple weeks in July, anyway.

And I'm frustrated with myself that I've been so worked up over the AC not working. I mean, people lived for centuries without air conditioning. And people still do. It's the combination of being frustrated that a stupid appliance has this much bearing on my comfort, and that I sweat more than any human should already--let alone when it's 88 degrees and humid. I'm almost... frustrated with myself for being frustrated. ha.

Anyway, I'm going to suck it up. Today the goal will be to keep cool both in terms of my temperature and my temper. And drink more water since I didn't drink NEARLY enough yesterday to make up for the fluid loss--AND decided to drink BEER on top of THAT. Today WILL be a better day because I'm going to make it one. No more temper tantrums. And next time, may my temper tantrum take the shape of a good workout and a cold shower--and NOT beer and pizza, ha.
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    I know I hate heat and humidity too! So far this summer I have hardly used my central A/C and I usually have a window A/C in my bedroom, because my upstairs only have one old it doesn't cool the upstairs. I haven't even put that in this year because we are having such unusually cool weather. Of course, I see we do have a heat wave coming in this weekend...I maybe dragging out the window A/C

    I try not to paint in the summer because of the humidity. I have a spare bedroom I need to finish...I started it in Nov when it was nice and cold and dry. I couldn't finish it then because I hurt my back. I did some painting in June and now just need to finish some trim. Talk about procrastination!! My bathroom is next on the list for a new paint job!!!
    3749 days ago
    I bet you burned a TON of calories painting, too!! DRINK THAT WATER! :) Hang in there!!!!
    3749 days ago
    You are being your own 'voice of reason' that's so awesome and powerful! If you can talk yourself off this ledge you will succeed with the others to follow too.

    Your mind is getting stronger and stronger - while your body is shrinking - GREAT COMBO!
    3749 days ago
    Thanks for your honesty. The great thing about Spark People is that we can share both the good and the bad.
    3749 days ago
    Seriously, NOTHING affects me like the heat and humidity . . . so my reaction to an AC outage wouldn't have been that different than yours. And really, sometimes beer and pizza is okay, in moderation.

    Hope your AC is fixed soon, and that you can get back on track!
    3749 days ago
    I like to tell myself to use my successes to motivate me, my setbacks to empower me! It tsounds like this is exactly what you are doing! You can't change the past, but you can shape the future.
    3750 days ago
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