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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This is where I'm at...what do I do?? I had my weight goal set at 164, which is at the top of my range for my BMI. I even started this journey with consulting my primary doctor...He told me initially that he would be happy if I made it to 200 lbs. I started this journey at 240.6 lbs, now weighing in at 171. I visited my doctor last week & he told me to get to 170 and stop if I chose to because of my body structure BUT he would prefer if I could get down to 160...He gave me a note for WW so that I may make Lifetime at 170...I have been having a rough time getting fully back on track after a whirlwind of eating the week of July 4th...I've been doing well this week with a few minor slip ups. Basically, I have been maintaining, with a small loss this week. I just don't know what to do...I say that I am happy where I am but deep down inside, I am wondering what if I made it to 164...Is it just a number?? Currently, I am wearing the size that I dreamed and longed to wear (size 10) and I even can fit into some small shirts!! That's another thing, my body is pear shaped, therefore I lose more on the top than on my bottom area. I don't want to be any thinner on my top and I can't tell my body WHERE to lose the weight!! Essentially, I need to make a sound decision...Do I maintain at 170 OR continue to the 160's?? What's a girl to do?? Looking for input from my Spark family...Thanks!!
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    I used to have a pear-shaped body, but recently with all of the weight lifting, swimming, and kayaking, now I wear the same size shirts and pants.

    Also, I think spinning class is whittling away my hips and butt. (but in a good way - they have more shape now)

    So perhaps you could try building your upper body more? And doing different cardio?

    Just a thought...

    Anyway, I'm starting to think I might not get to my weight goal of 150 with all this muscle on me, so I'm going to stop if I get to 25% or less body fat, no matter what the scale says...

    The deal is to find a healthy shape and size for YOU, which will allow you to have quality of life for a long long time. :-)

    So in the end, that's the bottom line, despite what anyone else tells you!
    4119 days ago

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    personally I feel like there are more important factors than what the scale says. First and foremost your happiness is what is most important. If you are happy with yourself where you are then I say stay there, perhaps shift your focus to some new goals like toning, or a fitness achievment of some sort like running a 5K (whatever interests you). More so than just a diet this is a life time commitment to health that doesn't stop when the scale gives you a happy number. I can really relate to your dilema, how do any of us really know when to stop or what is a "good" place for us to be. For me I have a goal size I want to be, but I also want to be toned and lower my BF%. I'm about a size away from my goal size but I know I wont stop there as far as fitness goals :) Best of luck :)
    4119 days ago
    What They Say "Two Great Minds Think Alot"

    I Honestly went through Exactly what you are experiencing now.

    When I reached close to my Goal weight It seemed like my body just got comfortable to that number but in actuality I wanted to get to my Goal weight(high end).

    I was not happy cause I didn't want to be inbetween sizes.

    I wanted to finnish what I had started. I remember feeling like this is never going to happen. Going to the Doctor thought entered my mind, then I thought I was selling myself out.... lol

    with all that going on I had started Training for a 5k so that helped me to keep pushing onward.

    My Top half has gotten even smaller than my bottom half.

    Funny Thing to add, I went for a bra sizing and the lady said the shirt I was wearing was too big" so she gave me a T-shirt to try on with the bra. It was a size S I was humbled and said " I don't wear a Small she said" yes you do"

    You Do What Feels Comfortable for You.

    on what you have Achieved !
    4119 days ago
    I would say whereever YOU feel comfortable. Only you can make that determination not some scale that the doctors use. Congratulations on your great weight loss
    4138 days ago
    I appreciate your conumdrum!

    My suggestion --- take the pressure off, and give yourself the time to adjust and ENJOY being 170 pounds. Its an enormous change to go from 240 to 170, and that tugs at you emotionally,mentally and spiritually. Hey -- its even a lot for your body physically to process and accept as being "the new normal".

    Become comfortable in who you are at 170 pounds, and then see if your body wants to go down any further. Just give yourself a chance to adjust on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to this wonderful change.

    Ultimately, look at your options. Right them down in one simple sentence on separate pieces of paper (Eg. 1. Stay at 170 pounds; 2. Keep going into the 160's) and when you haven't been thinking about it, stop and quietly read each one, and see if your intuition, your inner voice tells you which one to go for right now.

    Congratulations too... for everything you've achieved for yourself!
    Blessings, Nadine

    4138 days ago
    I tend to rely on my doctor's word alot. If he told me 160, I'd shoot for it. But in the end it is your body and you know what it needs. If 160 is impossible to maintain for your body, go back up to 170. Great job on the weight loss! I had a similar SW. Good to see it can be done. I'm shooting for 200 by Christmas. Wish me luck! emoticon
    4138 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I'd say go for 170. Hang out there for a while. See if you can maintain it without driving yourself crazy. See if you're able to eat the way you want to.

    Then if you're motivated, you can always pick a new goal to work towards.
    4138 days ago
    I have a goal in mind as well and I know for a fact that when I reach it I will probably be excited to lose more... but by that time I will be at a healthy range and I don't want to be too skinny for my body. My mother gave me and my sisters big thighs and little torsos and I think I would look odd if I was just like a stick instead of my regular pear-shaped self... so I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I do reach that goal. At that point it will no longer be about shedding pounds but about keeping my heart, body, and soul healthy and strong for LIFE... keeping up with those good habits and routines, and not going too overboard I guess. I'm not sure. I wish the best of luck to you and hope that you can make the decision that makes you happy. Just don't get out of hand and keep in touch with your doctor, that's all you can do! Congrats on your weightloss, by the way!!!
    4138 days ago
    I have the same body type and I currently weigh about 170. It seems the more I lose, the more my chest disappears...rather than my hips/stomach/rear-end. I am shooting for 155 - I am 5' 9" tall - but I know what you mean. I am pretty happy where I am at...although I am wearing a 12 and want to wear a 10 like you. I have been within a couple pounds of where I am for the past few months, which is SO FRUSTRATING! I am hoping to lose more since I started doing Zumba 6 days/week...but we will see.

    I think I would try to get to your goal weight since that is what you set out to do...but that's just me and I am a bit of a perfectionist!
    4138 days ago
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