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Home at last!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So I had been worried about spending 2 weeks away from home (not least because I was abandoning my chili toddlers (only about 2 inches tall) to the care of various plant-sitters), away from SP, away from my Wii Fit to be potentially force-fed the tasty local but figure-destroying delicacies, with little to no time to exercise.

In the past my will power has let me down in situations like that.

To look back on the holiday, I will start by saying that I am very glad to now be home, but at a complete loss because we now don't have a car and shopping for my usual glut of fruits and vegs is going to be a challenge....but there is no way I will do without!

I have tried to be good most of the time, I diligently recorded every bite, every morsel, every crumb, I had treats, I made some bad choices and some better ones and by the end of week 2 I was getting genuinely upset at the lack of exercise I could fit in. As a result, it looks like the Karmic Postman took pity and allowed me to see a loss of nearly 2kg over the holiday... I am very happy with that...and ready to get back into my stress busting routine of healthy eating and did I miss it.

As I am yet to type the little notebook of food notes that represents the last 2 weeks, I don't know how well I managed with calories just yet. I suppose it was a good experience, to be forced to eyeball portions a lot and guestimate on the better option for 2 weeks. But I learned a lot of other things...

Fibre matters: Reduce your fibre intake and your insides will most definitely NOT thank you! Although I did well on week one by planning ahead and bringing my food along, week 2 gave fewer opportunities and my digestion became very sluggish (to not get into the gory details of constipation)...I can not wait to get back to my normal diet!

Water is your friend: with a lot of travelling (we clocked in over 2000 miles in the 2 weeks) it became difficult to stick to my usual 8-10 glasses per day for fear of too many stops...needless to say. that added to the lack of fibre too and I now have a sore head and really spotty skin...lesson learned!

Portion distortion is everywhere: We ate out a few times and I realised there is NO WAY I can still scoff a standard size portion. In fact on several occasions I served myself a plate that looked 'reasonable' only to have to beg BF to finish it for me as I struggled after eating about 2/3. The true moment of realisation came at a friend's house, where I could not bring myself to pull out my trusted mini-scales at breakfast having seen all the family members help themselves to what must 3 TIMES the recommended serving size. I did not want my friend to feel bad. In hindsight, maybe it would have been her light bulb moment and the ideal opportunity to spread the spark...

Love markets: whenever we ended up in town I made sure to check out the markets for delicious fruity bargains...I even took a crate of peaches to the show, but few people took my offer of having one, so we ate it (with great pleasure) between BF and myself! Blueberries by the punnet, fresh broad beans, juicy tomatoes and greengages were a few of what we gorged on.

Snack smart: for the journey (all 15 or so hours of it) I had packed plenty of food that was tasty and healthy...cut up stick of carrot, cucumber and fennel, cauliflower florets, nuts, meat, fruit, yoghurt, water and delicious home made banana bran muffins. I had brought some boy snacks too (crisps, chocolate, etc) but much to my suprise, some of them have even come back!! BF much preferred tucking into the fresh goodness too! For the show I indulged in one of my favourites: hummus (low fat) with a great big bag of carrot sticks (thank you british supermarkets for doing the peeling/chopping for me), but also cooked chicken and wholewheat bread, and dried raisins with cranberries.

Stay focussed: one of BF friends I had not seen for ages has lost about 6st. We did not know the details but as she is one very sensible woman I figured it must have been WW or Slimming World or something like that. What a surprise it was to discover that she had in fact followed a high protein shake powder diet, and, a year into maintenance was STILL relying on those milkshakes to keep her in shape (yet she had put 10 lbs back on to 'not look so aged'). I felt angry, disappointed, and desperate to spread my spark, but she did not appear all that interested, so I left it there, sad in the knowledge that she does not know how to cope with real food yet, so will spend her holiday in Spain only eating real food once a day. I did a brief (and costly) course with Lighter Life a few years back, so I know both the attraction of rapid weightloss and the unsustainable nature of this diet in the 'real world'.

And the result of all this? I am more determined than ever, I enjoyed food that I would not normally eat (so long, peanut butter kit-kat, it has been fun), and yes, to be frank, I do feel quietly confident and even rather smug that 'I've got IT'...I could see eveywhere the damage caused by poor diets, I missed exercise, and thanks to squeezing in some early swimming/running during the show I had irritating levels of energy where the rest of the crew (except for BF, who came training too) was flagging.

So no more blogging today (but I have at least ONE funny story to share) as I need to get on my bike and fill my panniers with fresh goodness...but I'll be back soon!
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  • KYREE90
    They make Peanut Butter Kit-Kat bars? Mmm! emoticon

    Just kidding. It's great that you actually LOST weight while on holiday. Not many people can say that. And you were actually upset at a lack of exercise ... It goes to show that you're well on your way to making a true lifestyle change.

    Keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4022 days ago
  • KARVY09
    But how was the pinball?

    Excellent tips, and you should be very proud of yourself to have LOST weight, when for most people it is a struggle to maintain weight loss while on vacation!

    Glad to have you back, hun!
    4022 days ago
    I'm so inspired by your blog and all that you learned on your trip. How was the tournament, btw?

    It sure sounds like you made a ton of healthy choices and and several eye-openers with regards to portion sizes.

    I can't wait to hear more and am glad you are back! We had to cut our trip short (6 days, not 30) due to an accident on a basketball. I feel even better about being a wimp! (More information on my last blog...)

    Happy veg hunting and chat with you soon.

    Cordialement, Rebecca
    4022 days ago
    Welcome Home!!!

    Your vacation sounds like a self-test to measure all your healthy habits and you passed with flying colors! I loved reading the account of your trip and look forward to more. And I totally agree with every comment, especially the rapid (gimmick) weight-loss and the portions.

    DH and I visited friends a few months back and I practically had to leave the table. The food piled on those plates and wolfed down without so much as a pause was sickening.

    But I digress. I missed your posts and updates in your absence and I'm glad that you had a great trip. ~ Trish
    4022 days ago
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