Who the heck is that?!!?

Monday, August 03, 2009

oh...wait...that's me?!? No flippin way! Once upon a time, a little girl went hiking with her family and new puppy and discovered she was FAT!

I'm all of 4 feet 11 inches tall but no one ever seems to notice, any time I mention my height I get "No way! I thought you were taller" I have what has lovingly been called a big personality. Or to use a particularly annoying descriptor; I'm scrappy. I don't back down from much of anything, or anyone once I've set my mind on a course of action. In fact, I don't think of myself as short (except for attempting to buy an adults bicycle and being forced to buy a girls UGH) Prior to my hiking adventure which I'll get back to momentarily, I'd look in the mirror and think cute girl going about her day or dang I look GOOD tonight. I.JUST.DIDN'T.SEE.IT.

Perhaps I have a healthier self-esteem that I should...Nah! Def not that - LOL

So away I went on my little hike, feeling really good in my jeans and boots and fitted T; feeling all Lands End and J Crew. I hop up on the tree that'd fallen and my pup Leo, hops up too and stands between my legs ( he was MUCH smaller). My partner in crime whips out his camera and click click clicks away - I'm thinking "wow, what a great dog and what an awesome picture that's gonna be" He's telling me "wow what a cute picture!"

I swear he could only have been talking about the dog.

Tweak your head to the side - sorry

That picture is what got me actively moving everyday. I want to look like I feel and I'd just really like to be able to trust the dang mirror! I'd have to say my greatest motivation is NOT wanting to see another surprise picture like that!
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    Honey, you are gorgeous! But you definitely have the personality of someone around 6' tall hehehehe I know I know, me too :P

    We're both going to lose these extra pounds and be drop-dead sexy 4'11" ladies :) Our men will need to escort us armed to keep the flocks away ;) But really - you're doing wonderful and because you are so dedicated will just keep on getting results!!! Love you! xoxo
    3954 days ago
    AW gurl... you are NOT fat! Gimme a break...fat is when you see your ass in the mirrir and say did that 90 years old grannyass get in MY pants?? LOL.. But the blog was darn cute. I'm feeling the personality. I used to get compared to Bette Midler..that's compliment now because she's looking GREAT ...but when I was 20 and had the hot bod- and she was 40 and overweight...I tried to keep in mind that they were comparing our personalities! But...the moral to the story is- don't listen to what they say...listen to what they mean. When your honey tells you it's a cute picture- he is loving the subject. YOU! I spent the first half of my life regretting that I wasn't 10 pounds thinner and 5 inches taller...go look at those pictures...was I messed up or what??? Just goes to show what magazines can do to impressionable young girls and their body image. I may never be described as "elegant or "beautiful" but I'll take "cute" ANYDAY! And remember beauty'll always have personality! Can you improve- yeah we prolly all can...but do you need to be someone else. NO WAY! I'll never take what God blessed me with - when I';m at my best- for granted again! Put the whole picture in GF! It DID looklike a cute picture000please don;t hit me cuz I used the c-word!( wink wink)
    3954 days ago
  • BIGGIRL2082010
    Okay - you don't look *that* big. Seriously. Don't forget the camera definitely adds pounds. The truth is probably halfway between what the photo says and what you see in the mirror.

    I, too, see a very different woman in my mirror than I do when I look at photographs of myself. Would you guess I hated to look at pics of myself? Now I enjoy looking at those fat-gal pics of me ... reminds me where I don't want to go back to! :)

    I'll take the motivation, no matter where it comes from. If it's a picture that turns that switch on for me, YAY! :)

    Good luck - you definitely *can* lose these last few pounds!


    3954 days ago
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