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Monday, August 03, 2009

I had my first real WOW moment this weekend. I decided to go shopping since I was having a case of the saggy booty. (lol) While I was out shopping I kept hearing my inner voice to tell me to try on an 18. I was like naw'll I can't wear that. All because my other pants still fit a little in the waist. I'm arguing with myself while my 14 month old is grinning at me like I'm talking to him. ~smile~ I grabbed an 18w and high tailed it to the dressing room to prove myself wrong. I put one leg in and the while entire time, I'm fussing myself out. "Girl, you cannot wear no dayum 18. You can still wear those 24's"You ain't losin no weight. Inches maybe. Remember the 254.4 that I was crying about 2 weeks ago? Now it's 244, that's under that 247 that I was seeing 4 weeks ago. I was like man....10 pounds in 3 weeks. (Still amazes me....) But I put the other leg in the pants and started sliding them up...and the whole time my brain is screaming at me like you can't get into these pants. Once I stood there with them around my waist...the mental torture became worse. It was "I betcha can't button them, they won't fasten....." Lo and behold...I buttoned and zipped them. Standing in that dressing room looking in that mirror, at me....ME?!! In an 18!!!!!!!!!! OMG....I don't even remember being in an 18 EVER! I lost my mind. I didn't buy much because I know that I will not be here long. But I brought enough to keep a smile on my face for the next month. I may go again. I've never enjoyed shopping so much in my life! I just wanted to share with you. I have been on cloud 9 all weekend long! I will post some new pictures soon. I just wanted to share!
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