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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just a note to let all know that well my doctors appointment was interesting to say the least. it was with my gastroenterologist. [he is the one who does my stomach surgeries] Well first of all, he didn't appologize for not coming to see me once in the over 2 weeks that I was there. Oh well, I really shouldn't expect that, but his office is connected with the hospital were I was. I know he is busy, but with me being a big part of his clinical trials you would think. I did however request that the next surgery I want him to perform, not a student. He agreed. Then he is thinking that my small bowel is effected by my gastroparesis, or possibly. He is thinking that could be what the problem was after the last surgery. I will be having a test done at the medical center. It is something fairly new that will take a good look at my small intestines, to see if they see anything and reasons for my illious that they thought I had after my last surgery. I am a bit gunshy of any type of surgery at this point and I told him that. He said well you have a few other choices. Which were 1. one of 4 meds that work for most everyone, but not me. All made me very sick, and well just didn't work. The other is just try and cope with the pain with a pain med. like marijuana, [CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!] He added that while it is legal, he would prefer that if I chose to go this route that I would take it in pill form. Then he also added this of course will make you high, almost all the time. I have never had anything to do with marijuana. and don't intend to start now. I have never smoked anything either. Actually I don't even drink. I know I am boring but I have to many things to keep up with to borrow trouble. The doctor also added with this, even with the prescription right with you, if you get stopped you will recieve a DUI. Something else I am totally against.
The only other two alternatives are having a pace maker surgically inserted in my stomach, which after much trying doesn't work on 99% of patients. Which leaves surgically inserting a stomach tube, which means no eating, no bathing, no swimming and limited exercise and things that I would be allowed to do. I would hope if things get to this point that I could at least shower.
I don't know if I told all that I will be having 3 surgeries in 3 weeks a vascular surgery on my leg on the 18th of Sept, then stomach surgery on the 25th of Sept. and the other leg vascular surgery on the 2 of Oct. Then the 9th of Oct, my dh will be having another hearing test and hopefully something can be done for him. Also my neice is getting married on the 12th of Sept. So my life will still not be mine, also my husband will find out if he will still have a job or not by the end of Sept. The pay he will recieve on a early retirement will not pay the bills, he will get 1,000. per month, and well insurance alone will take that. But I have and will continue to let God do his will, he knows what is needed and will happen and I just have to have faith that all will be well. Take care all. Blessings, Diana
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  • SHERRY666
    You are going through a lot right now............ I can't believe your doctor would want to give you that stuff.......... and with you not ever smoking or drinking....... it would just not be a good idea.............. I'm happy your standing your ground.......... and only doing what you know is best for you............. Good luck with all of this............. I have to give you credit for doing so well........... I think I would be a basket case in your shoes.......
    4281 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1951302
    I can sympathize with not wanting to take marijuana, regardless of how it is packaged. I can also sympathize with being sort of gun shy about more surgeries. It does sound like a lot! Somehow it sounds like you are being treated like a guinea pig.

    I will be praying for your healing!
    4281 days ago
    i have taken care of many people who are on the marijuana pill for various things you might consider that for a few weeks and see if it helps even just a few days there is nothing wrong with being pain free and although it has a real rep as the public misuses it you will find that the people who need it for medical reasons say it gives them relief that nothing else ever has think about this again and consider it and read about it all and see what everyone says and then make an informed decision not just saying that isn't for me without study no one is going to condemn you for doing anything that helps for sure love and hugs mary
    4281 days ago
  • RENA1965
    My husband was on these marijuana pills for nerve damage to his legs, stomach neopathy from diabetes type 1 and dialysis pain with good effect.. He couldn't take morphine products and the relief not to be hooked on drugs that really do damage was to live with. These pills are under strict observation in denmark like ritilin and concerta. If you have real pain, I don't remember my husband being doped.. I sure remember him sleeping alot with stesolid og morphine products. He also fall more times being doped up on these two products, he was almost normal on marijuana.. Marijuana and I am no fan of drugs, does work differently to morphine, cancer patients in denmark are also offered this instead of morphine and the throwing up it causes.. The people I have seen take this medication are truely relaxed.. My husband could sit up a 8 hours with neopathy burning in his legs, but get a full 8 hours sleep with marijuana..
    Marijuama and speed if used to their correct use are good products, idiots have given these two licienced medications a bad name. Also EPO misused by tour de france bike riders is actually used to dialysis patients whom can't reproduce blood. These sport people don't know the damage they are doing to their bodies, if epo is used correctly dialysis patients don't need transfusions or open themselfs up to catching HIV...
    4282 days ago

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