Eating Healthy is Expensive!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Anyone noticed?

My partner and I get £200 ($331) every two weeks between us, which has to go on petrol, car insurance e.t.c And healthy food is taking a bit dip in that money. We spend around £60 every two weeks on food (£30 a week). Which isn't bad I suppose for two people, but considering we don't have a job, that does take quite a chunk out for us.

I'm a vegetarian, and he's a big meat eater. Both foods of which are expensive. In the UK we have a brand called Quorn, which is fantastic, I love the stuff! It's a meat substitude, and it's pretty much all I eat, and it's really healthy too. But expensive!

Why is healthy food more expensive? We have the news, papers and magazines shouting down our throats to be healthy, and how the world is becoming larger, but how are we supposed to be healthy when healthy food is so expensive?

To be honest, I am struggling to find and buy things that doesn't go off in a couple days after i've bought it. My partner and I have complete different food tastes, so if I buy for example a can of coconut milk, I'll only use a bit and the rest will probably end up going to waste!

I buy soya milk because I don't like real milk, but I end up wasting that too because I can't drink the entire carton alone before it's off :(

Does anyone else have similiar problems?
Even though i'm being healthier, and feel tons better - I absolutely hate wasting food and money! I feel terrible pouring that soya milk down the drain.

Some foods I find good to store:

-Wholefoods Cous Cous
-Wholewheat Pasta
-Frozen Meat Substitutes (Quorn)
-Frozen Peas, Brococcli, Cauliflower
-Fresh Carrots (I can leave them in the fridge for a month and they still taste good. Carrots are a really good buy for me!)

I'm just really struggling being able to afford to eat healthy. I want to continue though, so I'd love some ideas on foods that keep well?

Oh how I wish we had the Wholefood Market here in Wales :(
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    hello! I know what you mean - whenever I'm alone, food suddenly becomes really expensive because I'm buying it in small amounts. I live in a housing co-operative though, so we get LARGE amounts of food and share it out between everyone! VERY cheap! also - if anyone has leftovers or unwanted stuff, there is always someone around to finish it off. it's so much better than feeling like I have to finish off every pan of food so that it doesn't waste. and the food is better to (especially as we grow our own fruit and veg! OK its not perfect all year round, the welsh climate is a little too erratic... but it's better than nothing) Thinking about it I really don't know how I'd cope if I was fending for myself again. it would take a lot of planning, that's for sure.
    3122 days ago
    @CHAOTICCUPCAKE Ooh, I've never ever thought or considered fruit & veg delivery boxes. I'll have to look into that.

    @SLIM.JIM2009 Lentils are such a good idea! Just the kind of food I can store, that I was looking for. The curried lentil soup sounds delicious too, mmm. I may just have to give that a go! Lentils are definatley on my shopping list next time I go!
    I told my partner that you have two sons, a husband and yourself and only spend £35 a week, it made us feel like pigs haha, since we spend pretty much the same between the TWO of us! Crazy. I'll keep you and your family in mind next time I go shopping!

    Really love the idea of not keeping snacks in your house too, and only walking to the shops to get them.

    Yeah! I love Asda, use it all the time :D
    I've noticed a large proportion of SparkPeople from the UK use asda too!

    @WAHZOE Is it okay to freeze milk after i've opened it? then refreeze it? I wasn't sure, i'm quite uneducated when it comes to what you can and can't freeze!

    @10LBS2LOSE I get quite freaked out about freezing food, and unsure of what I can and can't freeze!
    3185 days ago
  • 10LBS2LOSE
    Can you freeze any of the food you don't use up?
    3185 days ago
    Can you portion stuff off when you buy it and put the spare portions of some things into the freezer, like the milks. You can freeze coconut milk and soya milk, just don't freeze the coconut in it's can, transfer it to another container.
    3187 days ago

    Hi there, You are an inspiration to those who use lack of money as an excuse to not eat healthy - good for you!

    My absolute godsend is Red Lentils they cost 99p per pack and last for ages in the cupboard and covers several meals. My favourite is lentil and onion soup with a bit of curry powder thrown in and it just takes 15-20 mins to boil up before whizzing in the processor.

    Must admit, I don't use much milk! However I do have a friend who buys wholesale for her business (B&B) so I buy off her the milk sachets for individual servings! Veggies I buy daily and keep an eye on whatever is on offer that day - then use it!

    My DH and 2 sons are also meat eaters - so the Sunday Market or Car Boot Meat Market comes in handy there - much cheaper and offers galore when reaching closing time at the market - freeze as necessary!

    Meat dishes like Casseroles, shepherds pie, curry, chilli - make great meals cheaply and are very filling and leftovers can be freezed for another day. Steaks are off the menu during tight times - they are classed as a luxury!

    I don't buy snacks of any kind, they are treats and have to be earned by walking to the local shop to get it - tests whether you REALLY want it or not!!

    Keep up your efforts - they will pay off!

    Mandy x
    Trial and error is the way - and planning!

    I buy offers of tinned fish.

    ps I can feed my family of 3 men and myself, at ASDA for £35 per week, using lots of their own brands - do you have an ASDA close to you?
    3188 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/31/2009 10:29:40 AM
    youre right, anything healthier is expensive... people speculate on why poorer communities have a higher rate of obesity but its hardly suprising when you can buy say 5 pizzas for a £1. I recently bought some cherries and nearly passed out when I saw the price of them! I find fruit and veg is cheaper from markets Ive also heard a lot of good things about fruit and veg delivery boxes
    3188 days ago
    Thanks for both your comments!

    @Doremi1, nuts are a great idea! Do you get mixed nuts or a certain kind? I love cashews, but I know once I start eating them I can't stop! hehe.

    @LIVEANDLOSEIT 'He thinks if meat aint on the table then it aint a meal'
    haha, that's exactly the way my partner thinks! Hehe.

    In a way, trying to look on the positive side here - I guess it's a good thing that we have to struggle to get our healthy intake, that way, we know we tried extra hard :)
    3188 days ago
    Yes I know how you feel;I'm out of work and my husband is on short time now.No jobs out there and they keep raising the taxes though;(
    I have been trying to eat healthy on count of my high cholestol but its not been easy since its hard to afford it,my husband is a big meat eater too.He thinks if meat aint on the table then it aint a meal:)lol
    3188 days ago
    you are right..eating healthy can hurt you pocket book if you are not diligent about finishing the items on time. Waste for me makes the effort futile.So, I find that produce is less likely to go bad if I offer it to my family with each meal. Fruit is out front and available before the chip and cookie bags. Buying vegies and prepping asap is a waste saver although labor intensive. Nuts are so good for us and d o curb the appetite so I keep mine in baggies in the fridge to preserve longer. Hope some of this helps spark friend.
    3188 days ago
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