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Structure is the KEY TO SUCCESS!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well since I didn't get to do a video blog last week (I was a little busy to say the least) I decided to do one today. Last night I went to bed thinking about my blog I had just written. I had reflected upon the fact that I let my structure (which is my security blanket) fall short as I was so excited about the team challenge and all the new members. But I made a promise to myself to get myself back on track starting this morning.

My video blog is about structure and my meal planning and how important that is to me. Everyday I plan out another day's meals in the future (1 week from then) as the nutritional tracker will only let you plan up to a week ahead. That way I always have a week of meals planned in advance. Let's just say no meal planning for this week was done last week,,, so now I have a whole week to plan.., I can catch it up, but it was a reminder to me to keep my focus on MY goals.

Another part of my structure is my sleep schedule, I am a night owl, so last week I spent alot of time working on the new team and got a little out of my sleep schedule as I had so much addrenaline running through me. I just couldn't believe how many people were signing up for the team challenge. So I am committed to getting back to my sleep schedule this week as well.

I would have to say that the biggest achievement I have made since June is seeing how my structure affects the entire family. If I have a plan for the meals and we follow the plan then everyone is eating healthy... but if momma fails and doesn't follow the plan well it just doesn't happen. So structure is my key to success and planning my meals in advance and making sure I have the food items I need to make that plan happen. When I fall out of my sleep schedule, guess what, that messes up my meal plan, if you miss breakfast because you didn't wake up until 11 and now it's time for lunch and you missed taking your meds at 8 am like usually, well that blows the structure and sets the whole family up for failure. So I must stick to my structure, meal planning and sleep schedule so that our family and I can tackle this weight loss together.

Have a blessed day!
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    Sandra, We sound so much alike. I tend to get carryed away with ideas and then my own program suffers. I too plan meals a week in advance but I didn't know you could do that here on Spark. You will have to give me a lesson, but remember, I am a computer know nothing. I can type and hit enter, after that I know nothing about what works. My icon for the web brings me directly to Spark, thanks to my DH. Otherwise I couldn't use the site. LOL No I'm NOT kidding, I know nothing!!! Much successs in the coming week to you and your family and know that I am pleased to be your friend.


    Oh Oh OH Sandra. I just watched your video. I hope so much that you got to go swimming. It is so freeing. Let us know how your trial in the van and the result of that adventure.

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    3707 days ago

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    3707 days ago
    Loved your blog. I have always liked structure and try to plan my meals out. I buy according to my plan. I am feeling a bit freaked out this week because it's the end of the month and definitely the end of the money and food supply. We're rolling pennies to make sure we make it to Friday. I have to laugh at myself because GOOD FOOD is so much more expensive.. gone are the dollar menu days that helped us make it through the end of the month. I share my food tracker.. if you read it this week.. don't be surprised by what you see... LOL I'm putting it together as I go.. and I, like YOU prefer structure.

    Glad that my picture in the pool inspired you and others. I just know that the pool is my one "painfree" escape zone and I can get lots of exercise done in it. It's working for me. I hope that it works for you and others too.

    I LOVE spark people. I love our TEAM. and I LOVE YOU!!!! -Dawn emoticon
    3707 days ago
    Hey Gir!!
    I am praying for your strength and with Gods help you can do all thing through him.
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    3707 days ago
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    Good Blog but I am more excited about something else. OMG can you tell that you have lost weight since your last Video Blog. Your face has thinned out A LOT!

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    PS: I was so excited for you I forgot to tell you one thing

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    3707 days ago

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    I can SO identify with the blog!!! If I don't plan meals, more than likely, I eat out and not make the healthiest choices either. I also find my sleeping pattern affects how I lose too. I'm a night owl myself; however, I find that, when I go to bed earlier, I am more apt to getting up earlier and working out before going to work. Confession time: I haven't been going to be before 11 PM or midnight, so getting up early has not been working out. I stay in bed until the very last minute so I have just enough time to shower and get dressed for work. You have motivated me to do better!!! Thanx!!! Peace and blessings, Kita

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    3707 days ago
    What a great structural system you have. I also plan my meals out for a week so that it helps with shopping. I leave lunch rather open, I fit it in calorie wise between breakfast and dinner. I have a chance this way to add foods I may be craving, but I still have limits on it.
    I think that a good structure is so important when you are making the major life changes as we are.
    Pool time is great and you will love it. You can do so much exercise and movement, that outside is not so possible. I love it and will miss it come fall and winter. It may be this year I need to find an indoor pool so that I can keep up with all the exercise I am now doing.
    I do love the team you have started. Just such a cool group of people. I am looking forward to learning and growing and losing weight. Sharing with other the ups and downs over the next months and most likely beyond.
    You keep working toward your goal and you will make!! I believe in you and your worth!! Keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon
    3707 days ago
  • SUSAN134
    Sandra, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for Wednesday! Had to chuckle when you mentioned DawnRobin2 - I feel the same way everytime I see her picture in the pool! I think she has inspired a lot of us....there is NOTHING better than swimming! I really hope you get to meet your Wednesday goal.

    I agree with you on structure and confess that I am terribly unstructured. I do plan meals, but only about 2 days ahead and I definitely don't get enough sleep and exercise. You have motivated me to work on my structure more, as I know it will help.

    3708 days ago
    You are so right that planning and maintaining structure is a true key in this weight loss adventure. Knowing what you will be eating for the day and having it all planned out not only makes it pretty easy but it also leaves out most temptations to snack. If you wait to figure out what to eat when you are already hungry you are more likely then to choose something from the drive thru or snack on something while waiting for your meal to be complete. Keeping up that structure and time schedule are wonderful tools to keep us going.

    I hope you meet that weekly goal and get in the pool. I too love swimming. It just feels like you can do almost anything in a pool. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I Believe in you.

    3708 days ago
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