Friday, July 10, 2009

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. How true. I did 7 days of the 30DS, level 1 and boy did I hurt. I was wondering if I would be able to continue walking. Stopped and haven't done it for a few days. I'm going to try it again on Saturday. My legs are feeling better, still walking at least 2 miles a day and did my weight lifting the other day. It's the jumping jacks that get to me, also the squats, went too deep. I was watching to make sure my knees didn't go over the feet so that is not the problem. I have knee problems anyway. . My legs can't take the pounding, they actually hurt but they had a rest and lets see what happens. I was very disappointed, I thought it was good for me otherwise. I'm not giving up but if I have a problem tomorrow I might have to space it out to every other day. In between I'm walking and lifting weights, also going to try the kettle bells again. 10 min to start. Weight lifting tomorrow too. Have to do 2 days a week. Grateful for whatever I'm able to do.
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    I think that you would be very wise to space things out. Running, jumping those are fine for the younger set, but, our mature bones and joints are less elastic.
    At age 60, I've learned to exercise on an exercise ball, sitting on the floor, doing aqua aerobics as Mary described, or not @ all. But whatever you decide to do, please don't overdo it! emoticon emoticon

    Deb & BooBoo
    4051 days ago
    OKAY....I'm 61, 5'5" tall and 125 lbs. and in good physical condition....No medical problems at all and take no medication
    ...Just going to say it....For those who love to SWEAT, RUN, AND JUMP....THAT'S GREAT! But personally, I have maintained a high fitness level, working out mainly INSIDE my house with a FAN BLOWING ACROSS MY FACE doing the elliptical, treadmill, and weights. NO HIGH IMPACT FOR ME ANY MORE. NO RUNNING. NO JUMPING. My hubs was in fitness for 40 years and he'll be the first to tell you that, UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE, running and jumping is not good for all women. Too hard on the body. I used to do advanced aroebics, etc., but that was when i was in my 40's unti I figured out that there are a lot of exercises that are much easier on the joints and a whole lot more fun. So, my friend, figure out what you like to do and what keeps your level of fitness good for you and then do that. So many people think you have to do this "fitness thing" the HARD way, but you don't. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents. Hope you don't mind. Have an awesome day. My best to you, Mary Ann emoticon
    4051 days ago
  • MARY1313
    Kathy! Rosa is a very wise woman!

    I had to stop the jumping too. It isn't good for me at all. Since you have bad knees anyway, it probably isn't good for you either.

    I have had to adjust certain things. So, since I can't jump and I really don't want to do squats because I don't want to injure my knees that way, I have started doing things like that in the water. It takes all pressure off your knees, and as far as that goes, off your back too. then you can do more and it will actually strengthen the knees.

    I get a noodle, straddle it, and bicycle around the pool. I do squats in slightly less than chest high water. I power walk in the pool, I use water weights, which are just flotation thingys that you push down in the water. I power run too! It's the only non-injuring way to run.

    I know you are young compared to me and Rosa, but hey, years and years of jumping, running, they all take a toll.

    You are in mahvelous shape anyway dahlink!!!!

    4051 days ago
    If the body was willing, then we would all be in shape & healthy. Stick with it, we cant' be 100% everyday. Super that you did it almost everyday! Give your body & mind some much needed rest to recover & grow.


    Dee emoticon emoticon
    4051 days ago
    Hey Kathy,
    I know what you mean. We want to do more than our bodies will allow!
    Yeah, I think you did the same thing that I did awhile back.
    I kept pushing and pushing myself to do more and I found my limit, but I just had to go further, then it happened!
    I couldn't hardly walk at all the next day and for several days!
    I was so mad with myself for being so stupid!
    I couldn't walk my treadmill for several days and when I did, I had to take it slow!
    Boy, did I learn a lesson! My hubby kept telling me to be careful and he also mentioned the fact that I wasn't 30 anymore!
    Now, I know my limit and I will never make that mistake again!
    I think that sometimes we expect too much of ourselves.
    Spacing it out would really be the best thing.
    Kathy, take it easy and don't push yourself so hard, cause if you hurt yourself really bad, then look at the time you have to spend doing nothing!
    That's what really made me mad at myself about. I had to wait to heal, and I don't heal as fast as I use to.
    I don't know how old you are, but I am 59 next month, and I think that I am truly blessed at what I can do. My daughter is 36 and I can last longer than she can on the treadmill!
    I don't know if I have said anything to help you, but I want to encourage you to slow down and take it a little easier, maybe spacing things a bit.
    Another thing, if you can't walk, what's Scooter gonna do?

    emoticon Rosa & Ginger, too!
    4051 days ago
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