today i'm done with

Friday, July 10, 2009

today i'm done with me being fat girl i'm done being lazy i'm done being pathetic, i'm done being tired, i'm done being stupid about my actions of eating what i want when i want no matter what it is going to be done with selfless thinking of habit controlling eating not eating right knowing it i'm done with feeling sorry for my self i'm taking action by stepping up and doing what i need to do for me because i'm important worth it and tired feeling that i'm not when i know i am worth all of this life has to offer never to late to astart never starting or trying is what i believe will be failing but at least we try to get the effort we need out there and try don't give up it will happen i know it wiill maybe 6 months to a year but hey takes a lot diffrent changes to lot of bumps along the way everyone has little set backs all the time no one's perfect so please don't expect to be do the best yopu can with what you can it will work out you will see give your self a chance i'm been giving my self chances for over a year takes a while we didn't gain it that fast so we can't take it off that fast either so stay positive you will go far and exercise as much as you can don't push it till u think you can and you will have a funner time have what i learned in the last year being on the done girl team is awesome everyone should check them out sherry wilson
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