Recognizing our Weaknesses is a Strength

Sunday, July 05, 2009

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I hope you all had a nice July 4th holiday. I know sometimes we can worry about the holidays because of all the food that surrounds them. This holiday is known for all the barbecues that are had on this day. I am hoping that it wasn't to stressful or difficult for you to stay focused on what your goals for your life are. I think once we recognize our weaknesses we can work on them not being such a struggle for us. We can plan on getting around them successfully.

Since reaching my goal weight I have discovered that I still have some weak areas that I need to work on as well. I was out of town for a couple days last week and had to eat my meals out. Well, I have been eating mostly all of my meals in the safety of my home. When I say safety I mean I prepare them so I know how they are cooked and with what. Therefore, I know what calories I am taking in.

I did very well until the last day. When it hit me that I was feeling some old feelings surface while eating breakfast in a restaurant. I had ordered a veggie omelet and then I responded yes to the hash browns that came with it. Knowing they are most likely cooked in grease and I would be eating them with ketchup. Ugggggh!! Then as if that was not bad enough, the old "clean plate syndrome" hit me. I felt I had to finish everything on my plate. (As I was always asked to do as a kid) So I ate it all.

I actually felt sick and had all these really disturbing feelings over doing that. I soon realized and got scared about how easily we can fall back in to old patterns if we are not careful. It really scared me because I have come so far and NEVER want to go backwards but only move forward in my new lifestyle. So, I began thinking about how I can head off those old feelings next time.

Well, I went back to the beginning and remembered what first brought me to make the changes I have made. That helped me a lot. A good deterrent is a clear reminder of where we started from. Then there was the smaller clothes I get to wear now. I looked at my smaller jeans and said to myself I remember being so thrilled the first time I got in a smaller size. Wow what a feeling that was!! Then I thought about the ability to move around better and the new found energy I have and all the health benefits I gained in making my changes. It soon became clear to me that NOTHING tastes as good as THIN feels!!!!

So, I guess what I am trying to share with you is that when you are like me and have reached your goal weight NEVER drop your guard and stay focused on where you are vs where you've been.

If you are still on your path to reach your goal, Stay FOCUSED! Remember WHY you are making the lifestyle changes. If you trip, GET UP!!! Do NOT give in or give up. REACH YOUR GOAL!! You CAN do it!!

I think what I have learned by being forced to eat out is that once I have discovered this weakness of mine I have decided to make it a strength now. You see, once we can know what our weaknesses are then we can plan a way around them successfully. Being able to realize that we are not perfect and we do and will have weak areas or moments in our paths will help us plan to successfully navigate around them.

Now that I know what happens to me in a restaurant I will plan to be mentally stronger before I enter one now and know it will be a challenge for me. But, I will not veer off track in that situation anymore because I now realize in advance what I need to do versus what my old thinking would have me do. Lets face it our old thinking got us all in bad situations before. So, I will NOT allow it to have a say so in my new lifestyle!

Same for all of you, if your in a situation where you feel out of control or weak, recognize that, deal with it as you would any bad habit and learn from it! Do NOT allow it to take over your thinking and dictate your actions!!

I think that recognizing our weaknesses and learning to work around them becomes a strength for us. So, stay STRONG and be and stay in charge of your lifestyle friends. WE are in the drivers seat here and the challenges we have can be turned in to learning tools for us. That is what I have chosen to do with mine and I want you to do the same.

I am rooting for all of you to succeed and continue to cheer you on. So continue to BE IN CHARGE!!! When you feel a weakness coming on, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!!!

I wish you all a FANTASTIC week!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My weakness lies in eating at other places besides home as well. I keep up with exercise very well except for the strength training part. That seems to come and go in phases. I wish I could be so motivated to do my strength workouts as I am eating right and doing cardio.
    4201 days ago
    you are positively phenomenal, you know that? having the ability (some say gift, me included) to turn something bad on its head, find the proverbial silver lining, and learning from the slip-up or flip-out, so you can tune-in, become introspective, take charge, be accountable, and regain your power! that's what i call rewards AND motivation! i'm so glad you're my sparkfriend! i learn from you and with you. i think that's the way it's supposed to best, n
    4216 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with us - it is inspirational, and a good reminder that this is a lifestyle, not a diet or quick fix. I love reading your blogs!
    4217 days ago
    thank you very much for your great words! for a little while now i was off my path of getting to where i want to be with my weight, and now i'm back and i'm ready to do it! emoticon
    4218 days ago
    I have NOT been eating particularly good recently (ok for awhile) but I have gotten to a point that when I got to breakfast such as IHOP I eat 'half' of most of my meal such as half of my eggs, hashburns, and sausage and save it for lunch. I do usually eat all my pancakes though yet the other day I could only eat half and my boyfriend and other guy friend ate the rest on top of their own meals. Oh well, it is a weight loss journey and it will have its ups and downs.
    4218 days ago
    Thank you for your encouraging post! I too, was brought up to finish the food on my plate. (parents did not like throwing food away) Waste not...Want not. Good luck in your goals...HUGS wendy
    4219 days ago
    Thank you for sharing and congrats on making it to goal!
    4219 days ago
    Stay strong, stay focused and stay in charge! Excellent positive advice! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to post this on my refrigerator! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4219 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/6/2009 7:35:22 AM
  • INDY421
    Get point it is at times so easy to slip off track, especially when not in our on safety zone emoticon
    4219 days ago
    i am strong!!
    i am focused!!
    i am in charge!!

    thank you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4219 days ago
    As always a blog filled with much wisdom. Thank you.
    4220 days ago
    Thanks so much for your wisdom. Whenever I'm off track I find great inspiration reading the spark blogs.
    4220 days ago
    Very informative and thought provoking.
    Thank you so much for sharing
    and congratulations on your success! emoticon
    4220 days ago
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