Doctors visits…..

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Doctors visits….. and then some

It seems the only time I can find to blog, is at work…. That is pathetic, and proves that I have a very boring job. If you don’t know, I work in a residential facility for at risk youth. Basically, I watch a dozen kids sleep all night.

If you missed my post “More Health issues” you may want to read it since this is a follow up to that post…. Here’s the link www.sparkpeople.c

Anyway, on with my doctor visits this past week….

I mentioned last week that I was going to see my doctors over being dizzy and my feet…. Well that was really interesting. Tuesday was my cardiologists (remember though my doc was on vacation so I got to see one of his partners) appointment – I don’t think I will see that doc again… next time we wait for the vacation to be over. Anyway, I get there and give them a three day log of my BP - The highest was 118/77 pulse 145 - when I was taking a brief break to get a drink of water during my workout – and the lowest was 102/71 pulse 85, when I just woke up. – The doctor looks it over and tells me it’s normal and that low BP isn’t my problem. Talks about all the tests that have been done in the last three months and how he’s going to have me do a 24 hour holter heart monitor test, but then said how it will probably come back normal. When I asked what it is for he tells me just to record my heart beats… then I ask him how my heart beating can make me dizzy, he just tells me it can…. WHAT THE HECK!!! It is extremely frustrating when doctors don’t explain anything!!! Anyway, I get to be all hooked up to the machine on Monday morning. He wanted to send me out of there with it that day, but I had just got off work and wanted a shower…. I’m a little OCD when it comes to showering… I prefer 2 showers a day, but I can grumble and get by with one if I plan in advance, so Monday it is. Oh, this doc also, said that I should talk to my family doc because (without any tests) my blood sugar is getting too low and that is the cause of my dizzy spells…. I tried to get him to explain that, since I’m pre-diabetic and it is my understanding that means my blood sugar runs too high…. He just tells me I’m not eating right – Yet he never asked me about my eating habits, he only assumed. I can’t wait to see my actual cardiologist!!

On Wednesday morning I see my family doc… it turns out he wasn’t on vacation, so it was my doctor! Thank goodness. Anyway, the first thing he says when he gets in the room is “how are you doing it?” All I could do was smile… and tell him about my little baby steps and everything I was learning thanks to Sparks People! He told me that it is extremely rare that he’s had a patent work so hard on their own to turn things around like I am doing! Talk about a self confidence boost… he gave me one. Anyway, I told him about my visit the day before to the cardiologist and what I was told about it not being my BP and that it might be my blood sugar and I told him about my stupid feet hating me….. I even asked him to explain the whole pre-diabetic vs. low blood sugar thing and found out something else….. I’m not pre-diabetic; now my cardiologist was the one who told me back in March that I was, based off all the blood work results that my family doc had shared with him….. Even though my cardiologist had both fasting and non-fasting results, he diagnosed me based on a 146 non-fasting blood sugar instead of looking at my 84 fasting blood sugar. That explains how my blood sugar could get a little low at times when it wasn’t high to begin with!!!! Anyway, my family doc doesn’t think that blood sugar is the problem anyway…. he reviewed my blood pressure log and said it has to be my blood pressure…. Back in March when he referred me to the cardiologist my BP was staying between 230/121 and 148/98; so according to my family doc it is most likely my BP due to the substantial drop in three months. He literally said he was going over my cardiologist and he cut my BP meds in half. I’m supposed to take my BP three times a day for three weeks and then we will review and go from there… so far my BP has stayed below 120/80 but it’s only been 2 days…. Now, for my feet….my doc said he was worried because he didn’t want my feet discouraging me from what I’ve been doing… he’s worried that I’ll slack off exercising if they get too bad then I’ll plateau and I’ll get frustrated and give up… I told him there was no chance of that, because I’m scared poopless (used a different word though that the site won’t allow) right now because in the past I’ve tried dieting and lost 5 or so pounds and then given up only to put the 5 pounds back on two fold… I’ve lost so much now that if I put it back on two fold I’ll weigh over 300 pounds! Anyway, after poking at my feet he thinks it is probably plantar fasciitis but he isn’t positive because I also have something going on with my Achilles so he referred me to a foot doc – he thought about physical therapy but was worried that would slow me down with my exercising…. I see the foot doc next week.
My family doc also asked about my sleep study and how things went…. Odd since I was scheduled to see the lung doc right after this appointment. I don’t think I posted a blog about my last sleep study so let me do some explaining – My family doc sent me for my first Sleep study, where I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea; he also, was sending me back for the 2nd sleep study where they were to hook me up on a CPAP machine… now in the process of all this I started seeing the cardiologist who sent me to a surgeon, to get my Gall bladder removed, who sent me to a lung doc due to my sleep apnea…. The lung doc also sent me for the 2nd sleep study…. Some how my family doc got taken out of the loop. As for my 2nd sleep study with the CPAP machine – it didn’t go very well.

I posted the following in a message board the day after my 2nd sleep study, June 11th, 2009 – “Last night was my sleep study where they were going to try out the Cpap on me. I've been really nervous about this because I didn't handle the first one very well because of all the wires and such all over my head. To explain, I was in a domestic violence relationship for about 8 years and prior to that abused as a kid.... so I can't stand anything or anyone touching my head.
Anyway, I get there, and get back to the room. The lady starts explaining the procedure to me. I let her know when she mentions the wires; she needs to tell me before she starts touching my face, so I don't go crazy. She gets rude with me over that request but we move on and she shows me the Cpap mask.... My already high anxiety jump about a 100 times higher. I think she could tell because she asked me if I wanted to try it before we got started to see if I could handle it.
So she left me with a running cpap machine and mask for about 10mins. It never did get attached to me, because I couldn't even handle holding it on myself firmly. I probably could have gotten to that step but I could breathe with it on the lowest setting. I could take a breath in, but it took everything I had to breathe out against the incoming air; my lungs felt over stretched from so much air coming in.
She told me to call my doctor and he can work with me to fix my problems then I could come back.
I left in tears.... I know I have to do this; my doc says I need to sleep right to lose weight and once I lose weight I should sleep right. “~ end of message board post.

I explain all that to my family doc and how I was going to talk to the other doc about it and go from there…. He said not to worry about it. My sleep apnea wasn’t severe and since I am doing so well with losing weight we could just redo the entire test in about 6 months and that there was a good chance as long as I keep losing weight, that the results would be for the better! He even said it I still need something at that point there were other machines out there that he could special order one as well as masks…. Needless to say I cancelled my appointment with the lung doc until further notice.

No I didn’t cancel it based only on what my family doc said - the day before the nurse from the lung doc office called me because they got a letter from the sleep study office and my appointment was supposed to be a follow up…. Someone screwed up somewhere because I had explained what the appointment was for when I scheduled it – it was for finding a way to desensitize me to the machine…. Anyway, the nurse acted like there was no way to help me since I couldn’t complete the sleep study. She said something about maybe another doctor that is 2 – 3 hours away that might be willing to help me, but she didn’t think anyone could help me until I went through the 2nd sleep study. I think my family doc knew more than the lung doc…

So I’m down to two doctors; and maybe I will be down to only one in a month or so! Opps I forgot about the foot doctor…
Still it will be nice since I’ve seen so many specialist and doctors over the last 3 months or so…. Six different doctors down to two or three, yeah I can handle that. And all because I’m losing weight!!!
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    Yes, it is amazing how much losing some weight means to our bodies. Keep it up girl! I hope a lower dose of your bp pills makes the dizziness go away for good. Hugs.
    4406 days ago
    I have an arrythmia. Unmanaged, it makes me very dizzy and lightheaded. I started taking a beta blocker a few months ago and went from having irregular heartbeats the majority of the time to only very occasionally. Getting it treated has made a huge difference in my life. I used to have to sit down even after going up a flight of stairs, because my heartbeat was so rapid and I was so lightheaded. I was anxious at night going to sleep because it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest or explode. I was winded and confused all the time.

    After seeing some crappy docs, I finally found one who took me seriously, and after running some tests said that while it was not dangerous, he would medicate me anyway because it was clearly causing me to lose quality of life. The other docs acted like I was nuts. It's been about six months now, and the difference is incredible! The only downside is that the medication I am on lowers my metabolism and makes it even easier to put on weight.

    Best of luck getting things straightened out.
    4406 days ago
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