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Ally Cat and the Quilt Show

Friday, July 03, 2009

Hey Sportsfans, It has been a while since you last suffered hearing from me, so I figure it is now time to check in. Lots is going on in my house these past days. As usual, I procrastinated by being on this site for too long during the days and haven't gotten all my quilting done for the show July 16. I still have one to finish quilting, binding and labeling, one to put the sleeve on, and another to start from scratch!! So why did I take on this kind of schedule?? you ask. Because I am nuts. Yes, I admit it, I am nuts. Loony tunes. One fry short of a full order. Not the brightest spark in the campfire and a mental midget. Here's what has come close to putting me over the edge. I went to my quilt club on Wednesday, minded my own business, when Lydia (She Who Must Be Obeyed and is in charge of the entire quilt show) saunters up to me and says "Hey! Guess WHAT!! Someone just pulled her quilt from the show, and I have a 7 foot wide wall that I am turning over to you to do an Ally Cat Quilts by Krackers with!" So, as usual, I don't even give a moment to think and jumped on it with great enthusiasm. Just think! A whole wall for the Ally Cat Quilts by Krackers! She wants me to make a quilt to hang, plus have photos and all kinds of information as to what ACQbyK is all about. Plus contact information. WONDERFUL!! I CAN DO IT!! We can get the word out and hopefully get more kids covered! Life is GOOD! Uh, until I am driving home. Then the latent brain wakes up and says "You said ok to WHAT??? Do you realized just what you stepped in to?? Like you have time to make another quilt, make posters, gather photos, design another wall................Are You NUTS??" Now, you may or may not know it, but when my brain starts telling me I am nuts, that is usually a dangerous place for me. I can feel the anchors of dread weighing me down, my eyes are those of a deer in the headlights, my mouth goes dry and I am heading into a great panic attack, which usually results in a shop til I drop syndrome or something equally distressing. I would go shopping, but I simply don't have the time! What to do. What to DO???? Hey, didn't someone once tell me that asking for help is okay? Shhhhhh.....don't let my Mom hear you. She never believed in asking ANY body for help for any THING! She was a frequent user of the saying "If you want something done, do it yourself". I can still hear her saying that, even from her grave, where she has been for quite a number of years. Getting back to asking for help. Hmmmmm...........I need help in making posters. Who to ask? I know! I will "mention" it to Bossy Daughter, who has talent galore, plus Christine, age 14. Christine is one of these yoga/tofu/soy/daily run/fitness freaks who is also very artistically talented. Bossy Daughter said I would have to ask Christine if she wants to come out and help me. I am shocked by that suggestion, mull it over for about 15 seconds, and see the wisdom in it. OK. I call Christine, who is not home, but is out somewhere swinging from a tire swing and dropping into a river instead of waiting patiently for my call. She finally returns my call, we discuss what I need help with, she is confident it is really no big thing to design a wall, make posters and everything else that has to be done before the 16th, and then lays the bomb on me. She has too many plans with her friends, and can't come out for the amount of time I need her, PLUS she has a concert to go to that she paid for nearly a year ago. UGH. No help from HER! She is also the same granddaughter who asked me to quit smoking as her Christmas gift a year and a half ago, knowing (and reminding me!) that I have never said "No" to her. She is some kind of monster, that one!! So of course I say I will, because she asked, but then while I was suffering from withdrawals (actually I didn't have any because I used the Chantrix) I didn't talk to her. She never noticed, and if she did, she didn't care. She's that kind of kid. She knows when she "gets" you, and isn't bothered if you take it hard. She just goes on with her life as if she has any sense at all, totally oblivious to the fact that others are ticked off at her. She flings her blonde hair over her shoulders and heads off to another health thing. She really is "All That". Then I think again. Hey wait a minute. I wonder if Ally can take a couple weeks off her summer babysitting job to come out and help me? That is worth asking Bossy Daughter about. I get informed that Ally's summer job fell through, so she is free, and I need to talk to HER. Bossy Daughter is not a good "Middle Man", and she makes me do all my own footwork. So Ally and I get talking on the phone, and she is enthused about the project. Yes! She WILL come out!! YES! She will come out this Sunday, and stay with us through the 20th! YES! She is looking forward with a lot of neat ideas for the posters and design wall, and YES! She will be there for the quilt show, at "OUR" wall. So while she is on the phone, I get online and make her plane reservations. Dash the cost!! Full speed ahead!!! Houston, we have a LIFT OFF!!! The REAL Ally Cat will be with Krackers at the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Club Show 2009 in Sequim, WA, letting the public know all about the project of the ACQbyK, how to contact us, how to donate (hopefully) to our cause, all that stuff. She is even going to bring her portable shot thingy so show on the board, along with other ideas as to what the kids do while in hospital, hanging some of the jewelry she made during her hospital stays. Won't this just be a grand thing!!! I wish each and every one of you could come to see us work the crowd together! Anyway, I have also gotten permission from my friend, Cindy, to bring my quilts over for help putting the binding on the one, labels on and the sleeve on the other at her BBQ for the 4th of July. There will be three of us quilters there, and they are eager to help with getting the quilts finished. Isn't that nice?? I have wonderful friends. Now I have to sign off and get my side of the work done. Lots to do before Sunday morning: Finish quilting one quilt, get its binding, sleeve and label on, attend the BBQ, get the sleeve on the BIG quilt finished, and make an Ally Cat Quilt by Krackers at least cut out. You probably already know that it is doubtful you will hear much from me until the rush is all over. I will take a lot of photos for you, and post them when stuff gets done. In the meantime, have yourself a fun holiday, marvel over fireworks, and keep up your support! You guys are becoming the wind beneath my wings.
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    That's so neat that you quilt. I've made a couple blankets, a few pillows, and some bags.

    Have fun quilting and showing!
    3269 days ago
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