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An Airplane Giving Me Motivation?

Friday, June 26, 2009

My mom just invited me to fly to Colorado with her on August 4th. Though I've been motivated before, and continue to try to lose weight, I have new motivation now.
Have you ever flown before? Were you "overweight" when you did it?
I can tell you from personal experience (and a bit of personal embarrassment) that the seat belts and seats are not designed for people who "weigh a little bit too much."
I think that this trip will be perfect motivation for me. They say that keeping an image in mind helps you to lose weight. I'm going to be focused on that little seat and tight seat belt...ha-ha.
As for you, have you ever had to deal with the seats in airplanes? Let me know if you have, and if it was a good or bad experience!! I might do a round-up for a later blog....wouldn't it be interesting to read all of our different experiences?

God's blessings & good luck to everyone,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I so can relate. That is what started me on this journey to begin with. The day I was to fly to Florida and could not get the seat belt around me was one of the most embarsing wake up calls I could ever have. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN

    3249 days ago
    Go have fun my friend!
    3275 days ago
  • SHERI1969
    To be honest, I have never in my 40 years been in any plane but a Sesna plane with my dad's co-workers when I was just a child! I think this is a great motivation for you and if you put up a HUGE LETTER note about the date of your trip and perhaps a picture of a plane, it may keep you motivated even more. It's sad that seats are fit for size 6 people only. They should all be comfortable enough for anybody to move about, shift from one side to another etc. But in anycase, it is a great motivation for you. I encourage you to put up a large print piece of paper with the date of your trip with a picture of a plane under it as a reminder how those seats feel for you when you are overweight. Maybe it is just the key to get you where you want to be, not just for theh trip, but for your healthy journey!!!!!!!!!! emoticon I couldn't find a plane so try imagining fitting into a race car seat. emoticon
    3277 days ago
  • CAROL_
    Deb, if you go, be sure to book your seats in advance (right away for Aug!!!), do it yourself do not rely on a third party like a travel agent or family member, and do it online, so that you can choose your seat electronically. If you wait to book, or book any other way than online, then everyone else will have already chosen either the window or the aisle seat. You do NOT want to be squished in the middle seat. Take a dif row, a dif flight at a dif time that day, or take a dif day, dif plane, dif airline, if the only seats left are in the middle. Some airlines (Southwest) don't let you pick your seat. I pick another airline.

    If you sit next to the window, you will not have to leave your seat when others have to go to the bathroom. (There are window covers you can slide closed if looking out the window makes you nervous.) If you sit in the aisle, they won't be able to get by you when they need to go, so you get up to let them out & again to let them back in. Either the window or the aisle, is better than the middle.

    Don't wear bulky outer layers. Wear the thinnest clothes you have. Keep the sweater or blazer in the luggage. I'm 288 and the seat belt just barely fits. Some airline now charge an extra fee since I last flew, or charge you for an extra whole seat, if you ask for a seat belt extension. (More fuel costs to fly a heavier person. Riiiiiiiiight.) You do NOT, however, get the luxury of actually having the empty seat you paid for - no someone's still sitting there, they just charge you for it. The plane is not allowed to take off until your seatbelt being buckled has been confirmed by flight attendants. So you'll have to ask for an extension if it doesn't fit, and be charged extra. The arm thingie in the middle, between the seats, where you plug your headset in to watch the movie - you fit better with that flipped up if you're a big person, so, some airlines have now said they charge for two seats if you can't push that down comfortably because of your size.

    Read the fineprint on the air carrier's website as to current regulations and fee policies. They change daily.

    Go early, so there is time for unexpected traffic, time for an unexpected security problem (that has nothing to do with you) that holds up everyone in line for hours, time for an unexpected flat tire on the way. Allow for extra time to hunt a place to park when the parking facilities are full so you can't park your car anywhere (maybe that doesn't happen in Iowa though). You do not want to miss your flight. I missed my flight once, and they put me on the next plane, but I lost my inside window seat on the flight I missed.

    And of course because I HAD NOT CHOSEN MY SEAT FIVE MONTHS IN ADVANCE FOR THE NEXT FLIGHT, I was stuck in the middle between two guys.

    I had a few hours to pray while waiting for the next flight. God took care of me; the guy on my left looked puny, he was fully adult but he must have been the runt of the litter or something. The guy on my right was Asian and tiny, miniature. I still felt like a mountain in the middle. And I was. Don't wear perfume. Wait til you're off the plane to put it on. You're going to be stuffed in like sardines by people who might be allergic. It's bad enough to be resented for your size. (Most people are very kind and cultured enough to have good manners, and won't resent you. I'm just saying.) Be aware you're going to be stuffed in like sardines. If you're larger than most, you're going to be closer than most. Scope and no perfume are good ideas.

    I book the window seat, and I don't move after I get in it. Do not drink anything before you go, go as soon as you get there whether you need to or not, and go again two times after you're through security before you board the plane. You can get bottled water at the other end and drink it while you're waiting in baggage claim.

    I pay extra for non-stop flights. It is soooooo worth it to only have to catch ONE plane, only having to deal with booking ONE seat by the window, only having to go through security ONE time, and they have less opportunity to lose your luggage in different cities you stopped at along the way. You'll never be stuck at the airport waiting for the next connecting flight (because a delay with the first plane, made you miss your second plane). And when they put you on the next avail flight, guess what; you're lucky to get a seat, so forget trying to request a location.

    Go and have fun, just be prepared in advance and go in advance. Check the rules and optional fees policy, once before you book, and again 24hours before you board the plane.
    3281 days ago
  • NANCY1204
    I've only been on a plane once, years ago, before I was this large. But I do hate public restrooms. Sad, but often I use the handicap stall just so I won't feel trapped. I hope you enjoy your visit with your mom emoticon

    co-leader stressed out moms/women gettin' healthy
    3281 days ago
    Good motivation, Deb! I haven't flown in a while, but there are lots of "tiny spaces" that it easier to get into when you're thinner. How about public restrooms! It's hard to get the door opened sometimes in there! And seats at the ball park. I hate when the person next to me is taking us his seat and part of mine.

    Live is easier all the way around when you're thinner. So Here's to Motivation!! When is your trip?
    3281 days ago
    Have a great trip with your mom! Sounds like fun.

    As for airplane seat belts - No they aren't fun. Depends on the airline... Sometimes I've needed to ask for the extender - let just say that is embarrassing!

    I may be flying to Saskatchewan this summer and I am looking forward to going as a thinner me!
    3282 days ago
  • MOMMA48
    Love it, Deb!! The vacation with your Mom and that fantastic motivation! You're going to do it -- I know you can! That airplane seat is going to be nice and comfortable for both you and your Mom by August!
    emoticon Cheryl! (Your Special, Caring and Always Supporting Friend and Leader at "Stressed Out Moms/Women Gettin' Healthy!) and
    Leader of "Binger/Snacker - Night/Closet Eater"
    Leader of "Fighting Emotional Pains and Stress"
    Leader of "Autoimmune Diseases"
    emoticon KEEP SMILES & PROGRESS COMIN'! WE'RE DOIN' IT! emoticon
    3282 days ago
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