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Thursday, June 25, 2009

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I hope those of you in the unbearable heat as I am in are surviving it somehow comfortably. I am doing a lot of hibernating in the air conditioning until the sun is down as my survival technique. Well, it was a big day for me. As I bought my first new bathing suit since losing my weight. It was really awesome to shop for a smaller suit but frustrating since everything is sold in separate pieces. I finally managed to find one that I liked and brought it home.

I am not sure if after we reach our goal we are supposed to do our weigh ins anymore but I do. I have this fear sometimes that I will wake up and this is just a dream. That maybe I really didn't lose the weight. So, I like to double check a lot. Crazy sounding I know, but it is also like wandering in to the extra large sizes as I do sometimes like I had been used to shopping in for so many years. Then I realize that I really did do it and now I get to look in the smaller sizes for things.

I have had several spark friends share with me some struggles they are experiencing lately in their journey to their goals. I had many of the same struggles earlier during my journey to reach my goal. I have told them that their feelings, challenges and struggles are a normal part of the lifestyle/weight loss process and it does pass that they will get through it. I have also been told by spark friends that my current experiences with wandering in the larger size departments and my fear of regaining my weight are also a normal part of the lifestyle/weight loss process and that it passes.

After much thought, I put the scenarios together and have come to realize that I know what I said is a fact because I did experience the same situation when I was in that stage of my process and it did pass. So, I need to trust the friends that walked the path I am now walking and believe that I won't always be fearful of regaining the weight and I eventually will stop wandering in the larger size areas.

Having thought about this in depth I want to say to anyone who may be second guessing themselves, or feeling like giving up or giving in or struggling in any manner with the changes you have made in your life to become a healthier more fit person to forge straight ahead my friends. Do NOT give in or give up! I want you to always remember the feelings you had when you first came to this site and how tired you were of carrying around all the extra weight. How low your self esteem was, how bad you felt about yourself and how you needed and WANTED to make changes to become a healthier person.

Never forget those days when you did not want to be in a picture because of your weight, or wore black clothes to hide your weight or larger clothes to camouflage it. Remember how tired you always felt and how you had no energy and no stamina. Remember how you hated shopping in the larger size areas and how you dreamed of shopping for "normal sizes" Remember how you just sat and put calorie after calorie of junk food in your mouth without giving it a second thought. Remember how your health suffered because of your weight. Think about how you used to sit or lay in the same spot for hours getting no exercise.

I think if you can think back to what it was REALLY like when you began your journey here that you can breeze through the challenges of becoming healthy and fit with no problem. I believe that you wanted to make the healthy changes for yourself for many GREAT reasons and that you need to reach inside and bring those reasons back to the surface so that you move forward in your healthy lifestyle journey and reach your goal.

We are all fortunate to have so many wonderful friends here that help us when we need help. People who have reached their goals before us that can share their experiences with us and help us understand the process and feelings and challenges that come along with the changes. Such as the wonderful friends that reached their goal long before I reached mine and tell me now my issues with fear of regaining and going into the larger sizes will indeed pass. It is our heads catching up with our bodies that cause this. I believe them just as I want you to believe me when I say KEEP MOVING FORWARD my friends because you WILL succeed and be happy that you did. Your body will thank you, your health will be sooo much better and you will feel GREAT!! You deserve to become the BEST you can BE!!

Now lets move FORWARD together friends! You CAN do this and will be so happy you did!!!! Just keep in mind WHY you first came here.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

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    I agree with IDEBORAH and I am also grateful that you are sticking around after reaching your goal. This is inspiring and hopeful for all the new members. You are an example to all of us who are on this journey, not only for weight loss, but learning to enjoy the results of our accomplishments. Most of us are focused on a one event goal...fitting a certain size, our skinny jeans or looking good. But in the end we all do this to feel healthier, fitter, happier and wiser...just like you...Thanks! emoticon
    4227 days ago
    Great words of encouragement and well-thought out. I think sometimes we believe that all our problems will melt away with the pounds, but it's more about changing life than changing sizes. And it all takes time and effort to love yourself. Thanks for the reminder.
    4229 days ago
    Great blog..One filled with hope and encouragement and inspiration. I still weigh in a few time a week just t see where I am. I'm happy anywhere between 121 and 123 now. Weighing i keeps me honest and on to of any old behaviors that may creep up from time to time.

    I was so happy to be out of Large t-shirts and into mediums now.

    May I wish you continues success on your journey.
    4229 days ago
  • -DEBY-
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I am over half way there to my goals being reached...
    and have been wondering where I will go from there...
    (actually even set it up with my Therapist to start seeing
    her again, because I do have a fear as well of regaining)

    Thanks sooooooo much for sharing ... it truly does help to know
    how others are adjusting...

    ~~BLESSings~~ this THOUGHTfilled Thursday ~~0:)

    4230 days ago
    Thanks for this! I am almost halfway to my goal and am so glad I found SparkPeople! You are an inspiration!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4230 days ago
    Really great blog - and exactly what I needed today!! Thank you so much for sharing your insight - it's really very reassuring for someone like me who is close to the half way point & going through the roller coaster of self doubt vs. "I can do anything" phase.

    Thank you. I love this website -- and I can't imagine how you can successfully lose the huge amount of weight I need to without this type of support. It's deeply appreciated .

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4230 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2332407
    Thank you!! This is a very nice blog. Thanks for the reminder.
    4230 days ago
    isn't the power of the mind the most amazing thing in the world? we try, struggle, accomplish, change, move, groove, shake, rattle, and roll to get the weight off and do whatever we need to do to make this healthy lifestyle stick, and when it does, and we reach our goals, our own perceptions of ourselves lag way behind, stuck where it was comfortable and familiar for so long, and our minds must now become reoriented to the new us...the thinner, healthier, stronger, more insightful, and wiser us. the mind's perception of the self must, indeed, catch up with the body's changes. therein lies the successful and final step of transformation, the metamorphosis to a new, healthier, thinner, happier us FOREVER. once fully processed and accepted by the mind, the goal moves from getting to your goal weight to maintaining your healthy lifestyle everyday. the goal is shortsighted now, relegated to making the best you can of everyday because of the new, daily habits, compared to a longer window of time and vision to reach the goal weight while adopting, managing, and being challenged by development of healthy habits. one can argue that, indeed, it should always be one day at a time, do the best you can for each day, and that's absolutely true. having this attitude is very helpful while going through the program; however, there is no goal anymore EXCEPT to do the best you can everyday. and that, dear donna, is your new challenge.
    4230 days ago
  • no profile photo HIBBLER22
    I notice in the huddle you wanted us to read your blog! Well Done! Ive often felt the same way and thats why Im here and moving forward! Congrats on your weight loss, and your new bathing suit! emoticon
    4230 days ago
    Thank you so much for writing this blog. You've taken everything I, and so many others, feel and put it very eloquently into words. I needed to read this. Thank you! emoticon
    4230 days ago
    Thanks for your encouraging blog and for sticking around after reaching your goal to help guide those of us still moving forward. Your words are always so spot on and necessary.
    emoticon emoticon
    4230 days ago
    Great blog! Thaks for sharing.

    4230 days ago
  • BO42SOX
    Thank you for an inspirational blog,and so motivating we all have made such good friends here,haven't we?Thank you again-hugs-Kathleen
    4230 days ago
    Congratulations on making your goal weight!!!!
    4230 days ago
    thanks for an uplifting blog Donna. i'm still moving, believing and achieving! emoticon emoticon

    spark emoticon

    4230 days ago
    Exactly! Never forget but keep moving forward! Excellent advice!

    4230 days ago
    What a great blog. Thanks emoticon
    4230 days ago
    Be blessed.
    4230 days ago
    Thank you, this is such a great reminder and encouragement! In the struggle to get even one pound here or there off, it'd hard to remember the progress, and that from 20, 50, even 100 pounds ago, we are forever changed, and changing. It's great also to hear about people who have made this journey before us, are making it beside us, and who will make it behind us. Thank you for the wisdom and perspective, and for including me in your journey - it is an honor!
    4230 days ago
    I really like this blog. Well said and very encouraging. Congrats on your success!
    4230 days ago
    Awesome blog! I'm just starting the journey and I will definitely remember your advice. If I can find a picture of me at my highest weight (having avoided cameras for years!) I will caption it "don't forget!" and stick it on my bathroom mirror.
    4230 days ago
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