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Monday, June 22, 2009

I have been either in or below my calorie allowance every day for the past week.
I have honestly logged in every single item that passed my lips, having weighed it/measured it and put in the packaging information myself so I know it is as accurate as possible.
I have exercised everyday, including crunches and cardio.

Yet I have not lost a single ounce...worse still, I stepped on the scales this morning and I appear to have GAINED 300g

I'll just say it once: NOT FAIR!

Now what I really wanted to share is that despite being super frustrated and actually a little depressed by it, I will stick to it because of SP. I believe that if I stick to it long enough eventually it will start moving again in the right direction, but right now I want to cry. Becase it feels like the story of my life in a nut shell: I try really hard, and NOTHING comes of it.

I have a very judgemental partner who has decided to shift his daily complain from 'you need to look after your health/lose weight' to 'you need to get a job'. Who needs enemy when you can have that kind of boyfriend ?

Actually it gets better than that, because he has made it very clear that if I don't get a job, he will break up with me. How positive and inspiring...not.

I am a good person and I try and do good around somebody explain to me why the karmic postman has no nice delivery for me?

Now off to make myself eat this morning to not face another day of being way below my calorie intake.
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  • no profile photo CD2260868
    You can totally do it!! Remember, we can only do this when we do it for ourselves! All the garbage around is insignificant!
    4065 days ago
    Hi there! I just wanted to echo what everyone else has said...

    1. know that you have to look at the big term. Daily and weekly gains/losses aren't a big deal because they can change. You probably want to look at what your monthly or quarterly losses are. Keep weighing daily if it helps you stay focused but stop if it makes you crazy.

    2. your boyfriend maybe insecure or is just being a jerk. If you love him, I'd suggest you communicate with him to make sure he understands that he's not helping you and suggest ways that he can help you (ie take a walk together for exercise) and/or help you work on your CV/resume. That being said, the way you described it, threatening someone to dump them over weight/job issues is not fair.

    3. I TOTALLY agree with CHRISTIEC73's points. You may want to try some of the other daily calorie estimators to see if you're range is too high or too low. If it is too high or too low, you will not see results (yes, even low calorie ranges can make you gain weight!). I also agree with the comments about insecurity. You're a very attractive person and he may be insecure about the motives for your weightloss effort. Again, a frank discussion about this may be a good way to move forward.

    4. I'm sure the karmic postman will have a nice delivery for you... =) Just keep working on it...

    best of luck! you can totally do this!!
    4065 days ago
    Oh, Knittingfrog, am so sorry.....and am hoping that you can look past the scale. Do you notice that you feel better and have more energy with your new food plan? Does the waistband on your slacks or skirt have just a tad more room than it used to?

    Remember the scale is only one indicator of your new healthy life. Stick with it and you will see the changes that you want to see.

    Another thought...are you keeping track of your sodium intake? It's very easy to take in too much salt, esp. with packaged foods...and salt (esp. combined with our lovely female hormones) will cause to retain water weight.

    As for the judgemental partner......recognizing that character trait is the first step in dealing with that problem. And remember that problem is your partner, not you.

    Best wishes to you for the week ahead.
    4065 days ago
    Bon courage, Knitting frog! Le facteur arrive toujours plus lentement qu'on veut! Les poids vont disparaitre, mais il y aura des obstacles. Et votre ami... que peut-on dire? Si vous l'aimez, vous l'aimez, mais ne lui donnez pas autant de pouvoir. Il peut vous insulter, mais c'est son problème. Faites ce qu'il faut pour vous, et vous réussirez!
    Nikki emoticon
    4065 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/22/2009 10:41:59 AM
    I hope that things get better for you. Have you measured yourself? Losing inches even when you don't lose weight is an accomplishment. Don't give up. ~~Sending cheer your way~~
    4065 days ago
    Things will change for the better, just keep eating healthy and remember that on days that you really exercise eat on the high end of your calorie range and on rest days eat on the low end. You must be doing something right because you have been losing before this platue. Your BF must not really love you if he can give you and ultimatum or he leaves. I have been married to the same man for 40 years this year and he is proud of my weight loss and doesn't threaten me with things to get his way. Maybe he just needs to mature.
    4065 days ago
    I agree that if you are under your calorie minimum suggested by spark than that is most likely the reason you are not losing. It will really hurt your metabolism.
    If your guy is being a snot then he is probably feeling a bit insecure that you are really working hard to get healthy. He may feel a little threatened by it. My hubby kept complaining that I spent too much time on spark. Reality is, it was always time when he was either at work or doing something else not with me. He just was starting to question my motives for wanting to look good. Men are funny that way. They want you to succeed but are unsure of what your success will mean.
    4066 days ago
    There is not much you can do if he already has his mind made up. I would ask if you really need this much negative in your life. Does he had good qualities that outshine the not-so-great attitude? In other words, is he worth the investment of your time and energy?
    Do the best you can to stay in your nutrition range, drink the water you need and try to
    exercise. It will get better. This journey is for you, your health and happiness! Do not let the
    scale tell you how well you are doing because it is only giving you one side of the story.
    Measure yourself and see if you aren't losing inches instead of grams. For now, ditch the scale. You give it way too much power over your mind! emoticon
    4066 days ago
    Sorry to her that things aren't looking so good for you. It will get better I promise.
    It sounds like your boyfriend is trying to hurt your feelings. I hope he's worth it. Don't let him get you down.
    BTW, when you are below your calorie range, your metabolism slows down. You need to make sure that you reach the minimum calories every day to prevent that.
    I myself have decided to not weigh myself more than once a month, because the scales aren't helping much with motivation.
    Take care!
    4066 days ago
    Take a deep breath and relax.... Scales lie all the time and so do our bodies lie to the scales. Just yesterday my own scale said I gained 6 pounds in the morning, but when I got up for work in the evening it said I lost weight. In the morning I was super bloated and stressed which most likely showed as weight gain. Also, don't forget muscle weighs more than fat and if you've been exercising and such you may have built up some muscle while you lost body fat. Don't stress over it or give up. You can always fight back..... If the scale didn't like you this time change up your routine and make it like you next time. You are in control, not the scale.
    4066 days ago
    Stick with it, your day will come. emoticon
    4066 days ago
    It can be so depressing can't it! I was working my socks off and for three weeks I lost 1lb. When I say working my socks off I mean it too, burning 3,000kcals a week. However perseverance is the key so well done on not giving up. emoticon

    This week I lost 2lbs so just bear with it and I am certain it will start to shift soon. You are maybe making up muscle.

    Sounds like it is maybe YOU who needs to think where your relationship with your boyfriend is going, not him. Do you really want to spend your time with someone who treats you like that? You sound like a good person who deserves better. Don't be so hard on yourself and just take control of the things that you can.

    We are all here for you. emoticon
    4066 days ago
  • KIM122278
    whoa. It really sounds like you're having a crappy time right now, and your partner is NOT making it any better. These are the times when we need the most support we can get instead of added stress and anxiety. You are right. It's not fair that you get the short end of the stick like this. I'm just glad that you going to stick with it and not give up. What you see on the scale could not be actual weight/fat, it could be anything from water to stress...We have those little tests sometimes that try to get in the way of progress. Don't let it stop you, though. Keep going, my friend! We're in your corner! emoticon
    4066 days ago
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