Do we REALLY need a Map to get to our Destination?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reading a blog this morning about "planning", got my brain in gear. (In the morning that is no small task!) Do you really need a plan? Some lady said something to the effect that she did not like to plan because....blah, blah, blah...

The "question of needing a plan" is a rhetorical question. You could liken a plan to a Road Map. Do you need a Road Map to get to your destination? Well, if it is "just any old destination", then the answer is "NO!".

But, do I or do you, just want to end up "In Any Place"? Do you want to wander aimlessly in a maze? Do you want to end up blaming others "because you did not reach some destination somewhere in the sky?

For me, life is WAY too short to end up hating where I am. I am making a choice to "have a plan". Having a "Road Map" to reach the destination takes study and preparation. This is not rocket science. Does it make common sense to have a "vision" of where you want to go, and what you want for the rest of your life?

Duh, H E L L O, IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?? We need to address that question of whether we need a plan or map.

For me, I have to know where I am going, and approximately when I will be there, baring flat tires, running out of gas, or too many potty stops.

That map, "that plan" needs to be in place to get to our destination.

Today, I will use my "GPS" (my brain) to guide me in planning for my health, my happiness and my future. Yes, I need that MAP to find my destination.

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