So, when is it ok to eat a donut?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soooo, I have decided that as long as I eat my donut over the course of a couple of hours - nibble on it here and there - that it is better for me. It doesn't really count this way.

No, really, all joking aside, why does all of the stuff I would love to eat have to be so crappy for me? It would be great if an artichoke (definitely NOT my fave veggie) tasted like a slice of pizza, or a piece of chocolate cake. Don't get me wrong. I love salad (and a ton of other veggies), it's just when I have moments of weakness, I don't say, "I gotta have an artichoke - yum-o."

I guess that is what got me here, and I need to work on that. I'm trying. It helps that I don't buy that crap at the grocery. It's good that school is almost out (one more day) for the summer. It is hard to avoid the stuff in the workroom.

Donuts should be illegal.

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    hey if you find a way to make them illegal let me know cause I can think of a ton of other stuff that should be. However, until then, Kristi is right we do have a cheat day. HOWEVER, being accountable for everything you eat definetly makes it easier to NOT go overboard on our cheat day.

    ENJOY YOUR DONUT and remember depriving yourself completely is just asking for failure something NONE of us want to experience.
    4423 days ago
    mmmmmm donuts...

    I, too, think they should be illegal. Definitely used to be a weakness of mine! I don't have a cheat day, but I know a lot of people do that and it works for them. A donut a week is probably not going to be the end of the world and if you count it its a win win!
    4424 days ago
    I agree with you on them being made illegal. But, if you refuse them all the time eventually they will get the better of you and you'll overindulge on them. So have them ... in moderation ... and account for them, but do not deprive yourself of them completely. I am learning that if I refuse something too long I'll eventually break down and overindulge to the point of setting myself back in weight loss and health.
    4424 days ago
    I agree with Kristi ... I weigh myself every Sunday and my kids know that Sunday is what we call "Fun Day". Now, I don't go wild but we do go out to dinner and go out for ice cream. If you do it that way, and give yourself something you've been craving, it helps you stay on track. If you are constantly denying yourself those cravings, eventually you will give in and most likely eat more then you should. Giving yourself that donut or pizza once a week isn't going to make you gain 10 pounds. It's when you eat them everyday or too much, then it becomes a problem.
    4424 days ago

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    you know....what we don Marcy and I... ew have one cheat day.. still log everything we eat becasue it keeps us accountable, BUT the day we weigh in is the day we can have what we want.... so if you WANT a donut tell yourself you can have ONE on the day you weigh in.. Just a thought! that way you dont have to give up everything you love, YET you are still accountable!
    4424 days ago
    Lucky me, I hate donuts....ucky. But I do want pizza and steak and stuff.... As long as I count it and don't go over my calories I try to fit it in....ensuring that it is just a serving size - you know 3oz of meat vs the 9oz steak they typically serve....
    4424 days ago
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