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What is SparkPeople?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You know guys; it’s just been one short month since I’ve found and joined SparkPeople. I was so excited the first day that I told my mom about it. Well since then or since May, I’ve been telling everyone I know about SparkPeople; any one that will listen; even my doctors at the VA Hospital. Of course I was surprised that no one knew about it, but then I thought, I didn’t either until a month ago.

Anyway, they ask; well, what is SparkPeople? I begin to say that it is a community of people of all ages, sizes, race, and ethnic groups coming together to fight the battle of the bulge. Then I get the response, oh! So it’s a weight loss program on the internet! So I began to think about what SparkPeople is to me.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s the first website I visit, before I go to bed at night, it’s the last website I check. I can’t stay away from SparkPeople. It’s more than just losing or maintaining weight, it is a community, a network, a family of beautiful people, men and women; I have met on this journey. I do agree that the desire to lose weight is what brought us together, but it’s not the only element that keeps us here.

I look forward to encouraging others as well as reading the encouraging words I receive. I know that I can ask any question (not always related to exercising, eating), stupid, dumb or otherwise and get a sincere response from anyone of you. Yes; we are connected by a common goal to lose weight and make a lifestyle change but it’s so much more. Everything in our lives has an effect on the choices we make including our goal to lose weight. So maybe I need to talk about my pet, or my car troubles or a relationship issue, that feeling that I’m having at that moment may cause me to drift in the wrong direction and distract me from my goals but I have my family that understand that all of these things are closely connected to me staying on track and making the change.

The journey we are on is truly a process and the thing about the SparkPeople family (My SparkPeople Family) is we all understand how difficult the journey can be. It is a big deal when someone shares a 1 pound weight loss or they have been feeling under the weather. I feel that people that have not worn our shoes have no idea how to walk in them. I had much rather get my guidance, counseling, advice, hugs, congrats, great job, you can do better, be strong, hold on and other forms of motivation from the experts; YOU my SparkPeople Family.

I apologize for rambling but I think you for listening. I love you all!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    SparkPeople is my "happy place!" emoticon
    3579 days ago
    Sparkpeople is wonderful. I am so thankful for people like you who can put down in words what many of us feel.. Thanks!
    3605 days ago
  • no profile photo DAJJER1
    Wow, you are a great writer. I wish you much joy on your journey. Thanks for the wonderful words.
    3611 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Great messages! I can especially relate to how everything in our lives has an effect on the choices we make. When problems have arisen in my life, I tended to use food for comfort. Now I have found that letting in out - either through the SP message boards or talking with a supportive friend - is helping.
    When my motivation starts to fade, all I have to do is come to the SP site and there will be a posting or article that can instantly pull me back up and get me going - kind of like a 24-hour friend who has been waiting for my call.
    3613 days ago
    Hi! Great blog! Couldnt have said it better myself - thats exactly how I feel about SP!
    It inspires me, motivates me, its my healthy place, its where I get support from people that understand my goals, and why I do what I do.
    Spark people is like a huge circle - you give out support, inspire, motivate when you can, and it comes back ten-fold!
    (hugs) thanks for being one of the great people in the circle!!
    xoxo - Susie*
    3614 days ago
    Thanks for being an inspiration. This is the most AWESOME post ... from a most AWESOME person!
    3614 days ago
    Julynn, you hit the nail right on the head! That is exactly how I feel about spark people.
    I love when you stop by and check in. I love when friends help each other. and it works!

    Thank you for being my friend.
    3619 days ago
    wooohooo, so well said!
    3621 days ago
  • CMB2048
    Couldn't have said it better, Julynn! People check back in with me even when I've been away while! I actually miss everyone when I haven't checked in for a while!
    3623 days ago
  • NYCFA1
    Very well said!!! I really do enjoy reading your blog Julynn. It always makes my day! :) emoticon
    3624 days ago
    This is so true...there is nothing like sharing your struggle's with people who truly understand what you are going through...instead of getting the look of disappointment from those that think they know what they are talking about, when in reality, they haven't dealt with these struggles. Very well put...I think that is why I truly enjoy Spark People and I am still staying on track. I removed my pictures from here for the fear of someone that I knew finding my page...and have them follow my blogs and my successes...and failures. (yes even my husband) I will remain, just the virtual or faceless model in my pictures, until I can finally unveil the new me. Thanks for sharing!
    3625 days ago
  • CINDYC99
    Great Blog - I love Sparkpeople and I have been on for about 1 month now also. I love giving and getting support from others. I enjoyed your sparkpage. You are doing great! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3625 days ago
    Truly inspiring blog! And I could not agree more -- SparkPeople is a great site with terrific resources which go well beyond "weight loss" and it attracts an amazing group of people, among whom we are so lucky to have you!

    emoticon emoticon
    3625 days ago
    I agree with you! I feel like I'm a walking advertisement for Sparkpeople! It's just a wonderful, supportive place to help us get where we need to go! I'm honored to tag along on your journey!
    3626 days ago
    3626 days ago
    And if it wasn't for SP I wouldn't have met YOU!

    This is MY social network. SP gives me a community of healthy-minded people to advise, encourage, and help me on my journey to better health. This is where you find my friends. I have met 4 fellow Sparkers so far and look forward to meeting another on the other side of the country this Christmas. The good people I meet here are people I wish I could hang out with every day. They are, indeed, as you said, my family.

    Rock on Julynn!
    3626 days ago
  • REBBIE54
    Well said Julynn!!! and you are such a wonderful role model for us all.

    3627 days ago
    I'm the same over here in New Zealand, telling anyone who will listen to come and check this great site out.
    I thank you for putting in words how important this site is, I am so happy to be part of this community.
    3627 days ago
    I loved your blog! So many time's I've tried to share the wonder that is Sparkpeople. I hope someday everyone can join us here in this wonderful community.
    3627 days ago
    You got it, Julynn! Sparkpeople is so much more than just a weight-loss website to me too. I receive so much love, support, and encouragement from the people on here because they truly understand your struggles. PS I LOVE your new smiley picture :)

    3627 days ago
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